Introducing Kansas to the Great European Migration Crisis

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Introducing Kansas to the Great European Migration Crisis
« on: March 12, 2017, 09:15:53 PM »
Introducing Kansas to the Great European Migration Crisis
Posted on March 8, 2017 by Baron Bodissey

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and State Representative Peggy Mast (Pro Tem Speaker of the House)
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is currently in the USA, attending various events and speaking at some of them (see her speech at the March 4 Trump in Denver).
Yesterday she paid a visit to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in Topeka. She sends this brief report on her meeting with him:
As part of my current speaking tour in the United States I was invited to meet Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in the state capital Topeka. I was told in advance that Mr. Kobach had only recently briefed President Trump on immigration matters. So it was only natural that I in turn should brief the secretary on the current state of the great migration crisis in Europe.
The secretary graciously gave me more than an hour to elaborate on the historical background the crisis, the impact on European societies and the effect on freedom of speech. In addition, I explained how Chancellor Angela Merkel had recently redefined a German from a citizen to anyone living in Germany. This ensures plenty of potential voters in future elections, voters who will not vote for the opposition parties, thus keeping Angela Merkel in power to change the face of Germany even further.
The meeting concluded with my promise keep in touch and the secretary’s promise to relay the contents of my brief to the White House.
Another fine example of transatlantic partnership in action!
Below are the talking points prepared by Elisabeth for her meeting with Mr. Kobach:
The most important thing to remember is that it is PLANNED.
It did not start in 2015 when Chancellor Merkel made her famous invitation to all the “refugees” to come on in from the Middle East. It had been going on since the “Arab Spring” began in 2011, and especially since Qaddafi was deposed and killed. By the time the flood started in 2015 the masses of people were all there ready to move, and the traffickers were equipped to move them.
The current routes being used run across the Mediterranean from Libya. Vessels owned and operated by NGOs meet the “refugees” off the coast of Libya shortly after their launch and “rescue” them. They are assigned this task, and they collude with the people-traffickers to accomplish it.
The second most important thing is that it is EXPENSIVE.
The routes used in 2015 across the Aegean into Greece costs thousands of dollars per head. The migrants themselves did not pay the costs. Somebody else did; the big question is WHO?
We don’t know for certain that Soros is behind it, although we know that his organizations are involved. (a) Some of his organizations are among those that own and operate the boats picking up migrants in the Med off the coast of Libya. (b) His organizations were discovered to have printed maps and helpful instruction sheets handed out to migrants during the great exodus of 2015.
The migrants did not walk across Europe. They travelled by ferry, bus, and train — a MILLION of them or more. Someone paid for that transport. It was expensive to charter those buses and run those trains.
We know that some of the cost was borne by the governments en route, but not all of it. George Soros was definitely involved, and there are strong indications that governments in the Persian Gulf gave financial assistance.
When they arrived in Slovenia and Austria, refugees bought goods and hired taxis using brand new €500 notes. Those notes are very unusual, and the refugees did not find them on the ground along the way. Someone gave the notes to them — WHO?
Sweden is the European country that is closest to collapse. Although Germany has been hit harder, its economy is stronger, and can withstand the current (very expensive) crisis longer.
A couple of years before Merkel invited in the migrants from Syria, the Swedish prime minister at the time, Fredrik Reinfeldt, did EXACTLY the same thing — he made a public announcement that anyone from Syria who came to Sweden would be accepted. As a result, for a while Sweden was their preferred destination.
Now Sweden in undergoing nightly riots, gang wars, arson, bombings, rapes, and murders. It has reinstituted border controls.
Germany is now taking the bulk of migrants. Most migrants have been told (by WHOM?) of the wonderful benefits and luxuries that await them in Germany, and that is their preferred destination.
No current political leader is resisting the onslaught of migrants except for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Hungary built a fence to stop the inflow, and Mr. Orbán has remained staunch in his refusal to accept them. As a consequence, the EU has come down hard on him, issuing not-so-veiled threats.
If Donald Trump had not been elected president, there is a very real possibility that NATO forces would have been used as a coercive measure to induce Hungarian compliance with the diktats of Brussels for “sharing” the migrants.
Britain, through Brexit, may well resist any further migrants via the EU. But it does not have any political leader willing to speak out firmly and unequivocally against all mass immigration. And no other European country is resisting overtly. All resistance, such as it is, takes the form of passive-aggressive behavior.
If Geert Wilders (Netherlands) or Marine Le Pen (France) gets elected, that may change.
The European people pay the price for the migration through vastly increased rates of theft and property crimes, violent rapes and assaults, and nightly public disorder. There are numerous no-go zones in cities all across Western Europe. Women do not feel safe in public, especially at night.
People feel the pinch through higher taxes and reduced public services and amenities, especially where housing and medical care are concerned.
Free speech has been a casualty of the new open-borders policy. Immigration is not popular, but governments are determined that it must happen, so they crack down vigorously on any publicly-expressed sentiments against immigrants or Islam.
Dissidents on the Great Migration are fired and harassed. They are routinely prosecuted in Sweden, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Britain. Prison sentences are now handed out for Facebook posts or for putting bacon on the door handle of a mosque.
It is no longer possible to speak out freely, honestly, and truthfully about the consequences of immigration in Europe.

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