British Values Oath - Oppressive, Intolerant and Authoritarian  

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British Values Oath - Oppressive, Intolerant and Authoritarian


Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey does not think parents and schools should be able to teach their children that marriage exists between one man and one woman because such a view is “anti-equalities”. Instead, the state should take over the moral indoctrination of our nation’s children because some parents/schools are teaching them the wrong things.
Please sign this petition in opposition to Dame Louise Casey’s proposals.

Dear Rex,
Towards the end of last year, Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey released her report “The Casey Review: a review into opportunity and integration.”, which recommended, among other things, that all holders of public office should swear an oath of “British values”. While the need for societal cohesion is important, the Dame’s recent oral evidence on her report makes for worrying reading.
She implies that anyone who holds traditional views about marriage should not be allowed to teach in school and that religious schools cannot teach in accord with their faith. This is yet further evidence of the state creeping (or perhaps barging) into family life and education, and it cannot continue.
Sign this petition in opposition to Dame Louise Casey’s proposals, and instead, ask the Prime Minister to protect the freedom of family life from state intervention.
She said:
“ is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. That... is not how we bring children up in this country. It is often veiled as religious conservatism, and I have a problem with the expression "religious conservatism", because often it can be anti-equalities. We have got to be careful that people can choose, obviously, to live the lives that they want to live, but that they cannot condemn others for living differently.”
While she is keen that people “cannot condemn others for living differently”, she is apparently more than happy to condemn others for thinking differently.
Her proposal for a “British values” oath and her subsequent clarificatory comments, show a deep intolerance towards those who hold differing views about the meaning and purpose of marriage.
Her comments represent a grave threat to freedom for anyone who disagrees with state doctrine regarding marriage and the family and will inevitably lead to a silencing of any and all who oppose.
Rather than parents being the primary educators of their own children where schools exist to assist parents in this task, the state, under the Dame’s guidance, is attempting to take over the moral indoctrination of our nation’s children.
These proposals form part of what seems to be an ever expanding state into family life and education and cannot proceed any further.
Please sign this petition to the Prime Minister asking her to intervene so that Dame Casey's proposals are not implemented.
Yours sincerely,
Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO
PS Dame Louise Casey is not marginal figure. She is a senior Government advisor and her comments amount to a (poor) case for state enforced doctrine, the violation of which would result in exclusion from public office and education. What she says must be taken seriously. Please sign this petition in defence of the family from state intervention.

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