Meet the Lords

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Meet the Lords
« on: March 08, 2017, 06:28:38 PM »
The State of Our Nation

BBC2 is screening a three part series of programmes on Mondays at 9.00 pm “Meet The Lords”.  Final part three will be aired next Monday 13th.
The Sky TV details for programme 2 said, “The Government threaten to trim the Lords’ powers if they rebel, but will they comply.”
I have not watched these as this is the Bureaucratic Betrayal Company and because I want my blood pressure and stress levels to remain within limits.
But I mention it here as you might be interested and calm enough to watch the final part next Monday or conceivably, all three on BBCi.

For those who easily forget what the Socialist filth did to this country, just recap with this.   The Conservatives have done little better and they're making a dogs breakfast out of leaving the EU BUT they inherited a real poisoned chalice.     To say nothing of Blair, after the Iraq debacle, promoting the 'Arab spring' by bombing Libya and wrecking its water supply, ending the traditional balance of our Parliamentary 'Upper Chamber' and dividing the UK with far more costly than in pure monetary terms, 'Regional Assemblies' for 'independent' Scotland & Wales.    Then there's the unlimited drinking and gambling, I could go on ....
In case any of you have forgotten how evil Blair is - refresh  
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