A half-truth is a whole lie - & so it was in this case. 

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A half-truth is a whole lie - & so it was in this case. 
« on: January 31, 2017, 09:10:10 PM »
During the USA election campaign, Trump's opponent whipped up outrage, claiming he said he would 'keep Muslims out of the USA'. 
A half-truth is a whole lie - & so it was in this case. 
What Trump really said was, "We will keep Muslims out of the USA - until we know what the Hell is going on!"   Which is, surely, an eminently sensible thing to do, whether of Muslims or anyone else? 
I am far from being an admirer of Trump, but, 'to give the Devil his due', he did stop Hillary Clinton getting back into the White House, & we must be grateful to him for that.    
To 'keep Muslims out of the USA' is a positively benign act - compared to what Trump's predecessors have done!.  
They sent troops, bombers & drones to slaughter 1,000s of Muslims - men, women & children - in their own homelands - causing many more deaths from starvation (& in fact, stimulating the rise of ISIS). 
As to 'what IS going on' (behind so-called immigration), one could take a look at history.  
Trump, & many others, claim to be 'Americans', & that 'the great country of America was built by immigrants'. .  They are NOT Americans: 
They are, in the main, European/Caucasians, who, by trickery & force, took the land from the indigenous Americans, exterminating a great many of them in the process, & imposed White Man's Law!   
We can hardly blame Muslims if the want to follow this precedent, in Europe & the USA?  It is my belief they do (& this includes the 'moderates'). 
Mind you, though I may not blame them, I don't want either myself, or my values (for what they are worth) to be exterminated!  Nor do I want any of the other horrendous practices of Sharia Law to be imposed.  
What will you get when it is?  Female genital mutilation (already carried out regularly in Britain) will be compulsory for all girls: So-called 'Honour Killings' (with a significant number already taking place) will increase.  As will forced marriage & wife beating. 
Stoning to death of women & girls is also part of Sharia Law.   Living in Bradford at the time (now known as Bradfordistan), I myself was attacked by a young Muslim when I dared to criticize the stoning to death of a 13 year old girl in Somalia.  How long will it be before they start to happen in Europe, Britain or USA? 
Norman Scarth, 

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