Goethe will continue to interfere in Scotland and further into UK areas

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Nicola Sturgeon stated last night with reference to Brexit, that she;  ‘did not think it was right that Scotland should be taken down an unknown road, that was not of its
choosing.’ Or words to that effect since I have paraphrased her statement. Well what that silly little person does not realise is, that Scotland has been on a road which was not of
its own choosing for the last 43 years. I do not recall Ted Heath holding a referendum for Scotland, to ask its people to vote as to whether it wanted to join the EEC in 1973.
Indeed therefore,  isn’t Theresa May and the Tories simply returning Scotland to the path its people have known since 1707, up until 1973, that of union with England and Wales
as the United Kingdom???  As for Scotland’s independence; how for the love of Scotland, can that woman be so deluded in to thinking that being a member of that dictatorial
oligarchy, the EU, can possibly pass for any form of independence???   Ken
PS.  Pass around if you will Sonya, thanks.

Goethe will continue to interfere in Scotland and further into UK areas & SNP influence on UK voting.

Thank you for the list Sonya, this is truly a can of worms. German influence/partnerships and interference Brexit and in Scotland's Universities and government needs to be seen to be believed, this really needs exposing...K

Goethe Institute says: What does the Brexit mean for the work of the Goethe-Institute?

“We are very sorry about the result of the referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union".
"The majority of people living in the north of the United Kingdom voted against leaving. Scotland considers the EU a crucial foundation for a certain degree of its own independence.... Scotland feels more connected with its neighbour Ireland than the south of its own island. The question of the role of Northern Ireland may also become interesting in this context".
"In the next two years the relations between the United Kingdom and the EU will be renegotiated. The Goethe-Instituts in London and Glasgow will increasingly position themselves during this transitional period.
We particularly invite the many disappointed young people to continue to work on the European Project with our cultural programmes. We will attempt to enter into a dialogue with those who evidently do not derive anything from this European Project. That will be our greatest challenge. And most of all, we want to broaden our scope and work even more outside of London and Glasgow by honing and intensifying our digital programming".  https://www.goethe.de/en/uun/akt/20784370.html
This was the reason for extensive twinning programmes between Scotland/UK and Germany.

The British Council’s implementation partners are the Goethe-Institut, the National Centre for Culture in Poland and the Soros Foundation Moldova.
The British Council is leading a consortium of partners to implement a new EU-funded culture programme in the Eastern Partnership countries. The Eastern Partnership Culture Programme will support the creative and cultural industries in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Running until 2018, the programme will focus on cultural policy development and fostering cross sectorial collaboration in culture. It will also work to involve Eastern Partnership countries in increased international culture co-operation... https://www.britishcouncil.org/partner/international-development/news-and-events/supporting-creative-industries-eastern-partnership

OKTC   Please see list below from Sonya.
Correct. Ten points:
(1)  We only joined the EEC because of Scottish Labour votes - English opinion was always against it.
(2)  Key players in the SNP MUST have been aware of the outrageous vote-counting fraud in the 1975 referendum, which condemned us to a further 44 years of EEC/EU membership, at an overall cost in the trillions, with immense impact on our economy and Commonwealth relations. 
(3)  The SNP are covertly bankrolled from Frankfurt, using a Scottish bank and offshore private placements of capital.
(4)  The timing of yesterday's announcement was clearly dictated by Germany in a desperate, last-ditch effort to keep us trapped inside the hated EU.
(5)  We do not know the majority opinion of Scots, since Scottish votes outside Scotland were not counted separately last year.
(6)  We do not know how many EU aliens were permitted to vote in 2016 in Scotland. The so-called 'independence' referendum saw some 180,000 aliens participate. Once we're out of the EU they will come off the register, one reason no doubt why the SNP are desperate to rush the vote through. Scotland is a corrupt little statelet and there is the possibility of widespread electoral fraud. 
(7)  The SNP do not want indepedence, but for Scotland to be a German client-state inside the EU.
(8)  Scotland would be forced to accept Schengen and the failing euro - none of the polls are asking whether voters would support 'independence' on this basis.  Polls which do mention the euro and Schengen are meaningless. 
(9)  In the event that Scotland broke away from the UK and joined the EU there would need to be passport controls and tariffs at the Anglo-Scottish frontier. Immigration officers would need to board Anglo-Scottish expresses, there would need to be frontier posts on all roads across the border including the M6/A74(M) and Scottish exports to the UK would face the Common External Tariff, and
(10) Scottish 'exports' to the rest of the UK are worth more than twice her exports to the rest of the world. 

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