Superb letter to Willets regarding England

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Superb letter to Willets regarding England
« on: January 05, 2013, 08:43:03 PM »
Mr Willets

You are quoted as saying to the Independent Newspaper :  ?White, working-class teenage boys should be categorised alongside ethnic minorities? Thus acknowledging the results of government anti-white discrimination over the decades.


Just who are these raceless, underclass of deprived white urban nomads? Are they Scots are they Welsh, Polish or any other race that can safely be referred to by the colour of their skin? Or do you refer to the race without a name; the mongrel race that have inconveniently borrowed the bemoated landmass just north of continental Reichland for the last couple of thousand or so years.

It just shows how desperate people like you are to avoid use of the ?E? word. You will use the words ?The Country?  ?Our Country?, ?Britain? the ?U.K. ?The Regions, the North, North East, Midlands, South East, ?South of the Border? and any other word that can be concocted by current politicians in concert with their co-conspirators in Europe to deny the existence of England. Even your BBC gave instructions to panellists, presenters and programmers to avoid use of the words English or England. I know of no other country on earth that has so many of the ruling class willing to sell out their fellow countrymen.


There is currently great effort to destroy all that is ethnic English, English culture, race and even our name and to turn our ancient lands over to others.

The crime would not be so obvious were it not for your willingness to refer to every other group on earth by their title, race and ethnicity. It is more evident when it becomes obvious that the other countries of the UK are supported and encouraged to value and declare their nationhood and ethnicity.

If it causes so much revulsion to recognise your own people and country then at least let us call a spade a spade. The denial of English existence in an attempt to destroy our nationhood, culture and erase our history. By any definition that is attempted ethnocide. No matter if the attempt be by political manipulation, starvation, war or any other means it is the will to destroy a nation. Many have tried it in many nations, all have failed and most have been bought to book.


Dictators and nation wreckers have never thrived or survived, they cannot resist the legitimate will of the people for very long. Ethnocide has never worked, some of the oppressed have always survived and with a greater determination than ever they eventually reclaim what is theirs. The survival of a race is a foregone conclusion what matters is whether it survives in a state sufficiently powerful to regain its country and with the will to administer satisfactory just retribution. The frustration and anger that is felt within the population determines the outcome and there is great pressure building up in the Anglo Saxon world.


I do not see the Anglo Saxon races of England and the old commonwealth succumbing in the manner of the aboriginal, the American Native Indian, the Maori or the Inca. I see them more in the vein of the Italians in 1945, Portuguese in 1974, Romanians 1989 or the Yugoslavs 2001.


I do apologise for having to use the offensive ?E? word but perhaps you will find it more acceptable when we are free of the cancer of Europe and the burden of Britain when it will once again become electorally advantageous for those of your mind to smother themselves with the Red & White Cross of St George.

Alf King



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