Jack's letter to his local paper

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Jack's letter to his local paper
« on: January 03, 2013, 10:56:00 PM »
Queen must
question EU
WELL done your Majesty!
Congratulations on questioning the
?laxity? and lack of ?teeth? that the
FSA has. In making this comment,
the Queen has broken new ground
in exercising her constitutional
authority, long denied her illegally by
the government. The Queen is not a
rubber-stamp for the government
and has the right to question
everything on the government?s
She must not allow anyone else to
exercise the Royal Assent on her
behalf. It is a fallacy that the Queen
is just a tourist-attracting figurehead
and should not interfere in the
running of the country. She has the
constitutional right to consider the
well-being of each of her subjects,
which she did at the Bank of
Now is the time for Her Majesty to
question why she and her subjects
have lost their sovereignty to a
foreign power, namely the EU.
Her Majesty needs to demand the
immediate withdrawal from the EU
since her subjects have
overwhelmingly expressed this
opinion many times.
It will take a very foolish politician
to tell Her Majesty to mind her own
business in view of the love and
support the public have for the
Queen. Let the politicians not forget
that this kingdom is her business!

For this he won letter of the week

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