The Great Moot of Nottingham

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The Great Moot of Nottingham
« on: March 12, 2017, 08:00:52 PM »
Don’t mention the Money! Our MPs, our servants in Parliament, are always telling us: We can’t afford to spend more on social care  for the elderly and vulnerable in our society COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! We have to reduce the number of hospital beds and close  more community hospitals to reduce the NHS deficit COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! We have to charge student fees if our universities are to thrive COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! We haven’t got the money to maintain our armed services at the levels needed to defend ourselves without the help of other nations COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! We can’t guarantee the survival of our strategic and defence supply industries in this competitive world we live in COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! NOW HERE’S THE COMPLETELY PROVABLE TRUTH ABOUT MONEY CREATION AND MONEY SUPPLY THAT PARLIAMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW: Historical Fact: Any sovereign nation can create, issue and control its own debt-free and interest-free money based on the wealth and productivity potential of that nation. This money would be created by that nation’s treasury (not its privately owned and controlled “central bank”) and used to meet the requirements of that nation’s security, well-being and prosperity. And we did this in Britain in August, 1914, with the HM Treasury-issued “Bradbury Pound”—a fact that ALL MPs do not want you to know. WHY? Because MPs serve the privately run and secretive Crown Corporation and the City of London by putting their interests before ours.  And here’s the proof… See In November, 2013, the following Early Day Motion (EDM) was put down by the now retired MP, Austin Mitchell. It was supported by five Labour MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell – heroes of the Left who wanted to end “Austerity”: EDM: That this House notes that the hundredth anniversary of the Bradbury Pound on 7 August, 2014, is a welcome reminder of the historic precedent for public credit as the sound basis for debt-and interest-free Treasury money and therefore the sound alternative to the national debt and interest-bearing bank money… and urges HM Treasury to follow John Bradbury’s model and address social, economic and political issues across party lines in one fell swoop, and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts. Note the last words—“and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts.”
Since becoming Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Chancellor, neither Jeremy nor John have ever mentioned the Bradbury Pound or the fiscal measure now known as Sovereign National Credit (interest-free issuance of credit and currency). WHY? For nearly fifteen months, the British Constitution Group, which champions this common sense and Common Law approach to money creation and money supply, have sought a meeting with John McDonnell. Yet, after every telephone call, email and letter, nothing, absolutely nothing, has happened. Indeed, one very carefully arranged meeting in London was cancelled only five minutes before it was due to take place with people having travelled a long way to get there. Why?  Is it because, as they are now Privy Councillors, they cannot endanger the interests and profits of the Crown Corporation? Is it because they have been ‘warned off’ by the City Remembrancer? Just what is going on?  If, as good ‘socialist’ backbenchers, they supported the Bradbury Pound to stop Austerity dead in its tracks, why can’t they still support it now, now they are actually in a position to do something about it? It just does not make any sense at all. Why, as a nation, are we borrowing from the private financial institutions and central banks when they create money completely out of thin air as debt – the Bank of England has even admitted this fact.  If the debt-free and interest-free Treasury Bradbury Pound was restored, Food Banks would be ended overnight; Social Care for all those vulnerable people needing it would be assured; and the NHS would have all the funding it needs.  And our essential services (police, fire, armed services etc.), strategic industries and local councils would all have the money needed to perform effectively…whilst at the same time the invasive and complex taxation burden on all of us would be greatly reduced and simplified.  To put it bluntly, the Mother of All Parliaments has become a Citadel of Tyranny. All our MPs are effectively pedlars of deception, entrapment and lies. They serve the City of London and the Crown Corporation before us, the people.  Restoration of the Constitutional Common Law Is the Panacea. Common Law and our 1215 Great Charter Constitution proscribe (outlaw) Usury and Fraud. Restoration of the Constitution and its Rule of Law through the authentic Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System mandates the re-introduction of sovereign national credit. With supremacy of Common Law restored, borrowing and lending-at-interest are criminalised and there is no way government could legitimately operate other than by issuance of interest-free credit and currency to the economy.  We the People are now gathering to put an end peacefully to the tyranny and the Illegality of the Status Quo—join us at:
Conference begins 10am on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at  The Albert Hall, Nottingham, and will finish at 6pm. Tickets £10 — but please contribute more if you can afford it. (950 tickets are available — please book early to avoid disappointment) Please purchase your tickets online by visiting here: Recommended links:

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