: No Brexit but full EU military national and treasury integration  

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Please start reading from the bottom upwards

There are quite a number of organisations created over the last 40 years that claim to support the Brexit intent or act for worldly good, but which surreptitiously act for the Remain camp and/or globalism (both entwined).  They will tell us anything they can to put the fear of God into us and convince us away from leaving the disastrous EU or regaining our independence.
If you look at our extant English Constitutional and Common Law (Magna Carta 1215, Treason Act 1351, Statute of Praemunire 1392, Act of Supremacy 1559, Declaration and Bill of Rights 1689 and Treason Felony Act 1848) you will see that Britain has never been part of the EU because of Heath’s 1972 treason against the known interests of the nation and his unilateral signing away of our sovereignty without our knowledge or consent.  If you further look at the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 and 1986 you will see that Britain may simply walk away from the EU because the treaties were “signed” under conditions of serious corruption in the procuring of those “agreements”.  On both counts, as one cannot leave an organisation one is not a party to, there is nothing for us to leave, so we simply walk away. 
Moreover, there has never been any reason on Earth why the British people should throw their hard earned money into the EU bottomless pit for Europeans’ satisfaction and funding (or for that matter, comply with any other mindless EU directives), for two reasons.  First, we have never been legally bound to any such corrupt arrangement and second, the EU itself is criminally unlawful and any such “EU law” is about as legitimate as my instructing you and your neighbours that you must pay all your money into my bank account simply because I say so.  Some, like our politicians, might believe it and do it because they do what they’re told to against our interests.  Any sensible person however, would laugh at it and reject the idea because it is not right and can never be legally enforced.
You might be right that organisations have been created in the last 40 years.  Conceivably,however, with the design intention of keeping capitulated nations under the globalist thumb, even to seriously compromise world health, living standards and welfare.  They might even attempt to fully impose Catholicism and/or Islam and also the ridiculous notion of metrication (hence the boxes and packaging you mention) and/or Sharia Law.  All designed to destroy us and our Britishness.  But human beings are inherently tribal by nature hence we see sovereign nation states around the world and all those people will never accept globalist intention as it is entirely counter to the human psyche.  When push comes to shove, the majority world populations will not agree whatever these organisations attempt to impose and will eventually overcome.  Brexit is a case in point.  The people demand OUT and fully expect politicians to act according to what we have said.  Politicians might not agree with the vote, but sooner or later if they do not act correctly, they will be ousted. 
The only thing keeping Britain “IN” at the moment is politicians’ slothful procrastination and unwillingness to act on the people’s instruction (they are the people’s servants), their own deluded belief in globalism (and therefore, Britain’s capitulation) and their own sense of greed and refusal to see their self righteous esteem, their salaries and considerable pensions slip away if they do as we command.
Britain does not need to stay ‘IN’ nor to continue blindly to follow unlawfully contrived EU rules.  It is true that we need to rid ourselves of the Leftist psychotics, psychopaths and narcissists masquerading as politicians, judiciary, civil servants and other hangers-on, all of them presumably Common Purpose graduates and treasonably bent on Britain’s subjugation according to EU/globalist demand.  But despite whatever the organisations you cite might demand, nations around the world will continue to trade with us as they already do because they want our produce.  This goes for the Europeans too.  Europe needs us far more than we need Europe.
We shall take back our fishing grounds, we shall take back our farming rights and we shall regain the ability to cloth and feed ourselves.  And we can lawfully and successfully do those things today without problem.  They are OURS by right anyway and no law on Earth can prevent their recovery.  We shall stop immigration brought about by politicians’ “multiculturalist” policy  -  and their outright invitation to all comers to come to the promised land.  And we shall send back all those we do not want.  It happens, indeed, that a number of our politicians and council officials are denizens having no right whatsoever to hold any kind of public office.  So under English law, that will stop too.
It is not the organisations you cite that would prevent our independence, self rule, world trade or national identity, it is our politicians.  They knowingly and wilfully got us into this.  They will get us out or we will find new MPs who will.
 If you read EUReferendum.com you will read the truth about our 40 odd years as members of the EU and what it means to leave.  The world has changed in that 40 years with organisations such as CODEX and UNESCE making most of the WORLD’s rules and regulations.  WTO comes as a poor relation.
When we leave, Britain will NOT be able to make its own rules because there are so many global regulations now which the EU passes down to its 28 member states.  We cannot go back to the 1970s. 
WTO rules are not sufficient to keep all of our trade and economy working seamlessly.  The tangle of EU regulation means that we have to re-negotiate trade in vegetables, meat, plants, horses and livestock, airspace, the seabed, fishing, farming, air traffic, manufacturing, etc. etc. 
We need to stay IN the EEA/EfTA as an INTERIM measure so all this trade still works seamlessly while we negotiate some of the above most pressing issues.  Every label, every box or package is controlled by EU rules.  If we leave EVERYTHING will have to be VISUALLY checked as we are WIPED off the list of EU members.  EVERYTHING will come to a halt and sit in hangers waiting to be checked and verified.
Once most of the easy stuff has been agreed we LEAVE the EEA/EfTA.  It is only an interim measure to get us through this difficult time.
 No Brexit but fulll EU military national and treasury integration

The British Sovereign People did not consent to this, nor would they want it. To have Germany’s finger on the button is far from desirable, as is Germany controlling our Treasury, and this policy, assuming it to be correct, is treachery at the highest level of Parliament, and totally unacceptable.

How many other policies are there, which the Europhiles are hoping to slide in  under the radar, which would keep this country from being free of EU influence?
Strategic Defence Initiatives on the EU's subversion of the British military.
The recent British referendum has made no difference to the speed and tenacity with which the Conservative Government under Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon (a strong EU advocate and former EU Movement supporter) are continuing the path to EU military union.
There has been no change in the advancing integration of UK military forces into the EU structure — the subject is simply not discussed in political, public and media forums, which is testimony to the usual EU policy of implementation by stealth where possible.
Perhaps most dangerous here is the rapid integration of the EU commercial military procurement and supply chain, operating under an EU treasury already being declared and implemented.
Once locked together under EU procurement rules, and with ‘joint interoperability’ doctrine driving pan-EU military needs, Britain will be further stripped of its ability to design, build and supply our own weapons systems and munitions.
This will further strengthen the EU political tactic of creating ‘interdependence’ between EU member states as a tool for removing sovereign identity and the ability to act as an independent nation state.
PDF available on request.
Mrs Jane B
English Constitution Group
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 1:27 AM
Subject: No Brexit but full EU military national and treasury integration

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