The internet is opening up the secrets.

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The internet is opening up the secrets.
« on: December 28, 2012, 09:53:43 PM »

The internet is opening up the secrets. That?s why they?re going to close it down.
by John Ward

When I first started NotBornYesterday in 2004, a writer and early blogger reviewed the site by saying "Go there before the Forces of Darkness close him down". It all seemed like a jolly jape at the time, but the FoDs did indeed get me closed down once and then, in 2008, smeared my brand so badly, I had to start up again. The FODs have suddenly become very real indeed...and that process has accelerated over the last eighteen months.

It is very hard to deny the sense that an odd bunch of demons are rapidly capturing the Conservative Party. Like Camerlot itself, this set of glassy-eyed people are no more than a minority cabal; but if you add them to the 1922 Committee - and some of the surprisingly undisciplined new MP intake after 2010 - then clearly Tooting Norton is outnumbered.

The interlopers have influence: in the intelligence agencies, in the police, and in the media - especially Newscorp, and the Barclay Brothers. They are much favoured by the old shires 'nasties', several of whom (as a reading of the Members' interests and donations clearly shows) are bankrolling the activities of the cabal. These 'activities' are myriad, but what they add up to overall is the creation of a government model commercially and financially controlled by unelected 'technocrats', and the 'sponsored' privatisation of everything from healthcare to welfare, and pensions to tax collection.

They will lie, dissemble, obfuscate and scheme without remorse, because as a group most of them display the sort of behavioural profile suggesting socio and psychopathic cerebral illness. As attaching names to that condition is a very serious form of potential libel, I shall be leaving it to Sloggers to join up the dots.

But ill they most certainly are. As indeed is the rival group they face. Rather more mysterious and (for the time being) less powerful, the Left's secret societies have also been more obvious this year than last - most notably, the creepily-named Common Purpose. The chosen route for influence tends to be (again) technocracy, but this time in the form of senior business individuals (not companies) and pretty much all ranks of the Civil Service. An unquantifiable number of Labour and Liberal Party MPs are CP members or affiliates, and an alarmingly large number of senior media officials are heavily involved. Robert Peston is a classic example. So is Andrew Marr.

Whereas they display less obvious mental dysfunction, unlike the Tory Gargoyles they are believers: not in themselves and greedy abandon, but in A System. Those who have an all-embracing belief system are every bit as dangerous as those whose beliefs put themselves at the centre of the universe.

The CPers wait patiently for what they see as the inevitable breakdown of neoconservative economics, and banking-dominated capitalism. This they will use - so the mantra goes - to enforce inflexibly bad-science about behaviourism, feminism, political correctness, unnaturally dictated equality, the all-embracing State, and Keynesian economics.

Whereas the Right's fundamentalists see the future as one of alienated serfs being ruled by their own definition of The Fittest, the Left-Liberal Ideologues see tomorrowland as a place where emotionally uncontrollable baby-adults are looked after by Nanny, in return for being told how to do everything from writing an email to taking a dump. And whereas the 'reactionaries' believe global business should call the shots not the State, the 'progressives' think the bigger the State, the better. Thus one massive chasm between them is being violently anti or pro the European Union.

However, between both sides of these nightmare visionaries there are clear commonalities. First and foremost, liberal democracy will be reduced to lip-service only. Second, the central control vehicle - neocon business or the State - is deemed infinitely more important than the individual citizen. Third, all controlled information will be presented as Truth. And finally - a connected point - all dissent will be, before too long, contained and then silenced.

We can thus forget any ideas about the UK media or legislature fighting against this. The internet, the blogs, and the social network news carriers are being targeted by both sides. The McAlpine opportunism is designed purely to create the environment for closing down informed speculation online. The Ben Fellows behaviour pattern suggests a man working for security agencies, not freedom of speech. The Leveson Enquiry ignored nondom media ownership, but came down like a ton of bricks on Twitter and bloggers. Labour fanatics like Ed Balls have plans to drastically reduce what tweeters may write, and who they may follow. So too does Harriet Harman in relation to blogs critical of Labour's history on trade union corruption, sexual abuse, cosy local government quids pro quo with the police and paedophiles, and plans to establish multiculturalism as 'the norm' in the UK.

Whoever wins this battle of the bigots (and we can only hope they cancel each other out before too much damage is done) the future will contain more and more bewildering 'spy movie' events like the Andrew Mitchell skullduggery, and fewer opportunities for investigative journalists to bring the perpetrators to book. The police, judiciary, civil service and media will work in concert to ensure that the only message going out to the masses is that everything's alright because there are celebrities to gawp at, footie teams to support, television fame b####### to watch, and lottery zillions to win.

Both sides are now within reach of technological control of the process whereby every citizen is regarded as a potential 'enemy-criminal'. A deadly quadrilateral trap of marketing data, ISP-supplied surveillance, bank finance/tax data, and DNA/eye/photo ID universality means that the axis of control knows where we live, what we buy, what we write, sites we visit, how much we earn, where we invest, how much we owe, and who we know. Short of moving offshore to a less intrusive State, resistance will be impossible.

Focus on this and this alone, for it is all that matters now for those who value freedom: resist by any and all means possible the control by the elite of what the real Opposition in the country - the internet - can and can't print, say, gossip about or analyse. Use the internet itself to coordinate that resistance. Because this is our last chance. Once the virtual community is closed down, it's all over. Only the jackboot and the despairing ghetto resistance will then remain.

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