‘Sweden reintroduces military conscription over conflict fears in Eastern Europe

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This report is on the main News page.  Headline:  ‘Sweden reintroduces military conscription over conflict fears in Eastern Europe as Putin continues to prepare Russia for war.’
Sweden in fact intends to restrict recruitment to only 4,000 personnel per year and will not start doing so until next year. Russia will be worried!
I am reminded of the so called German ‘recruitment policy,’ announced perhaps a couple of weeks ago. Merkel intends to recruit 20,000 personnel, over the next 7 years.
Again that will have Putin shaking in his boots. The comments following the article are interesting. Some folks think the Swedes may actually be preparing for trouble with the
Muslims rather than Russia. That would make more sense, the same with Germany. Anyway, scroll down the page and you should find it. The following is included out of interest.
As a comparison I will mention the US effort before it got fully involved in WW2, that is notwithstanding the considerable effort the US was making in supporting the UK and
Canada in the Battle of the Atlantic and the fact that the USA had military personnel at Bletchley Park almost a year before the Perl Harbour attack.
1.       June 1940The US sets funding aside for the construction of 50,000 fighter planes. Clearly FDR was determined not to allow the US to be unprepared.
2.       20/71940  US starts to build a powerful two ocean navy for the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; the Atlantic Navy obviously aimed at Germany, the Pacific navy at Japan.
3.       July 1940.  The Declaration of Havana. This entailed the 21 nation Pan American Union setting up a treaty to prevent French, Dutch and Danish colonies falling under
German control
4.       18/8/1940. Canada  and US establish a Permanent Joint Board of Defence to guard against a possible German attack.
5.       In 1939 the US Army had a mere 189,839 personnel. By 1941 its Army stood at 1,462,315 personnel. America’s other two services the Navy and the Marines had equally
spectacular increases in personnel, with 1,801,101 being achieved for the three services in total.. Now that is what I call preparing. This was before the P/Harbour attack.
The US population at that time stood at 131 million but it was not a wealthy nation at that time. By 1942, total US military personnel stood at 3,915,507. Out of interest
these forces continued to grow and by the end of WW2, there were 16,000,000 personnel at arms including the N/Guard in the US Armed Forces Ken.
PS. At this time there was no independent US Air Force. The Air Force that the US had was attached to the US Army; known as the US Army Air Force.
Pass on in total if you wish please. Thanks Sonya.

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