Trump The Winner

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Trump The Winner
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:02:23 PM »
Trump The Winner


21st February 2017

Trump will win his battles against the "Deep State"; Saudi Arabian controlled CIA-NSA. Trump is a winner and business man with thick hide like a Rhino. One does not get to where Trump is without being a man that "knows". We have seen nothing yet. Do not make the mistake of thinking Trump is a "thick" or of "low IQ". The man is a battler that learned his craft in the field of commercial battle. The more I see of this chap, the more he impresses me. He is the first honest politician in years.

In truth the West is run by perverts and paedophiles. Trump knows this and with his team is closing in on this House of Iniquity. In effect we are run by homo-loving, child molesters and Satanists. Heath has finally been exposed as a paedophile and the elite are panicking like mad. Their time is over. There will be very serious violence across the West as the Pervert Klass seek to save what they are losing. I call Trump "The Bear". One does not mess with him.

There maybe a short shooting war in the USA and even in Europe. Even PM May, now realises "The Game is UP." This why Japan and May rushed to deal with Trump. May is astute so never underestimate her.

Trump will win. The more violent the Left and the Zionist leaches deploy violence and lies, the more they expose their weakness. Trump is no fool- He knows exactly what he is dealing with, like I do.

The "sacking" of General Flynn is a ploy to draw out the traitors within. Feed the starving animal so that it sniffs blood. Flynn will be back. The Traitors will increase their hysteria and the world will come to realise that Trump is one very competent President and will be admired as one of their best,

If the Zionists kill him, then the 70% Soros and and Saudi Arabia do not control will rebel onto the streets of US cities.Ex President Obama has set himself up as a kind of illegal "Third Term President", just three miles from the Whitehouse. He controls 30,000 paid agitators following Saul Alinsky "Rules For Radicals"... They will lose.


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