E mail to Tom Watson - Irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause why

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The Learner

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Right Honourable Tom Watson MP

Dear Sir

Irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause why there will be no honest government/police public enquiry into the abuse issues

Yet again government denial and further oppression into abuse issues, where how can they deny when they leave ever-rising documented evidence of the persecuted? Where they continually do not honour any public duty to uphold the law on behalf of UK society

So if you do not uphold the law how can you ever have any honest investigation into any issue, including abuse?

Where the attached to this mail (with plenty more available) shows full lawful cause to these statements as well as the complete unlawful dishonesty of our corrupt UK government.

Which I send on behalf of the abused as further evidence to show lawful cause to these and many other ever-rising statements of not having an honest enquiry on their behalf.  For if they can blatantly cover up this enclosed documented evidence they can unlawfully cover up anything else in their unlawful wilful blindness.

Please Note ? There is an amendment to the enclosed Glamorgan Aluminium issue that previously read ?In 1983 unbeknownst to me I was taken to court by the Inland revenue. This deliberate precaution now reads in its true context ?In 1987 unbeknownst to me the Inland Revenue took me to court for unpaid tax said to be owed from 1983
This precaution was deliberately carried out in the hope of any police investigation, which there never has despite many requests. In that it would show further lawful cause to my issues where it may not have been fraudulently tampered with as so much unlawfully already has been in my issues.
In view of the abuse circumstances and wishing this evidence to adding showing lawful cause. I now wish to put this issue in its true context and would ask all the enclosed be taken into full lawful consideration on behalf of the abused.
Where I now lay before you in evidence a small part of the continual ever-rising seen persecution and mental abuse by our UK government -

Letter to D Cameron 9 11 12 asking the same as the heading of this mail

Letter to D Cameron 9 10 12 ? requesting a full investigation into the Welsh & Cardiff Government. Legal, Police, Council and others mafia on the ever-rising injustice and sheer wastage taxpayers money

Letter to Carwyn Jones 21 7 12 & D Cameron 7 8 12 ? Again requesting under their public duty why they both will not uphold the acts of UK law.

Glamorgan Aluminium issue ? A statement of my issues and the unlawful mental abuse coupled with the unlawful wilful government blindness in anyone continually asking for honest justice.

Witness statements ? To my court issues and the not fit for lawful purpose Welsh courts run by corrupt judges

Police want to make me a vexatious litigant ? in being found guilty of making intimidating tel calls from a chief inspector Thomas, they ask the IPCC to give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant

Complaint to the courts service ? Showing Paulette James OBE complete court corruption in perverting the course of justice to cause unlawful degrading persecution.

Court Documents ? Showing the courts and then Blair government perverting the course of justice to further persecute me as they do an ever-rising many

Compilation Police Letters ? A small selection (most recorded delivery) of complaint letters to the police in requesting they uphold the acts of UK law.
Peter Bellets letter ? Another ignored letter by P M D Cameron from a private citizen with again plentiful information into child abuse

Please Note ? How can you lawfully persecute the media, Peter Schofield or UK society for wanting any truth that is constantly unlawfully denied by P M D Cameron M P & the UK government?

If you require any further documented evidence, films or photographs to show further lawful cause on behalf of the abused and their getting an honest hearing? - Please do not hesitate to contact me. Where as stated if you can continually cover up issues like these you can unlawfully cover up anything else can you not?
For the good of all
Paul Ronald
Stop the UMVP

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