Europe Under Threat from Islam

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Europe Under Threat from Islam
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:25:38 PM »

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Europe Under Threat from Islam
January 23, 2017
District of the USA
In several recent interviews, Cardinals and a bishop of the Church have discussed the recent demographic shift in Europe.
In an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung on December 31, that was republished by I.Media on January 3, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn declared that we can’t “blame the Muslims for wanting to make Europe Muslim.” Quite the opposite, the archbishop of Vienna claimed, “we should rather reproach ourselves for doing nothing to maintain a Christian Europe.”
He then admitted candidly: “I am happy that the Muslims can practice their religion freely with us, but I also wish that Christians could practice their religion in the same way in Muslim countries.”
Italian Bishop Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompei, has warned that Europe will become Muslim in ten years due to the weakness of Christianity.
In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism. All of this moral and religious decadence favors Islam. We have a weak Christian faith. The Church nowadays does not work well and seminaries are empty. Parishes are the only thing still standing. We need a true Christian life. All this paves the way to Islam. In addition to this, they have children and we do not. We are in full decline.”
Cardinal Raymond Burke
In August 2016, Cardinal Burke has also warned about the threat posed by Islam during an interview he gave about his book-length interview, Hope for the World: To Unite All Things in Christ.
Speaking to the media, Burke said much of today’s response to Islam is influenced by a religious relativism and holds “we’re all worshiping the same God” and “we all believe in love.” If “God is love,” how can He be “the same God that commands of Muslims to slaughter infidels and to establish their rule by violence?” Burke asked. “I don’t believe it’s true that we’re all worshiping the same God,” he continued. “To say that we all believe in love is simply not correct.”
In his book-interview, Hope for the World, Cardinal Burke wrote:
It is necessary for the Church, and for her members, to understand correctly what Islam is and what the Qur' an [Koran] teaches. Islam is not just another religious practice that can coexist in harmony with other religions. Islam is a religion that, according to its own interpretation, must also become the State. The Koran, and the authentic interpretations of it given by various experts in Koranic law, is destined to govern the world. In reality, there is no place for other religions, even though they may be tolerated, as long as Islam has not succeeded in establishing its sovereignty over the nations and over the world. It is important for Christians to realize the radical differences between Islam and Christianity in matters concerning their teaching about God, about conscience, etc. If you really understand Islam, you understand that the Church really should be afraid of it". (p. 54).
(DICI#348 Jan. 20, 2017; Jan. 13, 2017;, Au. 30, 2016)


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