Brexit Secretary warns UK to prepare for “unlikely scenario"

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Brexit Secretary warns UK to prepare for “unlikely scenario” that no deal with EU-27 is struck
A Number 10 spokesperson confirmed that Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, David Davis, yesterday told Cabinet ministers that their departments must prepare “not just for a negotiated settlement [between the UK and the EU], but also for the unlikely scenario that no mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached.”  They added that Davis had said it was “important that departments understand the challenges ahead.”
Separately, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) annual conference that Britain will strike “a fantastic deal [with the EU] that is as frictionless as possible for British business.” He continued, “We have an unrivalled opportunity, it is unlike any other free trade deal the EU has ever done, in the sense that we are already exactly flush with our friends and partners on standards and tariffs and everything else.” However, Johnson noted that it “depends how our friends and partners choose to handle it”, and insisted that he wanted to “get it done within two years,” but acknowledged that there may be “some bumps in the road.”
Speaking at the same conference, former Chancellor George Osborne said, “Let’s make sure that we go on doing trade with our biggest export market [the EU], otherwise withdrawing from the single market will be the biggest single act of protectionism in the history of the UK and no amount of trade deals with New Zealand are going to replace the trade that we do at the moment with our big European neighbours.”
Meanwhile, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell warned the conference that a “vote to leave is not the same as an excuse to damage the whole economy. It is simply not true that no deal with the EU is preferable to a bad deal. No deal is a bad deal, it’s the worst possible deal, with all the dangers of WTO-only trading rules. Labour has always called for full, tariff-free access to the single market.”
Open Europe’s Director Henry Newman spoke to Clive Bull on LBC yesterday about Brexit deals and the cabinet briefing on the need for departments to prepare for “no deal.”
Source: Press Association Reuters The Independent LBC

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