White Britons are now a minority........................................

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And the sheep were led to the slaughter thus.....
 They bleated one last bleat  'It is good that we are being replaced to pay for our ancestral sins! Genocide is just!' And verily when the white race had gone and Albion the land of sin was no more, the new lords of the land wondered aloud...
 'But where are our palaces of shining gold?
 Of course there were none... for verily the providers had been removed from the earth........

White Britons are now a minority in Leicester, Luton and Slough and Birmingham is set to follow by end of decade
?All three communities have a white British population of less than 50%, 2011 UK census shows, and Birmingham will be the same by 2020

 ?Slough has the lowest proportion of white Britons in the UK outside London - 35 per cent
 ?Immigration from Eastern Europe since 2004 a major cause, say academics

By Martin Robinson
 PUBLISHED: 10:52, 10 January 2013 | UPDATED: 11:07, 10 January 2013

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 White Britons are now officially classed as a minority group in three towns and cities outside London - with other urban areas set to follow by 2020, it was revealed today

 The stream of Eastern European immigrants entering the country in the past decade has tipped the balance in Leicester, Luton and Slough, a study based on the 2011 UK census shows.
 Academics at the University of Manchester also say that the once a decade survey broke down the white population into white British, Irish, Irish traveller and other white - giving a clearer picture.

Changing face of Britain: Three places outside London have a minority of white Britons. This graph shows the growth of other non-white groups in the UK since 1991 in thousands

Diverse: In Luton (pictured) 55 per cent of residents are non-white British but 80 per cent of its total population say they feel British
 Overall the immigrant population of England and Wales went up by 3million over the past decade, contributing to this sea change.
 The figures show more than a third of the 110,000 immigrants living in Leicester arrived there after 2004, while in Luton 40 per cent of its 60,000 foreign-born residents came since then.


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White British people are also a minority in London as 3.7million described their ethnicity as 'White British' in 2011 - down from 4.3million in 2001, and making up 44.9 per cent of the city's population.
 In the east London borough of Newham, 17 per cent of the population are white British

'The public are already dismayed to find that the white British are now a minority in their own capital. This report confirms that other cities will soon follow,' he said.

'All this is a direct consequence of Labour's mass-immigration policy rammed through in the teeth of public opposition.'

 Two-thirds of residents in Slough are non-white foreigners, with Pakistanis and Indians making up half that number.

In Leicester 45 per cent of people living there are white British, with Indians making up 28 per cent of the remaining residents.
 Luton has a 45 per cent white British population, but according to the census  more than three quarters of all people living there say they feel British.
 Ludi Simpson, professor of population studies at the University of Manchester, said this data was important for Britain.

'We need to understand changing ethnic composition to understand our citizens' changing needs,' he said.

'Housing, school meals, care of older people, cultural and entertainment facilities, funeral services and many other aspects of local services are all intrinsically affected.'
 'We already know from other sources that British identity is felt at least as strongly by those of minority ethnicity as those of white British ethnicity. This is the case for people of similar age and background born in the UK.'

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