England--Safer ???????????

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England--Safer ???????????
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:14:47 PM »


England? Safer?

Larry Pratt eviscerates Piers Morgan.

From the linked article:


Crucially, the number of violent crimes in England per person compared to America is significantly higher. England is a far more violent place than America, despite having a total gun ban.

Figures from the EU Commission and the UN show that the number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents in England is around 2,000 compared to just 466 in America. For all Piers Morgan?s claims about the proliferation of guns leading to an increase in violence, it?s four times safer to live in American than England and according to the latest FBI statistics, America?s violent crime rate continues to fall.

The lawless tyrants and useful idiots, however, never let facts get in the way of their agenda.

An armed populace is a populace able to protect itself against lawlessness.

Whether such lawlessness comes from the government, or from non-government criminals is irrelevant.

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Re: England--Safer ???????????
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Thanks Don,
It doesn?t surprise me that the UK has more violent crime than most developed European countries and those in the northern part of North America.  Mature members of certain communities in the UK will tell you of their concern about gun and knife crime, and they will point the finger at the young, predominantly male, members of their own communities.  The media not only likes to bang on about white on non-white crime (it can?t happen the other way around of course, and with no free speech clause in our Constitution we aren?t even allowed to discuss it openly), but they love murders committed with lawfully held firearms because they can report on the same ones over and over again for decades and help to promote charities wanting to do away with lawfully held guns.  What they don?t report on are the woundings and murders carried out with illegally held weapons ? into which category most fall ? and frankly virtually none of those that use guns to commit violence would ever get a licence to own a legal one!
I felt it would be easier to direct readers straight to the Daily Mail article here:
and then (rather than present all the information in the email) to the site that shows the other graphs here:
However; as I wonder why the Daily Mail didn?t include the stats for the USA in the table they created (maybe they just thought a top 11 was an odd thing), I inserted a line 11 showing the rate per 100,000 residents below? and you can?t even see the join!  Readers please see below this for another important link.

I personally don?t like guns but this interview between Larry Pratt and Piers Morgan is a must see!


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