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« on: January 01, 2013, 09:52:43 PM »
Sunday, December 30, 2012Fear is your own choice
Hi Tap, firstly a Belated Happy Christmas to you all & a Happy new Year, for 2013, It's the first year since 1987, to have 4 different digits, i.e for 26 years, I don't yet know how Numerologically Significant that might be, it is also The Year of THE SNAKE, & we all know we got enough of them to contend with. But looking at what The Snake Represents appears quite good. 

Now to change the subject I have mentioned in Previous Posts the use of REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, & Even Double Reverse Psychology, as  Sophisticated Mind Control Tools, which is why The Entertainment Industries are so important to T.P.T.B.
I have never been totally convinced about Alex Jones, or David Icke, regardless of their popularity, William Milton Cooper was a Paragon of Truth, & he had no time for either of them, as of late I was tempted to change my Mind about Icke, but am at present undecided.

TAP - what do you make of Icke and 'the reptilians'?  I notice that Zecharia Sitchin who writes volumes about the annunaki and Sumeria, which I am currently reading, and has pictures of reptilian-looking entities, never mentions them.   And what do you make of The Ringmakers Of Saturn by Norman Bergrun?  There does seem to be intelligence in our solar system, which is inevitably involved in affairs on earth.  The bit that I don't get with David Icke is the holographic stuff.  Someone's recommended me a book about Life After Death to explain this notion.  Your earth-based analysis is always persuasive, WASP.  It's just that things don't to seem to end at The Vatican.  God's representative(s) on earth are no doubt aware of the agenda of others off planet.  What are those agendas - other than control of the sheeple?

Whilst many people don't believe what I send in to you Tap, it doesn't bother me, I don't send you rubbish, It is derived from original research on the Internet, a great deal from not readily available Literature, as you are aware as I have sent you many pdf's relating to articles. I disagree with the view that there are many Power Brokers Vying to be The Controlling Influence,.

If you know anything at all about The Ancient Roman Empire, & The Respective Popes & Their Conquests, it is only possible to come to this conclusion. I have studied this in some detail, too many People look at the issue Myopically, from their own Religious Stand Point. As I Have said before, The Muslims were used by the Pope to Take over Constantinople, then he Double Crossed them - They Were The Fall Guys, Then Followed The Crusades. The Vatican is The Only Power Broker, all others are Subservient To The Pope. The JEWS & "JEWS" are A Smoke Screen.

I send you stuff because I consider you are Genuine you are one of The Few who publish unbiased content, which serves the dual purpose of informing & conveying, the original Authors Content, & secondly, encouraging those that read the information to look further & pass on The Posts.

You have to look at the Dissemination of Information as being akin to RATS BREEDING,

A breeding pair of rats produced 12 baby rats (6 female
and 6 male) in January. There were 14 rats at that time.
In February, each female-male pair of rats again bred
12 baby rats. The total number of rats was then 98. In
this way, each month, the parents, their children, their
grandchildren, and so forth, breed 12 baby rats each. How
many rats would there be at the end of one year?

 Link to Solution  HOW MANY RATS   

TAP - how long does it take before the babies can breed, WASP?

They're breeding is generally considered to be EXPONENTIAL under the right conditions, food being the limiting factor, as a parallel therefore, if Information is analogised to food you can easily see what the effect will be. However very often the wrong information gets conveyed. so you see how much information can be spread, both Good & Bad
With a view to giving Guidance on this Topic, I submit The Following. This Embassies the point I constantly make That Royalty & The Other Parasites are no more important than anyone of us, The Pyramid Structure being supported by the "Wearing Of Different Hats", as Feynman used to say. everyone thinking they are going to Benefit, but a Feudal System benefits only those at The Top -  THINK ABOUT IT!

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

Video   Link by Truth Soldier

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

Psychology operations are also known as psyops.
Psyops are so amazingly effective that once they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public
they start having a momentum of their own.
The purpose of psyops is to disempower humanity.
Once you start feeling powerless you give up and accept the results of the psyops.
Very few people in the world will ever know or understand what psyops are and how they
affect all of us.
But it is imperative (very important) that you share the information you are about to learn
with everyone.

This article, maybe the only one ever written to warn the people about this.
So if you are fortunate enough to read this, then please understand that you must share this
fortune of knowledge with everyone.
A psyop can also be named a web of deceit, especially since they are found and spread on
the internets world wide web of deceit.
The reverse psycholgy psyops are so effective because good intentioned people who are
usually known as truthers are actually giving the psyops its effectiveness.
Truthers will unknowing spread the internet virus known as psyops.
The truthers will leran the so called hidden truths and will spread them.

Long ago I wrote
?Beware of the internet troll? and ?Beware of the fake truther sites?.
So this article is going to futher enhance your undetanding of mass mind manipulation.
There are many truthers that have purely good intentions.
The real truthers usually end up very confussed and bewildered as they learn and spread
the knowledge of the workings of the evils on this planet.
The real truthers know that their intentions are good and honorable and for the good of
humanities future.
But they wonder why it appears that their efforts are unproductive and fruitless.
So I am about to explain this psychology to you in very simple english.

TAP - You always need to construct your own world view, which permits optimism.  No matter how bad the information coming in, you have to believe that there is a way.  It's that belief which is put under attack by many psy-ops.  Like 911, most of us were hoodwinked for years, and spent many hours worrying about what it all meant, thanks to our trust of TV and politicians.  Now we all know it was a hoax.  But many of the hoax-revealers, instead of easing your mind, then make you worry about how powerful the people are who did the hoaxes.  You are always kept in fear, and fear is their ultimate control device.  It's entirely up to you whether you buy, or not.  To undo the power of our enemies, the first decision you need to make is to lay aside fear.Posted by Tapestry at 6:19 AM   Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook 9 comments:
 Anonymous said...
I am an ordinary bloke but i have mates in the intelligence services and i asked one about david icke, his reply was that icke gives some good information, but its all trolled from sites already out there and he gives no credit to the authors as he does not want them know,
also Icke would not be allowed on mainstreat TV if he was for real, and his books would not be in the public library
The main giveaway that icke is fake is that we have in the US and Britisn communist governments, yet icke constantly warns about natzis
The enemies of communism and atheism was national socialism or natzis, and most experts now agree the jewish holocaust as told did not happen as they say, icke wont touch this because it is the holy grail of bullshit

8:37 AM 
 Anonymous said...
Everything is not as it seems, are you ready?

"share & tell everyone"

UK is next, NOW. maybe YOU.

NYPD Round Up Peaceful Female Protesters And Mace Them Directly In The Face

how peacefull a sitting down protest do you want:-

Cops pepper spray peaceful California students at UC Davis

vigilanti crazy cops on drugs on something?

many expose video's are going missing?

be prepared to document
ensure you have a camera recorder & phone

Usefull links:-


1:47 PM 
 Anonymous said...
Regarding the holographic stuff with David Icke. The problem is, humans are limited to their 5 senses and outside those 5 senses we cannot see, hear, smell, touch, taste things like holographs.

Using hearing as an example, humans have a hearing range of approx. 20hz - 20khz... a dog can hear upto an upper frequency of 40khz. Dolphins and whales can go upto 150khz apparently. So already us humans are insuperior to certain other lifeforms in that department. Why do you think humans can't hear a dog whistle yet a dog can?

Same with sight. We can only see a certain spectrum of light. Did you know there is such thing as 40/40 vision? - it's a rare attribute and intelligence agencies have operatives/super-soldiers which have this gift.

The point is, most humans automatically think that if they can't smell, taste, see, hear, or touch it then it musn't be there. As David Icke says, we are somewhat limited by our senses. The trick is to be open-minded and realise this and not pass things off we cannot sense as 'conspiracy theory', 'nonsense', and other childish jibes.

- Cobalt

10:08 AM 
 Anonymous said...
... just like to add to the above.

Most people have a 'sixth sense'. Call it 'instinct', but if you 'smell' a rat, then there usually is one.

Look at the Sandy Hook shootings... stinks to high heaven as more and more evidence is coming out which contradicts the government/MSM narrative. You just know when something is not right. The hard bit is joining the dots and convincing fellow human beings that you might be onto something.

- Cobalt

12:59 PM 
 Anonymous said...

Cobalt your so cool


Happy New Year Sir

5:45 PM 
 Anonymous said...

Clearly we have to be AWE with all the efforts of the our "TAP" Thankyou sir.

He's lifted the veil of secrecy off "so many meaty stories" EVERYDAY !!! Amazing.

This should & needs to be your "DAILY FIRST VISIT" EVERYDAY!!!!


Not poking shallow comments which virtually glow off the web page to any one, with a modicum of intelligence.


A "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all you girls-n-guys

Please keep up all your good work & MORE

Please for 2013


Its what you give NOT what you take but remember viewing is FREE

6:43 PM 
 Toad Hall said...
I agree about fear being a control device, but research and books about it and you can tell from your own experience of watching the telly-box.

Plus, take it more micro to your local area, how to the local thugs/gangsters get their bit of turf and keep it. Same way governments do. By force and with the threat of more force to keep it.

This kind of international espionage and deceit on the major world events, the wars, the terrorists attacks has been going on for a long, long time. There doesn't seem too much point fearing it. You take what happens as it happens.

I feel sad that movies which I loved now have a sour taste to them when I watch. Knowing who owns and runs the industry in Holywood. And the agenda's they serve.

And that the city I live in, London and may of the areas I frequent now have a different less innocent meaning to them.

Much of the things that used to bring me pleasure can no longer do so as they're tainted, which is a shame.

But you grieve the loss of anything, in some cases, you just never actually had it in the first place.

12:37 PM 
 Tapestry said...
Grieve the loss of your innocence, Toad Hall, but celebrate and enjoy your new-found wisdom. Once you know the game, you need fear no more, just laugh at such hopeless and overblown egomaniacs - a bit like Dad's Army laughing at Hitler - and yet Hitler was the leg pull, not the real event, which was being played at much higher level. They are no longer so able to carry out their scams once we all know the game. People won't fall for the emotional ups and downs, just groan in boredom at such well-worn plots.

2:28 PM 
 Toad Hall said...
THanks Tap.

Jesse Ventura Suspects a Conspiracy About His Show About Conspiracies

6:34 PM 
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Beware of Internet Reverse Psychology Operations

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