George Osborne Is Not A w##### ? He?s A Genius!

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George Osborne Is Not A w##### ? He?s A Genius!
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:31:26 PM »

George Osborne Is Not A w##### ? He?s A Genius!


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George Osborne Is Not A w##### ? He?s A Genius!
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Re: George Osborne Is Not A w##### ? He?s A Genius!
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2013, 09:14:16 PM »
With Cameron acting like Bliar the UK stands no chance of any recovery and being great once more, we are heading to be a third world banana republic under an elected dictatorship?

George Osborne accused by Tory MP of running the UK 'just like' Gordon Brown

 George Osborne has been accused by an influential Conservative backbencher of running the UK economy ?just like? Gordon Brown.

Mr Carswell said he does not think that the country needs a new Chancellor, but that Mr Osborne needs to dramatically change course in order to turn around the flagging economy.  Photo: PA


By Peter Dominiczak, Political Correspondent

6:12PM GMT 08 Feb 2013


Douglas Carswell, the MP for Clacton, has written an article for The Daily Telegraph?s website in which he demands that the Chancellor gets the economy ?back on track? by making major tax cuts, liberalising planning laws and scrapping five Whitehall departments.

It will pile pressure on Mr Osborne, who has recently faced rumours of a parliamentary plot to oust him.

Mr Carswell said he does not think that the country needs a new Chancellor, but that Mr Osborne needs to dramatically change course in order to turn around the flagging economy.

In a major criticism of Mr Osborne?s leadership, the backbencher warns that Britain?s finances are not currently being hurt by the eurozone crisis as much as they are being impacted by ?public policy made at home?.

Describing Mr Osborne?s current approach as ?Osbrown economics?, Mr Carswell said ?the Coalition has followed pretty much the same trajectory Labour was planning had they remained in office?.

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?Ministers might say they are ?paying down our debts?, but they keep adding an extra ?100 billion plus to them every year,? Mr Carswell said.
?So big has the gap become between what Government spends and what it takes in tax, by 2015 George Osborne will have presided over the largest Keynesian fiscal stimulus in our history. With ultra-low interest rates and endless rounds of QE [quantitative easing], he will have overseen a massive monetary stimulus, too.
?So much stimulus, yet so little to show for it ? besides more debt. Should we be surprised? No, actually. If you continue to run the economy the way that Gordon Brown did when he landed us in this mess, you are likely to remain there.?
Mr Carswell said that the Chancellor ?now looks to cheap credit to conjure up growth? in the same way as Mr Brown, the former Prime Minister, ?relied on buckets of cheap credit to produce prosperity?.
He called on the Chancellor to drop his current approach and slash corporation tax to 11 per cent in his March 20 budget and to abolish capital gains tax.
?We cannot afford not to,? Mr Carswell said. ?High taxes have helped make Britain uncompetitive. If we wish to enough produce wealth in the globalised economy, we need to start cutting them.
?It might only be possible to have tax cuts by borrowing more ? but I doubt it. What is the difference between a billion pounds borrowed to finance a tax cut, as opposed to a spending commitment? They might leave you equally broke, but at least with the tax cut you would have a competitive economy capable of paying the debt back at the end of it.?
The Conservative backbencher suggested funding the tax cuts by cutting five Government departments, including Vince Cable?s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.
Mr Carswell said the country could also ?cope without? the Department of Communities and Local Government; The Department for Culture, Media and Sport; The Department for International Development and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.
?Of course, not all the combined ?60 billion plus that these departments spend would then be saved,? Mr Carswell said. ?Some of what they do would be transferred to other departments. But much that they do we could live without.?

Barry Reed

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