Parliament are US the people and the People are parliament  

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Parliament are US the people and the People are parliament  
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:03:02 PM »
 Parliament are US the people and the People are parliament
    To Richard Littlejohn, Daily mail,
  Hi    Defender of the Faith and the  Faithful and  of and Honest  Press, free at the point of delivery,  which is more important than an E U controlled rule of law.
  You say that Lord Neuberger, ( funny old English Name by  some chance) says "THAT PARLIAMENT  AND NOT THE PEOPLE MUST HAVE THE DECISIVE VOTE ON BREXIT"       Why is it please that he doesn't know that by our constitution and bill of rights and by our votes that THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY ARE PARLIAMENT.   We the parliament of people elect some of our members ( M Ps) to attend the HOUSE Of COMMONERS to form a government to rule as us we would wish IN ACCORDANCE TO OUR INSTRUCTIONS AND  in fairness and honesty to all.   The government own nothing because all they manage on our behalf is the result of taxation.
 It is against our constitution to pass our sovereignty and law and freedom to any foreigners or foreign power and so it is ONLY you in the Mail, who in defence of a free press, who can  ensure a free and equal honest society which will in turn support and value a free and honest press.
  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  Print the truth of Ted Heaths mismanagement in committing us to the "mercy"  and control of Foreigners in the E U and we can leave the E U NOW.   It only takes an honest man to do nothing and EVIL will prevail AND PERSIST>
Failure of the press now will result in the destruction of any semblance of a "FREE PRESS" and the loss of all pretence of a democracy.
 Support us now so that we can support you in the future. 
  Terry Lyden.
 You say you read every e mail so please what do you make of  our plight  after fighting two world wars which many of my generation fought and if not did 2 years National Service.    They tell us we elderly are the problem but we had no chance of a gap year

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