You have absolutely no right to be the speaker

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You have absolutely no right to be the speaker
« on: February 08, 2017, 05:55:04 PM »
Mr Speaker
I am amazed at the numbers of people who are demonstrating against Trump’s ban on admitting immigrants from mainly Moslem countries. Apparently, you and all these people are in favour of allowing people into their country people who are adherents to an extreme religious sect which promotes and encourages:
·       Thrashing women in public because they have had sexual relations with their loved ones before marriage.
·       Stoning to death in public, women who have committed adultery.
·       Throwing men off high rise blocks because they have been born with gay tendencies.
·       Calling for people to be murdered because they have apparently insulted their long dead leader, Muhammed.
·       Condoning and encouraging marriages between adult men and young girls who are not yet teenagers.
·       Strapping explosives to young girls of 13 and exploding them in public places.
·       Treating women as chattels with virtually no rights.
·       Practising female genital mutilation on young girls.
·       Murdering groups of innocent people who have not committed any of the so called crimes listed above.
You, like them have shown that you have twisted and strange mentalities and values. In particular, for you, as Speaker of the House of Commons, the prime law making institution of the United Kingdom, to advocate allowing Moslems into the country when they profess to set up their own laws and courts is a mind boggling example of crass stupidity. You have absolutely no right to be the speaker of the House of Commons or to profess to represent in any way the views of the vast majority of the UK population. An abject apology in public is the first thing you should do before resigning.

J Wraith


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