Common sense NHS?

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Common sense NHS?
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:16:38 PM »
Common sense NHS?
Posted on January 22, 2017 by Sonya Jay Porter in Editorial // 7 Comments

Right, where’s the Common Sense gone? It must be somewhere, there used to be a lot of it around at one time. But the NHS certainly hasn’t got it these days.
Come on, THINK! You – the Government, the doctors, nurses, all those hospital managers and people who are supposed to be running our medical services and don’t seem to do very much – none of you seem to have Common Sense any more. What have you done with it?
Every year, every winter, we are told that the NHS is collapsing for lack of money. But, come on, be sensible. There are a number of areas where the NHS could at least save a little money. For instance, take board and lodging. I entirely agree that patients can’t be expected to pay for their lodging while in hospital since they still have to pay for their mortgage or rent, but since they would be paying for their board if they were at home, it would surely be only sensible to ask them to pay at least a contribution to their in-hospital meals. And what about all those aids they are sent home with, from walking frames to wheelchairs? It’s plainly not sensible to refuse to take them back into the NHS when they are no longer needed. It is not beyond the wit of man – or woman – to see that they could be cleaned and disinfected, etc. and given out again to those needing them in the future. Or has the Government got shares in the companies which manufacture them?
It’s not SENSIBLE to think that if the Government would only throw a few billion pounds more at the NHS (all provided by us, the taxpayers and that includes all you doctors, nurses, etc…) everything would be fine. The doctors’ surgeries would have just enough patients to deal with and no more; the hospital referrals would flow through to the hospital doctors and consultants with no hold up; operations would always take place on the day and time given; the A&E would be half empty, even on a Saturday night. And above all, there would be hospital beds for all the patients who need them.
No, that wouldn’t happen. Because it couldn’t.
For one thing, as the Government keeps telling us, we are all living longer. But unfortunately, not stronger. If we could all run a mile aged 120, that would be fine but although while some of the luckier people are able to run the London Marathon at 70 or 80, most of us just collect more and more health problems which are then very cleverly improved by the doctors with their ever new medicines. But old age is not completely curable and there we are, as you say, ‘bed blocking’. You doctors moan about that, but it’s not our fault: it’s you who are keeping us alive.
And it isn’t as if we could get a bed with our families because families who could do that are now few and far between. Everyone works or, let’s say, has to work. There are few traditional families thanks to divorce or partner-hopping. Work can take families across to various places across the country or indeed to the other side of the world. The mores of the western world have changed.
So if we need ‘care’ it is now the Government and the NHS which has to provide it. And you really have to use some Common Sense and work out how to deal with so many patients, the lack of beds and what you feel is the lack of doctors and nurses to look after them.
But why do you need more doctors and nurses anyway? (Warning: I am now going to be politically incorrect, so those of a delicate disposition should look away – now!) According to Migration Watch, a well-respected web site, over 300,000 migrants – which include genuine refugees as well as people from the EU and across the world – come into Britain every year. If this migration scenario continues, the UK population is projected to rise by around 500,000 a year and this doesn’t include the unknown number who sneak into the country illegally. Migration Watch estimates that this mass migration plus births to foreign-born parents, has accounted for 85% of the large UK population growth since 2000 and in the future this could rise to 75% of the population every year.
But if the Government does, as promised, achieve a ‘clean’ Brexit so that we can control both borders, this will mean fewer births, fewer adult patients and even fewer ‘bed blockers’. It will also mean that we should need fewer immigrant doctors and nurses and should mean we could manage with the doctors and nurses we train ourselves – and no, I don’t mean just indigenous staff, I’m not THAT politically incorrect!
But it’s just Common Sense, isn’t it? Fewer migrants mean fewer patients means fewer nurses and doctors. Obvious.


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