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« on: February 27, 2017, 08:55:10 PM »
Relating to the death of Gerald Kaufman, I found the last part of this piece interesting:-

Gerald Bernard Kaufman was born in Leeds on 21 June 1930, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants.
A scholarship took him to the fee-paying Leeds Grammar School, and he won an Exhibition to Queens College, Oxford, from where he graduated with a degree in philosophy, politics and economics.
While at Oxford he immersed himself in politics and, as the secretary of the University Labour Club, he was instrumental in preventing a student named Rupert Murdoch from standing for office, after the Australian was found to be breaking the rules by canvassing for the position.

... I didn't know Rupert Murdoch was a socialist. This is evidence of it, although I always knew he's a big chunk of the liberal elite, as Sky News is incredibly liberal elitist.... perhaps even more than the BBC is.

(Rex’s Note :  Having Sky TV as it was the only means of getting TV in the kitchen at the back of the bungalow, the programmes are 99% ABJECT RUBBISH, ALL LEFTIST DRIVEL and aimed at making viewers believe in Europe, metrication and other mindless nonsense that only people with a lobotomy would take seriously.  It spawns out endlessly 24 hours a day and makes one feel utterly depressed and destitute for living in such a miserable, soulless and unpleasant world  -  let alone Britain, the nation that used to exist but no longer as it is now fully part of that wondrous creation EUROPE.
I’d thought many times of not having Sky any longer but my wife likes some of the American detective series (they all speak in imperial measurement but any narrative is in mindless METRIC that conveys nothing) and also I’d lose the American channel PBS some of whose programmes are actually quite interesting.
So sorry about the rant, but I’m so tired of the mindless drivel we are expected to visually consume.)

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