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« on: December 14, 2012, 10:42:43 PM »

Simon Darby


"traditional party supporters who are tempted to defect to the British National Party"
Posted: 14 Dec 2012 01:50 AM PST
After the announcement of 2011 census results earlier this week I don't think anybody, other than those with learning difficulties, will need the consequences of mass immigration spelt out. It is not about jobs or enrichment it is nothing less than a long term, deliberate policy of replacing our people and as a consequence dissolving our nation state to facilitate global governance.
Not that Ed Miliband will be saying that when he touches on the subject a bit later on today but according to the Guardian he'll have to couch his language accordingly. In a free country, the BNP would be offered a right to reply, but instead the media will play along with the genocidal fantasy in the interests of "diversity".
The Labour leader insists that his focus on the promotion of English is not a "dog whistle" message designed to win over traditional party supporters who are tempted to defect to the British National Party. Miliband insists that it is a core element of his central message: that Britain needs to fashion a new integration strategy which rejects two opposing views. He rejects the ideas that immigrants should assimilate totally, by abandoning their culture, and he rejects a traditional view of multiculturalism in which communities can end up leading separate lives.
Rather than depress me, in a way it is actually somewhat empowering. Those who call us "fascists" cannot bring themselves to allow our opinions to be heard. Whilst others who denounce us as "knuckledraggers" are seemingly oblivious to the sad reality that they no longer even possess the fundamental basic qualities of self interest, self-preservation and self respect. If they were not so venomous, selfish and vindictive in disguising their own inadequacies I'd actually feel sorry for them - so wrapped up in fighting "racism" they cannot even perceive that their cause is the most vile form of true racism in itself.
Slowly thawing out today after yesterday's low of -5.9*C, the lowest temperature this year. The barometric pressure is dropping like a stone though as I flick the switch into Christmas mode.

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