Muslim Prayer Centre--Oswestry

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Muslim Prayer Centre--Oswestry
« on: December 28, 2012, 06:52:32 PM »
Regarding the Muslim Prayer Centre in Oswestry, we have had plenty of publicity; the latest being this Border Counties Advertizer article:

While obviously I'm not happy with the plans to introduce a Muslim Prayer Centre into Oswestry, in the long run it may help us.

A clear divide has been opened up between Shropshire Council and the British National Party and the electorate will now have no doubts that the BNP stand alone in protecting British identity. The Tory led Council conserve nothing in terms of our heritage and culture and there is not a single voice from any Shropshire County councillor which expresses any doubt that the expansion of Islam in Oswestry is anything but good news.

Furthermore, it is an unfortunate fact of life that 'seeing is believing' and the BNP will only convince doubters by way of a dose of reality.

An friend from Oswestry spoke to me some years ago about his time serving as a soldier in Bosnia and explained that even when the Muslim population was low in a particular area, Mosques would be erected as a symbol of power. We must remember that Muslim 'extremism' is not what will bring them to power in Britain. Muslim leaders know that due to political appeasement, the quickest way to power for Islam in the UK is via birth rates and the ballot box. Gadaffi once said that Islam will conquer Europe through the wombs of their women.

The simple fact is that Shropshire County Councillors will eventually lose their seats to Muslims but there will be no smug smiles from true patriots when that happens.

So to conclude, I'm pleased with the publicity we've gained from this. The BNP stand alone in attempting to conserve British heritage and tradition in this small island we call home and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter.

All the best for the New Year, and remember we're a political party that contests elections; without candidates we are like a bow without an arrow.


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