Continued treason within

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Continued treason within
« on: January 05, 2017, 07:35:55 PM »
If Batten has done his research as claimed he must understand that treaties engaged in unlawfully and acts of parliament passed illegally cannot stand in domestic and or international law.  The ECA72 therefore cannot be repealed only struck from the statute book.
It has already been claimed by the Conservatives that by repealing the ECA72 they will be able to retain those parts that they believe to be in the national interest. On their record alone only a fool would trust these people. 

 Now the UKIP is attempting to save the Conservatives bacon by supporting them in further law breaking in an attempt to cover up the treason committed by that shameful party.

We the British people demand that the treasonous ECA72 that placed the Queen in breach of her coronation oath and so caused Englishmen to be made common criminals for refusing to bend the knee to foreign dictators be removed form the statute book along with all traces of the stench of EU corruption from our Parliament.
Bob Lomas.  The Magna Carta Society.
The quickest and surest way of achieving withdrawal is for the British Government and
Parliament to immediately seize the initiative and Repeal the European Communities
Act (1972); to return supremacy of law-making to Parliament, and to then implement
the necessary measures to disentangle us from the EU’s legislative web.
This method puts our Government and Parliament in control of the process and
not the bureaucrats of the European Union. This short pamphlet summarises the
legal basis for unconditional withdrawal and lays out a plan for making it happen.
 Gerald Batten

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