We Will Not Let You Muslims Destroy The Cultural Identity Of Europe’ Slovakian P

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Subject : ‘We Will Not Let You Muslims Destroy The Cultural Identity Of Europe’ Slovakian PM Robert Fico

Government and Civil Servants please note, this Leader has the right ideas, let us see the same from the British Government, we are becoming impatient. most of us are incensed that some or all? Police forcesare biased in favour of the Islamists, while snatching and arresting
Jane B.


‘We Will Not Let You Muslims Destroy The Cultural Identity Of Europe’ Slovakian PM Robert Fico Doubles Down Against Islam After Terrorist Attacks
by Andrew Bieszad on December 22, 2016 in Featured, General

After the horrible terrorist attacks at the Christmas market in Berlin, Slovakian PM Robert Fico has doubled down again the Muslims, saying what happened there was proof that Islam is threatening to destroy the cultural identity of Europe. He vowed to work with the Czech Republic and Austria to seal their borders, keep Muslims out, and prevent the formation of a Muslim community in Slovakia:
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called Monday’s massacre in Berlin as an attack against the cultural identity of Europe. Suspected of a crime, according to him migrant, which Germany won refugee status. Slovakia in response to tightened security measures, the immediate threat to the country under the Tatras Slovak authorities however do not.
“An attack on people who meet at the Christmas markets and who to some extent are preparing for Christmas, consider an attack against the cultural identity of Europe. We need the public to say that the attacks that are taking place, as well as attacks against European identity,” he said today Fico reporters.
Slovak Prime Minister also advocated measures that Slovakia advocated during the migratory crisis, including bringing an action against the decision of the majority of EU member states obligatory quota for redistribution of migrants between countries of the European Union.
Fico repeated that if the chairman of the Slovak government does not agree with the creation of integrated Muslim community in the Slovak Republic. For this statement he has in the past faced criticism.
According to Fico attack in Berlin changed attitude of several EU Member States on migration. “The public in Europe will legitimately expect considerably more vigorous measures to ensure that people can peacefully spend their free time,” said the Prime Minister.
Slovakia after the attack in Berlin increased border surveillance and security measures that have previously reinforced the context of the current presidency country of the EU Council. Police, for example, a thousand doubled the number of patrols in the streets of Slovak towns.
“We have introduced protection of our borders with the Czech Republic and Austria in the event of transfer either suspects or anyone who could potentially participate in the attack,” said Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak. He added that the increased security measures in the country will remain in force at least until the upcoming Christmas holidays.
According KALIŇÁK Slovak authorities had earlier about possible security threat in the region of Central Europe. The minister did not disclose details, saying only that some of the information is not confirmed, and some have managed to minimize. (source)
This is how a government is supposed to handle a threat from Islam and Muslims. Kowtowing, pleading, or “dialog” does not work because Islam does not care about these things because it only comes to crush, conquer, and convert anybody and anything that is not part of the dar Al-Islam.
Likewise, PM Fico noted how the attack on the Christmas market was symbolic of the identity of Europe. The Muslims understand this too - that is why the conquest and Islamization of Europe is such a persistent theme on Muslim’s minds.
It does not matter that most of Europe (save the east) is in a state of apostasy, because it is the spiritual meaning behind it.
Likewise, it also explains the Islamic obession with the destruction of Rome, Italy, because the conquest of Rome means for a Muslim the temporal and spiritual destruction of Christianity.

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