Letter to John Bercow from Albert Burgess

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Letter to John Bercow from Albert Burgess
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:02:36 PM »
John Bercow MP
Speaker of the house                                                                      Albert Burgess
The House of commons (crooks)                                                      15 Parliament Road
London                                                                                             Thame
SW1A 0AA                                                                                      South Oxfordshire
                                                                                                       OX9 3TE
Ref President Trumps visit
Dear John
I do hope you do not mind my using your Christian name but you are employed by me and a lot more like me and I find it is much nicer all round for an employer to use his employees Christian name it makes for a much more relaxed conversation.
Firstly neither I nor anyone else I know has seen Trump show any racist tendencies, what he has done is pick out an evil and Satanic cult with an unbroken history covering 1400 years of rape, murder, miss treatment of women, slavery and untold acts of barbaric terrorism and he has said your not coming into America until we the American people decide it is safe for our people to let you in. It is way past the time you useless shower of crooks in Parliament and yes to defraud your expenses is a criminal act for which you should go to jail not only for the theft of our money but for misconduct in public office at common law.
Nor have we seen him show any more sexism than just about every good man on the planet what I did see along with half the worlds population was him employ a woman from his audience who needed a job.
You are employed ,though God knows why, I don’t, to keep order in the house which far too frequently acts like demented dervishes with no self control at all.
Though your affinity with demented dervishes might explain why you allow the rape of our children on an industrial scale by the very people PRESIDENT TRUMP (yes get over it he is the President of America) wants to keep out until they have been vetted. It might explain you acceptance of Islamic (Satanic) marches which are designed to intimidate Her Majesties natural born subjects who by law should be the only people sitting in either house of Parliament, take a good long look at the 1701 Act of settlement or a trip to the commons library and ask for Chitty or the Prerogatives of the King Mathew Hale CJ , or Blackstone CJ. You are looking for naturalisation/denization.
Now what gives you the right to insult a visiting head of state a guest in this ancient Kingdom of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II if you refuse to honour Queen Elizabeth’s guest you are placing yourself above Her Majesty in the position entirely reserved for God and that constitutes an act of treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act for which I am sure I can find volunteer public executions who will I feel sure be happy to ignore your unlawfully constituted excuse for Parliament and revert to the penalty when the act was brought in of hanging drawing and quartering.
Just a little something for you to think about after your trial and sentence of course.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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