Sales Pitch - Jesus was an asylum seeker !

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Sales Pitch - Jesus was an asylum seeker !
« on: February 04, 2017, 08:05:45 PM »
Sales Pitch - Jesus was an asylum seeker !

Sat 04/02/2017 13:17

No wonder the community organisers and organised don't want change, follow the money.
Pay: £600 per week for fostering specialist placements, such as children who are seeking asylum
As a foster carer you’re classed as self-employed, so you’ll qualify for tax relief, meaning you’ll pay little or no tax and national insurance. You’ll also be able to receive any of the benefits you’re entitled to.
We’ll talk you through the financial side of fostering when you start the process of becoming a foster carer. We also give all our foster carers access to free independent financial advice whenever they need it

Famous refugees include Mo Farah (long distance runner), Michael Marks (one of the founders of Marks and Spencer), Sir Montague Burton (founder of Burton Retail), Alek Wek (supermodel), Rita Ora (singer), Sir Alec Issigonis (designer of the Mini), Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis), Albert Einstein (scientist), Victor Hugo (author), Karl Marx, the Dalai Lama, Bob Marley (singer), Prince Philip, Jesus, (??) Anne Frank, Jackie Chan (actor).
Asylum-seekers are not allowed to work so rely on government benefits (and again, asylum benefits are part of a separate system to the benefits a UK citizen would receive).
Asylum-seekers are housed as part of a system that is separate from Council housing
A single asylum seeker gets just over £5 a day (£36.96 a week) to pay for all food, travel, clothing, toiletries and all other expenses -  excluding housing and fuel bills.
Children seeking asylum contribute very positively to schools across the country(?)

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