The silver lining-5 defections to UKIP

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The silver lining-5 defections to UKIP
« on: February 25, 2017, 05:55:51 PM »
Dear Member
The silver lining:

You may already have seen today's good news of 4 councillors in Spelthorne, Surrey joining UKIP (2 from the Conservatives and 2 who were previously independents).

Please read the press release (attached) and tell your friends and family about it, but I'd like to draw your attention to two key points about these defections:
1) The motivation was to hold the Conservatives to account - and to do that they joined UKIP. We have a reputation for hard work and putting residents first whereas the Conservatives have one of taking people for granted, of not putting their residents first and of having a high-handed attitude. (As many Woking residents in Woodham, Sheerwater, Maybury and Byfleet have already found out).

2) All 4 experienced councillors chose UKIP as the best way to represent the interests of their residents. (This is in no small measure an endorsement of the local UKIP team – led by Redvers Cunningham – which has shown the sort of commitment that makes others want to join).

UKIP represents something unique - the idea that public life is about service, not full time careers. It’s also about standing up for things that matter. That is getting recognised at a local level.

Yesterday in Stoke we didn't move the vote enough, though we moved forward. In part this was due to the attempt by Theresa May to prop up Jeremy Corbyn, with her last-minute visit designed to stop tactical voting for UKIP by Conservatives. In part it was due to a very hostile media and some tactics that led the Lib Dems to complain to the police about things being done to stop people voting for us.

The Conservatives don't like being held to account, and that's why they are so keen on Jeremy Corbyn and worried about us.

Let’s keep giving them good cause to be worried,

Tim Read.
Chairman Woking UKIP.

PS Note there were 6400 postal votes issued in Stoke and a very large number of new registrations onto the electoral register. These are the sorts of things we have to contend with in bye elections.

Update: Its now gone to 5 defections

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