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This is a copy of a letter I've just sent to the National Police Chiefs Council in London (previously ACPO).

12th February 2017
The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC)
The National Community Tension Team (NCTT)
10 Victoria Street
Dear Sirs,
I note that the NPCC/NCTT has played a pivotal role in the creation of a “partnership” between a large number of HM Police Constabularies, and the Islamic organization Tell Mama UK (a project run by Faith Matters UK). [ii] It appears that this “information sharing” arrangement was initiated in March 2015.
The reason for my addressing this matter is the observation of widespread sexual grooming of thousands of young ‘white’ (i.e. native, English) girls and young women by overtly racist Muslim gangs, over (at least) the last 20 years – and reports that local government officials and local police constabularies frequently failed to take action to prevent that violent sexual abuse (that also including threats of murder).
The limited success in the detection, arrest and convictions of gang members has mostly been due to the following: the bravery of the abused girls in volunteering to give evidence to the police and courts; the determination of the parents and families of the young victims in insisting that those crimes be properly investigated (and prosecuted to a successful conclusion); the courageous actions of individual police officers and local authority/social service workers in ensuring that cases of abuse are treated seriously, and properly dealt with (including the conscientious actions of whistle-blowers); and the willingness of some mainstream journalists to investigate and expose this scandal.
Unfortunately there is a drive to reinforce the narrative that the most serious problem (to be addressed) is any consequential anger within the ‘white’ (native) population. However this anger is a natural and wholly justifiable response to not only the activities of Muslim ‘pimping’ gangs in England, but also of a Muslim gang-rape subculture in other parts of Europe – as well as the regular acts of mass-murder by Islamic terrorists in European towns and cities, the use of contrived mass immigration (by the political State) to force extreme and unconsented social change, and the almost constant demonization of the native European people.
I therefore have a question regarding the “partnership” between HM Constabulary and Tell Mama UK. My two-part question is as follows: (1) in what way are local HM Constabularies using their important “partnership” arrangement with Tell Mama UK to address the problems of Islamic violence described above – and, in particular, to sensibly understand the anger that results; and (2) in what way is that “partnership” being used to ensure that such anger is not further exasperated by being falsely (and maliciously) portrayed as the ‘intolerance’ of white people?
A reply to this question would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
(Mr.) A Shell
Copied to the following HM Police Constabularies, as signatories to the ‘partnership’ agreement with Tell Mama UK: Bedfordshire; British Transport Police; Cheshire; City of London; Derbyshire; Dorset; Greater Manchester; Hampshire; Humberside; Kent; Merseyside; Metropolitan Police Service; Northamptonshire; Nottingham; Police Service of Northern Ireland; South Yorkshire; Surrey; Warwickshire; West Mercia; West Midlands; and West Yorkshire.

Source: http://www.tellmamauk.org
[ii] Re. – FOIA responses received from the relevant UK police constabularies – January 2017

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