Despite Brexit, Globalist EU Expands Transnational Military

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Despite Brexit, Globalist EU Expands Transnational Military
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:56:21 PM »
Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Despite Brexit, Globalist EU Expands Transnational Military
Written by  Alex Newman

Despite the historic Brexit vote and soaring anti-European Union sentiment across the bloc, unelected EU bosses are moving forward with a plot to create a continental military force answerable only to the unaccountable superstate. In a throwback to the days of European imperialism, EU policymakers are already plotting to use their newly approved EU military headquarters in Brussels to providemore help to globalist institutions such as the United Nations as they occupy various African nations under the guise of “peace.” And despite British voters demanding that ties with the superstate be severed, efforts are being made to ensnare the United Kingdom's armed forces in the latest EU military scheme.    
The latest shoe to drop in the EU's quest to usurp national militaries was approved last week. Essentially, the move, approved by senior ministers, will establish a headquarters of EU military work that will be called the “Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) facility.” It will be located in the same EU building in Brussels that currently houses the “EU Military Staff.” Starting next month, the new “facility” will run three EU military missions in Africa helping to train, among others forces, globalist “peace” troops serving the EU-backed African Union currently being imposed on Africans by Brussels and the mass-murdering regime in Beijing.
But that is just the start, as EU officials have already made clear. An unnamed “senior EU official” speaking to the online EU Observer declared that, for now, the EU military HQ in Brussels would handle EU military missions' “logistical, medical, legal, and communications' needs.” By next year, though, the outfit might “take charge of military missions that have a combat element.” One example provided of EU military combat missions includes a scheme known as “Sophia,” described as an “EU naval operation designed to fight human smugglers in the Mediterranean Sea.”
The announcement of the new scheme came just days after unelected EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the hybrid executive-legislative branch of the superstate, called for what amounts to an EU military. In a white paper published just a week before the latest news, Juncker and his cohorts called for EU states to “pool” their military resources and buy equipment together as further “integration” is pursued. The document even pitched the idea of creating a “European Defence Union” (sic) where the unelected EU would basically take control of military, law enforcement, and intelligence. Russia, ISIS, and other real and imagined boogeymen are serving as the pretext.     
The news also comes amid the creation of a dizzying array of multinational military and policing schemes, some led by the EU, some by the UN, and some made up of multiple EU member states but without the superstate's involvement. Last summer, for example, The New American reported on an EU plot to create a transnational military-police force. The EU “Gendarmerie,” as the force is known, is charged with putting down protests and civil unrest, raiding illegal political meetings, propping up foreign governments, and even confiscating weapons. Police and troops from numerous African and Middle Eastern nations were involved in the controversial EU force's latest EU-funded training exercises.
At the same time, various European military units are being merged with units from other nations, creating transnational military units that analysts say could help serve as the “nucleus” of the widely anticipated future EU military. First, German and Dutch forces were merged into a unified command. More recently, in what British media described as a throwback to Germany's National Socialist (Nazi) alliances, German units were also being integrated with Romanian and Czech units. In February, officials from multiple EU nations announced a plan to create a transnational air force.   
Separately, after helping engineer the migrant tsunami by bombing foreign countries and then offering tax money to everyone who showed up, EU bosses also exploited the chaos they caused to unleash a new EU “border force.” The controversial agency was given the power to intervene militarily in nations, even without their consent. Simultaneously, the EU is working to unleash what is being described as a “private army” to protect top EU bosses from alleged threats — a powerful force accountable to nobody but the unaccountable and unelected leaders of the EU.     
Some unelected EU bosses denied that their latest scheme for an EU military HQ was the genesis of a full-blown EU military. EU Foreign Affairs boss Federica Mogherini, for instance, claimed the scheme is “not a European army.” “I know there is this label going around, but it’s a more effective way of handling our military work,” she added, expressing “pride” that the EU had decided to take the next step on the road to military integration. “We are progressing steadily towards strengthened defense cooperation and we will continue to do more.”
Other EU leaders, though, described the EU military headquarters as a “first step,” with the “European army, maybe later.” Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstaht, a fanatical globalist who has openly demanded a federal superstate regime to rule Europe, described the new scheme as a “step in the right direction.” The end destination, though, was a “fully fledged EU military HQ” with responsibility for broader “defense” of the unelected, unaccountable superstate being imposed on the peoples of Europe.
As has been the case with every additional surrender of sovereign powers to the regime in Brussels, multiple top officials contradicted other officials and denied that they were doing what they were clearly doing. “This is not a precursor to a European army,” claimed Austrian Defense Minister Peter Doskozil, who was either misinformed or lying, if his colleagues are to be believed. “I don't think we are in a situation where nations ... want to give up elements of their sovereignty.”
Of course, with a few minor exceptions such as Brexit, “nations” and the people within them were never actually consulted on the subversion of their sovereignty by the establishment insiders behind the creation of the EU. But European governments have proven that they are more than willing to give up the sovereignty and self-government of those they ostensibly represent, all while lying to the public about what they are doing. The lies and the subversion of sovereignty have been going on for more than 60 years when it comes to the EU.    
French and German officials were more open about the significance of the move and did not deny the real agenda. “We took a very important step toward a European security and defense union, because we have become very concrete,” radical German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was quoted as saying. French Foreign Minister Michael Ayrault, who serves a Socialist Party-dominated government, also equated the latest scheme with “progress,” as has become typical every time new powers are usurped by the EU. “It's necessary that we make progress [on defense] in a world of uncertainties,” he said.
Despite the firm rejection of the EU by voters in Britain, the EU is also openly hoping to ensnare even non-EU members such as the United Kingdom in its military scheme. The German defense minister, for example, said Britain would be welcome and encouraged to participate despite voting last year to throw off the superstate's shackles. “For those who are not members of the European Union, like for example Norway or the British, there will be the possibility to join in selectively with certain projects or missions,” the minister said. “The Norwegians have great interest in this, the British have great interest in this.”  
But for British leaders involved in Brexit, the whole charade is another example of why the EU is dangerous and out of control. “The EU has the same response to the vote for Brexit as a toddler has to the word no,” said Bill Etheridge, the defense spokesman for the pro-Brexit U.K. Independence Party (UKIP). “We have suffered years of the Blair-Clinton internationalism, we've been involved in conflicts that were none of our business while politicians pushed their soft power strategy, which sees us give billions abroad and underfund our own military. It doesn't work.” Indeed, EU boss Juncker declared this month that “soft power” was no longer enough, hence the alleged need for an EU military program.
Etheridge and other British leaders were particularly outraged about EU and European efforts to keep the United Kingdom entangled with the globalist forces in Brussels. “If France wants to be part of some EU military colonialism, that's up to them but the UK voted no to this,” the UKIP official said. “I am sure there are also millions who voted Remain who would be against this — perhaps having believed the lies there would be no EU army. Our military should be for the defense of our nation.” Other British leaders worried that the EU's militarization would pose a threat to NATO.
The latest EU scheme to usurp new powers is simply one more step on the long road to abolishing self-government and nationhood while centralizing power in the hands of unaccountable establishment globalists. Like the previous steps, it involves deceiving voters and citizens. And like the previous steps, it is all geared ultimately toward creating a totalitarian global system composed of totalitarian regional regimes such as the EU. But if Brexit and the surging support for anti-EU, anti-globalist political parties all across Europe is any guide, the peoples of Europe are waking up to the scam, and the EU's days may be numbered.  
Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.
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