The Contemptible Little Bureaucracy  

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The Contemptible Little Bureaucracy  
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:00:39 PM »
The Contemptible Little Bureaucracy

12th January 2017
“The true interest of an absolute monarch generally coincides with that of his people. Their numbers, their wealth, their order, and their security, are the best and only foundations of his real greatness; and were he totally devoid of virtue, prudence might supply its place, and would dictate the same rule of conduct.”
The above applies to the actions of usuper Septimius Severus on his consolidation of his rule after several years of fighting off rivals after the murder of the valorous Pertinax, murdered by Praetorians, that then tried to sell the imperial throne in an auction conducted from the walls of Rome. Clodius Albinus and Pescenius Niger were butchered fleeing the battlefield after defeat by the Danubian legions supporting Severus. Severus told his sons, Gaeta and Caracalla to “favour the legions above the people and Senate.”
The Senator who purchased the empire outside the Praetorian camp died too. Such is the fate of all that seek to secure such high favour and odds.
Even though the armies of Rome had for a long time been used to bribery to support those like Severus, the dignity of the average Roman was insulted by the behaviour of the Praetorians. It seems that even corrupted systems in socio-political terms do still carry fragments of national pride and expected standards of behaviour. Many a wayward Emperor learned it was a poor decision to thwart the Respublica.
Those emperors that maintained their thrones always ensured its defences manned by the Legions were maintained with vigour. When they forgot, Rome collapsed and was taken by a King. Legions numbered anywhere from 28 to 32 dependent on the period but most, especially those vital to the survival of the Roman name and dignity on the Northern frontier or limes were kept in good order.
In the remnant of what was once the United Kingdom, or once vaunted British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce is now barely more than a tinpot state militia, with our nuclear arsenal given over by the shallow personality and ex advertising shill, David Cameron to the French. The handover and depletion of our once superb forces continues apace and is being integrated with all speed into an proposed European Defence Force, with all that means and is little better than described above as a type of Part-time militia whittled down to around 76,000 today but planned to be reduced to the same numbers as the New Model Army of Oliver Cromwell’s of 40,000, if reports and sources I have read and spoken to are correct. Our army has been wasted away in the useless global war for control of the disputed Kalifate between shia Iran and sunni Gulf States like Saudi Arabia.
In short the once proud former United Kingdom is defenceless, its fighting capabilities ruined and unable to deploy more than 10,000 fighting men, and a bureaucracy that is mostly in private hands and commercial interests and where bureaucrats in the “tail”, outnumber fighting staff 7 to 1. In other words seven flat bottoms to every real fighter. That is a state militia, not an army.
Our submarines are also out of action and unable to be deployed along with so called new “Ships of the Line” like the new aircraft carriers, without aircraft and frigates and destroyers poorly engineered and prone to breakdown. New crews for the carriers now need to spend time training with the French fleet to learn skills in which RN once led the world.
We have also forgotten how to build ands construct ships. The plan to integrate our national defences is all part of plan to deprive and diminish us as a once powerful nation to the status of a kind of “Protectorate” of the new German-Franco Reich, totally dependent on the latter but itself threatened as it imports 12,000,000 “refugees” and succumbs to the new “Kalifate” headed up by Turkey and “wannabe” Kalif Erdogan, as he turns over the secular state founded by Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s. The recent “putch” was to remove the last resistance to Erdogan’s Islamist aims. The new Eastern Question? will dominate our future as its did in the 1800s.
Mrs May has promised to sell Eurofighters to Turkey, that once the German Euro-Army has control of French and British deterrents, they intend to face off against the United states, as I long warned about some years ago. As the Euro-Med “Union” succumbs to Islamic rule by mass importation of military age men, in a society that has lost its will to defend itself in the face of such accusations of “Racist” or whatever else it fears, one can just imagine the Russian and American reaction to an Islamic Europe “controlling” an area from Gibraltar to the Caucasus, east to West and to the borders of the Sahara south and Russia in the North, and in control of nuclear weapons.
“Brexit” is a scam and will reduce us to a “German-Islamic” Protectorate- one that under severe pressure of forces that are literally breaking it apart, will be reduced to a tolerated principality, a tamed people and insouciant Monarch that will be a bit player in the Kalifate, with no voice or means to enforce its writ anywhere. This is “Brexit” in reality- a total scam.
Don’t believe me then read this and it all “checks out!” and is confirmed by sources I have.
Just thought you would like to know. But hey I am supposed to be the “Mad” one and “Extremist”? Read this article below…..
Now do you fully comprehend what we have been trying to tell you? England was always the intended target of the traitor Klass and their Islamo-German masters. A strong UK is vital as is a strong alliance with the USA to defend the West, along with Israel.

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