An Enquiry to the ICC for a Hearing against P M D Cameron MP

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An Enquiry to the ICC for a Hearing against P M D Cameron MP
« on: January 04, 2013, 08:17:33 PM »
Note If you like me believe the below acts and many more experienced are crimes against UK humanity then please help us to help you by signing our petition to take PM D Cameron MP to court for the good of all

Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
[email protected],
A/O Deputy prosecutor Mrs Fatou Bensouda ? prosecutor Luis Ocampo

Dear Sir/Madam
   I have written to you previously in regard to the many continual crimes the ever rising many including myself are facing in the UK. Another person by the name of David Law also forwarded evidence to you of the same/similar UK crimes. You replied to me on the 23 April 07 giving the reference number OTP ?CR ?00121/07 from Head of information and evidence unit ? office of the prosecutor. Stating as soon as a decision is reached you would write as well as giving reasons for the decision.  To date I have received no reply.

However issues of unlawful unnecessary oppression, hardship and much more have increased ten fold from a non-caring corrupt UK Prime Minister (PM) D Cameron M P. Where I would again like to place the issue with full documented evidence before the ICC court for a lawful hearing. These too be shown documented crimes towards UK society will lawfully speak for themselves in disclosure to the court in the following lawful way.
   In writing to the committee on standards in public life, who advise our political elite and raising the unlawful issues I enclose to you. The committee informed me that the issues I raised are the responsibility of the current Prime Minister and his current ruling political party.
It will be shown to the court in evidence over many years Prime Minister D Cameron has been sent many letters of lawful complaint from myself. Not only of my own injustice but also that of an ever rising many to show they are not isolated incidents. For each of these letters contained enclosed irrefutable documented evidence to show lawful cause of all that was mentioned in the letters. This included filmed and photographic evidence as well as others witness testimony to show lawful cause to my statements of facts that I now enclose to you in brief.

The UK law system ? Which is supposed to be the basis of UK society
1 - Solicitors taking pecuniary advantage of the taxpayer funded legal aid service to unlawfully procure taxpayer?s money as well as much other unlawful misuse.
1a - Solicitors not acting in they?re client?s best interest as well as often unlawfully perverting the course of justice preventing a fair hearing.
1b -Deliberately intensifying people?s issues to take advantage in cost and of the above mentioned legal aid service

2 - Not fit for lawful purpose UK courts presided by corrupt judges who do not uphold the acts of UK law, or the UK court rules. Who will unlawfully maliciously persecute rather than be honest and just according to the law and any evidence presented. Where a lawful right to a fair hearing should be a human right it will be shown in ever-rising instances there is none?
   The secret family courts in the UK will again be shown unlawfully unjust of the same in ever-rising issues.

3 - The police not honouring there stated public duty to uphold the acts of UK law by ever-rising complainants. Where more often than not the complainant instead of receiving any lawful public duty will receive unlawful malicious vindictive persecution. Where unlawful sectioning, unlawful fit ups for crimes never committed as well as many, many other forms of this unlawful persecution are unlawfully used. Such as with any long term complainants being unlawfully deemed vexatious as well as maliciously degradingly persecuted. This unlawful treatment continually runs rife in the UK police and is unlawfully aided and abetted by others. Where there is also the criminal activity of what is being deemed as white-collar fraud that costs the taxpayer millions if not billions. Because many government, their local solicitors, and councillors are involved the police will again unlawfully not uphold the law

4 - Government complaints departments run on taxpayers money in ever-rising issues not acting honestly within there stated legislation or the law on behalf of UK society. Where in ever rising issues they by their lack of public duty causes further unlawful degrading harmful treatment to UK society.

5 - An unlawful wilful blindness from those in government supposedly supposed to be working for the People under P M D Cameron?s MP directions. Where again the avoidance of any honouring of any public duty to uphold the law was shown by all contacted (over 100 lords and 100 MP?s). Where rather than lawfully/legislatively act for the good of society P M D Cameron MP again did nothing.

6 - It will be further shown in evidence of the many MPs in government unlawfully abused their positions in what is a continual ongoing taxpayer paid expense scandal. Where not only did PM D Cameron MP in instances aid and abet this scandal he also introduced a new lesser law for anybody political criminally caught. Where there now runs rife a no lawful or otherwise accountability for the many in UK government.
   6a ? It will also be shown in evidence how other given legislation of PM D Cameron has caused needless hardship to life in majority/ other minorities of UK society including myself.
   6b ? It will be further shown in irrefutable evidence of how P M D Cameron in the recession used the phrase ?We are all in this together? Much, much documented evidence will show this to be completely untrue in ever-rising evidence.

7 - In regard to a recession, which is currently in the UK shown to be unlawfully caused by the Bankers with many, many others involved. Prime Minister D Cameron will be shown in evidence to have financially and otherwise rewarded the many involved in this deliberately instigated unlawful recession. Where he unlawfully procured taxpayer?s money to further finance this deliberate shown in many instances deception and fraud. While much further oppressing denying and causing degrading harm to the UK society and individual taxpayer.

8 - It shall be shown in evidence to the court how we were deceptively taken into an agreement known as the European Union (EU). Where in view of knowing the UK peoples wishes for a referendum in regard to the joining of the EU. P M D Cameron MP again acted deceptively in promising a referendum if he was voted in his current status as UK Prime Minister.  He has since promised again of the same referendum and unlawfully degradingly denied democracy twice to UK society
   Where he wishes us to stay in the EU despite there being issues of fraud and deception that runs into some ?89 billion pounds. Where for its eighteenth year the EU accountants would again not pass its financial books. From 1973 to present day the UK has paid some ?97 billion into the EU fund and conditions for UK society have only got far and degradingly worse. Yet PM D Cameron still wishes to continue this pursuit while denying UK society its democratic referendum. Where the many of UK society still ponder at any fairness of any referendum due to past evidence of corruption within our democratic system. Which has not been helped by much of the ever rising continually seen of all that is unlawfully ongoing within and by our political elite. Where as stated previously P M D Cameron has been made much aware and continually unlawfully fails to lawfully/legislatively address. Those issues that should be his public duty, as well as ensuring democracy defined to the UK people.
   8a ? It shall also be lawfully asked of the court by a vast volume of evidence including showing the same difficulties in accounting as the EU. Which shall include as evidence accountants opinion & advice, asking the following question ?If the UK government was an ordinary business instead of being run on taxpayers money, would it be lawfully viable?

9 ? The unlawful suppression of truth in UK government enquires
Currently in the UK is an ongoing uptake of an issue concerning paedophilia which former Prime Minister T Blair placed a D notice to conceal the truth. Because it involved certain members of the UK government, who could still be involved from this now new uptake. P M D Cameron has said he wants an honest investigation not a witch-hunt. Where how can there be any honest investigation when P M D Cameron continually unlawfully suppresses this closed to the public evidence. This involves the all round safety of the UK?s children why is PM D Cameron MP unlawfully suppressing all the previous facts? Especially when they are lawfully said to be pertinent to the current paedophilia issue under investigation. Coupled with the now just released fact of there being over sixty thousand sex offenders in the UK
   9a - It must also be stated to the court of how documented evidence was sent to the many in UK government including P M D Cameron of how and why there will again be no honest investigation into this issue. Which is due to the much included all round failings of what he has been notified of many, many times. He has again done nothing lawful or legislative to ensure of any honesty in this investigation or his governments continual unlawful actions.
   9b ? Much other documented evidence will be disclosed in lawfully showing these are not isolated issues.

10 ? There will be many questions lawfully raised of the inadequate often-unlawful actions within our NHS system. This will also include in how PM D Cameron MP has allowed a form of what can be lawfully deemed as genocide into this service of the UK people.

These are but a few of the unlawful everyday issues facing UK society where when one asks for any honouring of any stated public duty. Or for any acts of UK law to be upheld, where no matter what documented evidence is enclosed all you find is an unlawful wilful blindness.

Where an ever-rising many such as myself cannot find any lawful redress from anyone or any other source in the UK then one can only turn to the ICC in regard to these continual criminal degrading acts of P M D Cameron MP. Where in asking for my issue to be heard I would also please request of the court they would also take the following lawfully into account prior their decision.

Philosophical law ? Upon which is said everything is based, states (circa) To form the basis of any society and for that society to exist, it has to have a working government. In order for that government to work on behalf of society and continue its existence it has to have laws.
   So when it may be lawfully shown those laws in ever-rising instances and the same of legislation derived from those laws is not being upheld by its current Prime Minister D Cameron Member Parliament. With the further given documented facts, of unnecessary unlawful continual oppression in many, many other ways too UK society. Coupled with his many other shown documented unlawful unnecessary failures to UK society. Which again have caused much unnecessary, harm, oppression and suffering to the majority of UK society. Then what else beside Crimes against humanity of this UK society can they be lawfully deemed?

Democracy ? As defined by Webster?s concise edition of the English dictionary ISBN 1 85534 961 2 ? A form of government by the people through elected representatives; a country governed by its people, political, social legal equality. ?  In which the UK is stated to reside.
   When it may be shown to the court in much and many varieties of documented evidence this not to be the lawful legislative case from the current PM D Cameron MP. When it also may be further shown this lack of honouring of public duty by P M D Cameron MP towards UK society is causing much unnecessary as well as unlawful. Such as in the supplied list, then it must be asked where from P M D Cameron MP is any political social and legal equality to society?
Yet here is a man who will be shown in documented evidence not only to be responsible for my own injustice, but also supposed to be working on societies behalf. Yet in most if not all disclosed is not only many instances of unlawful violations of our laws, but also to that in which P M D Cameron MP is said to govern by. Which as will be shown in any future evidence are the stated seven principles of public life,
Further evidence will also disclose how the UK government (which PM D Cameron MP continues) has used (unlawful) legislation to further distance themselves from society, rather than work on its personal behalf.
It will also be shown in further irrefutable documented evidence the UK democracy is being further unlawfully maliciously degradingly abused by P M D Cameron MP.  In this affecting the majority for the worse in many varieties of other unlawful oppressive harmful ways, coupled with the above and listed facts. So when one has nowhere else for any lawful redress except the ICC for these continual crimes against UK humanity that are affecting not only myself but also the whole of UK society. I would please request of the prosecutors office this issue be taken for a hearing.
Where may I please also request of the court/prosecutors office if a favourable decision for hearing, any advice notes which may help me in setting out the issue in correct court order file
I await your earliest reply
Yours faithfully

Paul Ronald

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Re: An Enquiry to the ICC for a Hearing against P M D Cameron MP
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 11:16:29 PM »
May God go with you.

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Re: An Enquiry to the ICC for a Hearing against P M D Cameron MP
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2013, 03:04:41 AM »
I support this initiative, something has to be done about our unlawful situation before the people revolt.

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