Why the industrial revolution happened here.

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Why the industrial revolution happened here.
« on: January 07, 2017, 08:16:43 PM »
Very interesting TV on BBC 4 - why the industrial revolution happened here.

Half way through, but basically

Inventors and engineers were much more free to pursue their ideas and
dreams than in other countries, France being cited, where the
authorities believed that the wealth of the world was fixed and that
to obtain more meant taking over others.

Absolutely - the FREEDOM to think, to speak, to argue, to challenge,
to innovate, without some b***** official getting in the way.

As I said to Michael Howard (!) at a Fed of Small Business fringe
meeting in 2008 "All I ever wanted from the government was that you
get out of the bloody way!"

One of Henry Ford#s very sound views was that those who set standards
for industry etc are by their very nature behind the curve - to use
modern jargon - so standards will always tend to inhibit development.

And all this is why Britain, with far more inventive people and far
more eccentrics (two sides of the same coin) than any other country
simply cannot afford to be inhibited by the Teutonic Rule Book of the
EU and will flourish again outside it


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