Farage and the question of treason

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Farage and the question of treason
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:41:37 PM »
As usual please start reading from the bottom upwards

Apologies John for a slow reply - rather a lot going on.  

We got to know Nigel Farage quite well in the 1997 general election where he worked his socks off.  He was perfectly prepared to come to a meeting of only six people.  The results were typically disappointing.  From memory UKIP got 3 percent of the vote and many of us felt that it was a totally lost cause.  Not so Nigel.  He soldiered on and has achieved his aim to force a referendum, which amazingly has resulted in a vote to leave the Evil Union.

I think it is quite easy to understand that, having been called by Cameron and others a swivel eyed loony and a fruit cake, there was no great incentive to provoke the Conservatives even further by charges of treason however well justified they might be.  

I would suggest that anyone of any substance is fully aware of Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath.  Not only do we have Lord Thorneycroft’s graphic account of when the letter was delivered in Heath’s private office but the thirty year disclosures have made it widely accessible.  Beyond a shadow of doubt the treaties were signed duplicitously and lies given to parliament and the public.  Yes writs for treason could be issued at huge expense but could one be sure that the judiciary would come to the right judgement?  After years of New Labour and then the ConDems the judiciary have become a totally left wing liberal elite, many with pensions from the EU and living in a cosy bubble of their temples and inns of court.

These disclosures would be valuable if we were having to exit the Evil Union citing the Vienna Convention on Treaties.  However Brown having signed Lisbon we are falling over backwards to comply with every dot and comma and are using article 50.   

I hope that this adequately answers your question.

Kindest regards,

Dear Bill,
 Answer this question if you can. I wrote to Farage before he was as influential as he is now. He replied accepting my quoting that the treaties with the EU were and are illegal. " If I were to use the word treason. I would be treated as an idiot". I did not use the word treason. This led me to believe that he is a fraud,. Ok there have been threats to his life: possibly to his family as well: but supporting his fraudulent stance is not restoring our need to return to the rule of law. The law that states that giving away my and your sovereignty is contrary to our constitution. Any compromise means that the pedophilia that allows the blackmail that Farage has succumbed to will continue. Hiding behind false prophets like Farage is not an option for honourable men and women. We each as individuals have a voice. I urge you to use it. This country is being enslaved. And honestly I have to state this without rancour. Your comment supports the enslavement process. The rule of law should be paramount. I have yet to see anyone suggesting that.
There is no middle line or compromise. The common law of this country should remain supreme. So the supreme court ignored the fact that our treaties with the EU are against our constitution. Are you that fearful Bill that you side with the corrupt Farage. I hate criticising you Bill but My country is being enslaved. 
CIVIL CONFLICT? What is that? What happened to the rule of law? JohnT

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