Vienna Convention helpful in extricating UK from EU

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Vienna Convention helpful in extricating UK from EU
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:11:07 PM »
Vienna Convention helpful in extricating UK from EU

Rodney Atkinson reminds us that the document governing treaties is the Vienna Convention. Here is the full text:
The sections that govern errors and fraud or misrepresentation are pages 49 ff. Art. 62 is an interesting section on changes in circumstances. As in contract law, the treaty becomes invalid if it was misrepresented to the signatory state.
Art. 62 says that a change of circumstances could be grounds for rescission. Under Art. 62, it could be argued quite easily that no one suspected at the time of signing of the Lisbon Treaty that EU states would possibly be forced to accept a certain percentage of refugees from countries where terror was incited by the EU itself
Thus, there was no way signatories could know that states like France and Germany would intervene in non-EU states to indirectly produce a flood of refugees. The EU got directly involved in the Arab Spring, and armed and trained terrorists whom they cynically called "moderates." If ever there was a change in circumstances it is that!
Any sensible interpretation of the treaty would admit that this fact alone makes the Lisbon Treaty invalid now that the outcome of this intervention and the EU's insistence on all states taking "their share" of refugees which all but the most blind can see are unvetted and pose a threat to European security.
I think this particular angle may be the most fruitful.
Don Hank


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