We only joined the EEC because of Scottish Labour votes

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We only joined the EEC because of Scottish Labour votes
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:50:55 PM »
Correct. Ten points:
(1)  We only joined the EEC because of Scottish Labour votes - English opinion was always against it.
(2)  Key players in the SNP MUST have been aware of the outrageous vote-counting fraud in the 1975 referendum, which condemned us to a further 44 years of EEC/EU membership, at an overall cost in the trillions, with immense impact on our economy and Commonwealth relations. 
(3)  The SNP are covertly bankrolled from Frankfurt, using a Scottish bank and offshore private placements of capital.
(4)  The timing of yesterday's announcement was clearly dictated by Germany in a desperate, last-ditch effort to keep us trapped inside the hated EU.
(5)  We do not know the majority opinion of Scots, since Scottish votes outside Scotland were not counted separately last year.
(6)  We do not know how many EU aliens were permitted to vote in 2016 in Scotland. The so-called 'independence' referendum saw some 180,000 aliens participate. Once we're out of the EU they will come off the register, one reason no doubt why the SNP are desperate to rush the vote through. Scotland is a corrupt little statelet and there is the possibility of widespread electoral fraud. 
(7)  The SNP do not want independence, but for Scotland to be a German client-state inside the EU.
(8)  Scotland would be forced to accept Schengen and the failing euro - none of the polls are asking whether voters would support 'independence' on this basis.  Polls which do mention the euro and Schengen are meaningless. 
(9)  In the event that Scotland broke away from the UK and joined the EU there would need to be passport controls and tariffs at the Anglo-Scottish frontier. Immigration officers would need to board Anglo-Scottish expresses, there would need to be frontier posts on all roads across the border including the M6/A74(M) and Scottish exports to the UK would face the Common External Tariff, and
(10) Scottish 'exports' to the rest of the UK are worth more than twice her exports to the rest of the world. 

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