From the pen of a retired Detective Sergeant:

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From the pen of a retired Detective Sergeant:
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:36:19 PM »

From: "Veronica

From the pen of a retired Detective Sergeant:
Hi V, the fact that this is a set up is obvious. I've commented elsewhere on how Messham says he was asked to identify his assailant during the initial Police investigation by looking at a single photo of a suspect. This procedure was either used out of complete ignorance on the part of the police officer involved or it was used as a ruse to get the evidence of identification thrown out at Court through misapplication.The rule of evidence is; if the suspect is available to be put on an identity parade then that procedure should take place. If the suspect is not available for that procedure and there's no liklihood of it happening in the near future (i.e. he's done a runner) then the victim (and then each witness) will be individually shown, at the same time and together, a number of photographs (not less than 12) of individuals of the the same sex and same general build, skin colour and mode of life. They will then be asked, without prompting, if the suspect which they have described in their statement of evidence has their photo in the collection presented to the witness. If in the affirmative, and the witness identifies the suspect, then ALL the photos shown to the witness(es) will be retained as evidence in the event that the case goes to trial.
 Sounds very logical to me.
But then, of course, we have to deal with things like (what appears to be deliberate obfuscation by) North Yorkshire Police:
1. John Major accused, by Scallywag Magazine, of having an affair.
 2. John Major sues and wins (probably because no-one in their right mind would believe Major capable of getting his leg over).
 3. Edwina Currie subsequently writes an autobiography detailing her affair with John Major.
 4. John Major (not dead!) NOT prosecuted for perjury.
 5. Everyone carries on as though "nothing has happened".
 6. Apparently that's "British Justice".


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Re: From the pen of a retired Detective Sergeant:
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2012, 05:39:17 PM »
Things seem to have quietened down on the paedophile stakes with the Gaza/Israeli conflict and the Cameron proposed genocide plans for the Syrian President and his people taking pride of place. The "a good time to bury bad news" saying would seem to be coming back into play and, its for us to ensure that our ruling elite do not get the excuse to protect either themselves or the identity of their paedophile friends, under this bad news.

This is an excellent article shown in the 'Link' and further emphasises the alleged corruption that is taking place in various police forces throughout the country, in this instance by the North Yorkshire Police.

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