Ye Ha! We are on our way to Brexit Britain!

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Ye Ha! We are on our way to Brexit Britain!
« on: February 10, 2017, 06:46:05 PM »

Dear Friends and Supporters,                                                                      

Ye Ha! We are on our way to Brexit Britain!

In a crushing victory for democracy on Wednesday, the Article 50 Bill passed the House of Commons overwhelmingly – by 494 votes to 112. Just before the vote, Get Britain Out wrote to all the MPs to encourage them to pass the Bill without amendments. All the massive 287 attempts to wreck the Bill or delay Brexit through amendments failed! The Bill now goes to the House of Lords, with debates and amendments starting from February 20th, before the Bill goes to a vote on March 7th. We trust this will be the end of it, and then the Prime Minister can get Royal Assent from Her Majesty the Queen and go over to Brussels to finally trigger Article 50.

Unless... the Lords amend it, in which case the timetable will have to be revised.

Here is the full wording of the Bill:

Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Power to notify withdrawal from the EU

(1)The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU.

(2) This section has effect despite any provision made by or under the European Communities Act 1972 or any other enactment.

2 Short title: This Act may be cited as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.

305 out of the 805 unelected Lords are from Labour or the Liberal Democrats, who are furious they have not been able to stop or amend the Bill so far – compared to just 252 Conservatives and 3 from UKIP. The rest of the Lords are either independent crossbenchers or come from smaller parties. Just like in the Commons, the Lords must respect the will of the 17.4 million members of the Great British Public who voted for Brexit on June 23rd. If they attempt to thwart democracy with many unnecessary amendments, as has been suggested, then they must realise reform – or even the abolition of the House of Lords – must surely be on the cards.

Get Britain Out is optimistic. The last 7 months have shown us nothing can derail the will of the people. Court cases, Remoaner MPs, and Project Fear doom-mongers – nothing has been able to stop Brexit so far, and neither will the die-hard Remoaners in the Lords.

Three Lords – Lord Patten of Barnes, Lord Kinnock, and Lord Mandelson – are known to be receiving large EU pensions, and in order to retain those pensions they are required to show ‘loyalty’ to the EU. Our friends at Change Britain have drafted a letter you might like to send to these Lords, urging them to put their financial concerns aside, respect democracy, and vote for the unamended Bill. You can find the link to the draft letters here.

In a bizarre twist, Britain is now being asked to stump up vast sums of money to Brussels in the form of an ‘exit bill’ in order to ‘cover liabilities’ – i.e. EU pensions for people like these Lords, long after they left their posts in Brussels. The European Commission is currently suggesting we pay them £48billion after we leave, equivalent to almost 3 years of our current gross contributions to the EU. This figure is absurd, and Britain must not pay it. After all, if we are responsible for the EU’s liabilities, then we are also surely entitled to a portion of the EU’s vast assets.

The reason Parliament had to vote on Article 50 at all is Brexit suffered a minor setback when the Supreme Court ruled to this effect a few weeks ago. However, those who wanted to use this court case to block Brexit have clearly failed. We are delighted by this, and look forward to a time when these legal minutiae are long forgotten. In an article for The Commentator, we explain the rationale for the Supreme Court’s split decision. You can also watch a member of our team talk about the consequences of the ruling on RT News by clicking here. (The Commentator: Brexit goes forth after Supreme Court decision)

There once was a time when any Brexit vote in the House of Commons would have been considered a threat, given how most MPs supported ‘Remain’ in the Referendum campaign. This ‘threat’ has thankfully turned out to be a damp squib, perhaps in part because many 'Remain' MPs discovered their constituents had voted 'Leave' in the Referendum. As we write for The Commentator, it is remarkable how many former Remainers are now reconciled to Brexit, and how few genuine Remoaners are left. Now it’s time for the few remaining holdouts to unite behind Brexit, and help us get the best deal possible. (The Commentator: Everyone’s coming round to Brexit)

In other news, on Tuesday, the Daily Express reported the BBC has pocketed £2.3million in funding from the EU in the past 3 years. No wonder it’s known as the ‘Biased Broadcasting Corporation’ these days. Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, responded by saying: “The BBC already gets an enormous amount of money from the Great British Public, and it is extraordinary to see it getting even more by the EU backdoor. Remain campaigners claimed throughout the EU Referendum that the EU spent British taxpayers’ money in a better way than our elected representatives. In reality, our enormous contributions to the EU are wasted on pointless projects such as this. The BBC is supposed to be impartial and should not be receiving money from those it is supposed to scrutinise. We want to have a BBC which gives all sides of the debate a fair hearing, while providing value for money, and not to be any part of a Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.”

We’ve written for Reaction this week, pointing out the absurdity of the Bank of England insisting its intervention was responsible for propping up the British economy after the Brexit vote last summer. In reality, the positive economic news being talked about these days is not evidence of anything to do with the Bank’s actions being correct – in fact, their hasty halving of interest rates was a rash decision caused by Carney’s ‘Project Fear’ mindset – it’s evidence their predictions were clearly wrong. It’s time self-proclaimed experts stopped rationalising Project Fear after the fact, admitted they were wrong, and focussed on making the best of Brexit. (Reaction: Time for the experts to admit they were wrong about Brexit)

Across the Atlantic, Donald Trump has had an eventful first 3 weeks as President of the United States – but the highlight for Britain must be his offer of a post-Brexit free-trade agreement between the US and the UK as soon as possible, rather than our being at the “back of the queue” if Hillary Clinton had been elected. On CapX, we argue this offer is great news not only for our post-Brexit future, but also for our negotiations with Brussels, as it gives more credence to Theresa May’s threat to walk away from the EU without a deal, rather than sign a bad deal. The Government should play Trump and Brussels off against each other to get the best for Brexit Britain. (CapX: Why a US trade deal can be Britain’s trump card)

Over recent months some have insisted the EU will try to ‘punish’ the UK in these negotiations to keep the remaining 27 Member States in line. There is no need for this pessimism. A punitive deal with the UK would damage the EU’s own stability, and make EU breakaways more, not less likely. The Euro has become increasingly unpopular over the past 5 years, and increased instability will fuel the fire of Eurosceptic movements throughout Europe. Trying to keep the EU together by punishing the UK in these negotiations would achieve the very opposite of what the Eurocrats want. (The Commentator: Brexit Britain won't be "punished")

Before the EU Referendum, it was made clear to the public – many times – a ‘Leave’ vote would mean leaving the EU’s Single Market. Remain campaign group Britain Stronger in Europe accepted this at the time, but when ‘Leave’ won the Referendum they reverted to ‘Project Fear’ to argue leaving the Single Market will spell disaster. In a bizarre turn of events, the Remoaners seem to have forgotten – ‘Leave’ means control over our laws, our borders and our money. It is time for the Soft-Brexiteers to embrace the Referendum result like the rest of the country. A recent poll revealed 52% of those polled believed Brexit was the right decision, compared to just 39% who said it was the wrong decision. 14% of Remain voters were now reconciled to Brexit, while there’s clearly not nearly as much ‘regret’ among Leave voters – only 3% of whom now believed Brexit was the wrong decision. (Comment Central: Soft Brexit ignores the people’s will)

Finally, last month yet another dangerous flaw in the EU’s disastrous Schengen (passport-free) area was exposed, when it emerged people travelling from Brussels could get into the United Kingdom without their passport being checked on Eurostar, via the so-called ‘Lille loophole’. It’s the latest in a long list of ways in which the EU makes this country and its citizens less safe. Jayne writes on Breitbart London that Brexit will keep this country safe by allowing us to end free movement, stop relying on underfunded European intelligence agencies, and protect our citizens against foreign miscarriages of justice. (Breitbart London: EU’s open borders threaten UK security)

That’s it for this e-Bulletin – remember – ONWARDS AND OUTWARDS!

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director, and the Team at Get Britain Out
P.S. Please remember to send this e-Bulletin to anyone else you think will be interested and who might want to know more. Here is the Sign Up link.

P.P.S. We hugely appreciate your support. If you have any Brexit-related queries, please e-mail us at [email protected], and we will do our best to help. Everything you contribute to our campaign in donations goes towards our work to secure the Best Brexit for Great Britain – every £ counts.

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