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« on: November 23, 2012, 09:48:10 AM »
The Meaning Of Nine

Unbeknownst to may of you many of us have quietly been working on a giant project called 'The Last Legion' particular one 'legio' the Ninth. Nine of number '9', Latin 'IX' is the sign throughout time of the Holy Spirit. An upside down Nine or '9' is the opposite- The Beast. My colleagues and I are of the opinion that the End times are indeed upon us. By this we refer to the end of an Age... and the start of a new one. It isn't going to happen overnight but already events across the globe but especially in the UK, or what is left of this poor land are in motion that will finally sweep away the nastiness and depravity that has endangered and corrupted our daily lives. We are at a 'Churchill Moment'. Please note I am not a 'Churchill' but I will speak out loud, wide and clear in the face of such idiocy.

However, I do believe that there is good practical reasons for hope, even as the world around us goes literally quite mad, especially with the growing revelations of child abuse across our political 'Class' and its sick obsessions with 'Celebrity'. I often ask why we allow these self-appointed narcissists to set themselves up as arbiters of opinion? Who the hell indulged them in such matters- simply on the basis of their shallow 'fame' and evident self regard? In short we have very few, if any real political or religious/philosophic men and women of enough weight and consciousness as we had in the not too distant past. Indeed we do not have a public conscience at all it seems. I cannot for the life of me imagine why we should listen to Simon Cowell or Sir Richard Branson, or even Paul McCartney or a thousand fly-by-night 'celebs'. What have they given to Mankind? What qualifies them and the revolting MSM to indulge them?

The Church- at least the established one is silent as we drift into anarchy and full Islamisation and our 'elite' persecute, prosecute and generally do unspeakable things against their own. The term 'evil' does not even begin to describe the disgraceful behaviour exhibited towards our most young, old and the disabled. The ATOS scandal alone, that has seen heart transplant patients still recovering passed as 'fit for work', only days out of the operating theatre and Down's Syndrome sufferers likewise, while the revolting comic Daily Mail demonised then as 'Benefit Scroungers'. People in wheel chairs have been attacked by angry 'members of the public' and 1200 suicides have resulted. Where is the public concern at this travesty? One refusal even had a coronary in front of the 'Doctor'- a foreign physiotherapist.

I recommend you listen to the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, instead of watching televisual filth. This song was prophetic.

Our banks- well known names like Barclays have not only been found guilty of stealing from their customers but are still doing so through 'Shadow Banking'. No bank in the West is solvent. Brown the former PM and Chancellor of the UK, 'saved' the banks in 2007/8 by transferring their bankrupt balances to the general public. Across the water in America and Europe, the Dollar and the already failed Euro are plunging millions of ordinary decent families into dreadful poverty and loss of homes. People in Greece, Spain and Portugal are feeding themselves from dustbins. This is happening in the US too. Yet the MSM blithely go on and on, in sickening detail about who has 'offended' what or whom. If I hear the term 'race', 'racist', 'offence', or any of a plethora of 'isms' much longer I will throw my radio at somebody.

Our TV and radio is absolutely infantile. How many of you actually understand how horrid and undignified 'poverty' and desperation is? I saw it in my own wider family (mulatto) in Panama. My sister in laws live in self-built breeze block dwellings and work for one $US a day genuflecting to fat overindulged US/European citizens in an exclusive resort(Panamanians not allowed). Another of my in laws, has not been paid for months by a Chinese supermarket owner. My wife and I send money when we can. We are far from rich. I am now without work too and limited to buying Tesco's own brand. I can create a meal, thanks to my Mother's cooking teachings, for around ?1 per day. We are now in the 'No work' season for archaeology but this year it is harder than usual. I will get 'through' as usual. I am not afraid to do any kind of work to survive... and such a situation as we face today concentrates the mind superbly. I am also a 'stoic' in the best Roman tradition.

Across Europe and the Middle East, The Moslem Brotherhood in league with the Obama Administration and the EU seeks to establish the 'Iqwan' as the MB is known, by displacing regimes, that may, or may not be to everybody's tastes but who nevertheless did provide some protection to the millions of Christians in their Moslem midst. Now they face persecution and death daily. Rapes of Coptic Christians and forced 'reversions' to Islam have gone through the roof in Egypt. However the 'Established' Church is nowhere to be heard apart from its open desire to 'dialogue' and not cause ''offence'' to 'Allah'. We even have the Pope kissing the ''Holy'' Koran, which is the biggest piece of plagiarism in history, borrowing from Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Zoroaster and much more. I have studied this 'faith' and its history in depth. 'Allah' is not the same God as Jaweh but a lunar minor deity among 360 others. And I do not give a damn who may be ''offended'' by this fact, proven by my own studies and practical experience in archaeology, because it and its western apologists deeply offend everything I stand for. The Moslem will practice deceit by telling you that the Jews and Christian worship a false 'Allah' and that the ''real'' one, never had a son and did not die on the cross. Well Tacitus the superb Roman historian and Suetonius all testify to the fact that 'Chrestus' was indeed crucified and the New Testaments confirm it from eyewitness accounts. Obviously Paul, Peter, and the Roman writers were mistaken then?

I am seeking to become a priest after years of quiet preparation and unlike most clergy today I will speak out against this evil. Count on it! And believe me a whole lot more people will as well. The bad guys have had their day, now it's our turn. Enough is enough! It ends now.

God Bless

Julian Farmer

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