Alvechurch BUGLE  - -   002 / 17  1600 Pennsylvania Ave. via Dulwich.  

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Alvechurch BUGLE  - -   002 / 17 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. via Dulwich.
If Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, the 2017 White House was surely won in the towns and villages of Britain, by a dedicated band of volunteers, devoted to one man and a shared vision.

UKIP’s members - its branches, its Chairmen, Secretaries and Treasurers, led and inspired by a former Dulwich College boy,  have doggedly pursued against great odds, a dream of freeing their nation from the undemocratic and pernicious grip of EU corruption.

Now, as we all stand with Donald Trump on the threshold of a Presidency that may well be the most significant in that nation’s history,  we in UKIP are entitled to modestly claim :

Without Nigel Farage, and the party he helped build, and without James Goldsmith whose Referendum Party provided Nigel’s motivation, Hillary Clinton would be taking the oath on January 20th in Washington D.C.  

Nigel’s Ukippers and all those that he has inspired throughout this nation,  have pressed on against an unprecedented media led, denigration campaign and brought about in June last year the biggest political reversal in Britain’s history.

Then, a mere five months later, at a time when our press and media were struggling to come to terms with the fact that our National Propaganda Service had failed to deliver David Cameron’s expected Remain vote, Nigel Farage was on Donald Trump’s campaign trail in Mississippi and America took notice . 

It marked a turning point, we were leaving Brussels and its phoney European Union and Donald was on his way to Capitol Hill as the 45th President, with the help of a bunch of  : fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists.

Brexit will revive and reinvigorate a now independent Britain, and eventually a free Europe, as it too reverts to nation statehood and Trump’s Presidency will begin the long road back to American greatness and goodness.

He will stabilise the United States and with it the western Christian World and God willing ensure its survival, something which under Hillary Clinton was far from certain.  

We in UKIP have played our part, we are the little acorn from which a mighty oak has grown and our place in history is secure and to paraphrase Archbishop Latimer, martyred at Oxford in 1555

We have lit such a fire in England, as will ne’er be put out, and its glow will be felt across the Commonwealth and
Ed  . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Bromsgrovia.

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