BNP thanked for highlighting Skegness abattoir as blood pours out

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BNP thanked for highlighting Skegness abattoir as blood pours out

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 08:26 AM PST

As you will see by clicking on the image above and reading the full story, the Skegness Standard offers a rather blas? approach to the shockingly cruel subject of ritual slaughter. I would suggest that "BNP thanked for highlighting Skegness abattoir as blood pours out" might be a more appropriate headline.
Meanwhile the Asian population of Southall are quite rightly so upset about the gang rape and murder of a medical student in India they are having some sort of London demonstration today. I wonder why no BBC reporter will be asking them, as they would in reverse circumstances, why they are not so bothered about the thousands of young women and girls in this country suffering similar crimes? Perhaps the BBC would need a non-Asian reporter to ask the question, in which case it would appear the likelihood of it being asked is apparently decreasing by the day.
The Argentines are kicking off about the Falklands again. A pity that Cameron's determination about keeping the islands British doesn't apply to London where the census shows the invasion of our capital city is now up to 84% complete in places such as Newham. Maybe one of those ubiquitous Asian BBC reporters could ask the Prime Minister about how he feels about 5 in 6 of the population of Port Stanley being Argentinian.
There's an important vote about genetically modified organisms coming up in Strasbourg in just over a week. So far we have not been lobbied by the GM foods industry, but if they are reading this I can tell them not to waste their time.
There was certainly no GM crops or Halal food intended for my new Waring Soup Maker but even so it sprang a leak. Consequently it has been returned to Argos with no fuss at all and I'm back to buying stuff from supermarkets. Pity that, it is just the type of weather to utilise your vegetable and meat leftovers but if companies are lacking the basic design ability to keep the end product from the kitchen floor then that's not my fault.

Still good to go

Posted: 02 Jan 2013 09:55 AM PST
Don't take this the wrong way, but I rather like the Liz Earle Naturally Active Men's Skincare facial wash I obtained for Christmas. Although not cheap I've become very particular about the products I use at the risk of being accused of effeminate. Not, being a knuckle-dragging, subhuman monster, that the risk is very great.
Nick is still lined up to speak at a prestigious event later in the month although, as ever, there is a high probability of the far-left scuppering the event in the interests of preserving "democracy" and enforcing the replacement of white people otherwise known as "diversity". I'll give you plenty of time as at present we are still good to go and it will certainly make national news.
Sad news I'm afraid from Yorkshire as I found out today that one of England's last remaining hen harriers was illegally shot on the Yorkshire Dales. Quite rightly I point out the cruelty of Muslim ritual slaughter but we have people just as wicked in our own community. The Independent newspaper from a couple of weeks back tells the full story of Bowland Beth's decline.
The RSPB are naturally up in arms about it all. I wonder if they ever ask themselves about the decline about the indigenous people of Britain and who the hell is going to care about our wildlife should they get rid of us? Nevertheless, I'll carry this poem which was featured on their website and was attributed to Gavin Jones who lives near Bowland.

The moor was bright with wisps of mist,
 And floating cotton grass in down.
 The pipits pointed skyward wired.
 So light the sun, so still the moor.
 With pivot, dart and kiting wings,
 The ringtail took the northern ridge.
 She filled the widest sky with sight.
 So light the sun, so still the moor.
 Forever had her line owned flight,
 And now the last in phantom form,
 Eternal drifting beauty?s spell:
 Though lost to life she haunts the hills,
 The emptiness and quartered grounds,
 So light the sun, so still the moor.
I've seen lots of hen harriers over the years but had to go to Islay to see my first male bird. In 2008 11 pairs of Hen Harriers bred successfully within the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Now it looks as if they have all been shot or poisoned - cruel, selfish, greedy people.


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