Britain First, the EDL and the English Democrats

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Britain First, the EDL and the English Democrats
« on: January 16, 2013, 08:45:07 PM »
The Editor



Soap. This weeks episode: Britain First, the EDL and the English Democrats

Written by Green Arrow

Not long after I came out of the Royal Navy there was an American sitcom shown on tv, that was very popular and in my opinion very funny.
The show itself, was called Soap and was a parody of soap operas in general, with numerous story lines running week after week in a serial format that ran for 85 episodes and to be honest I would sit through every episode again if only I had the time - and copies of course.
Aliens, murders, kidnappings, affairs, demonic possessions, it had the lot but boy was it confusing to follow.  In fact the opening introduction always ended with the line "Confused?  You won't be after this episode of SOAP" and you can get a taste of Soap on Youtube, in this intro video.

Well equally confusing, is the news that the Christian fundamentalists of Britain First have joined forces with the anti-British English Democrats and the Zionist controlled English Defence League.
I suspect that all those people (including myself) who received literature from the English Democrats have now had their question as to who supplied the English Democrats with their email details now answered.
Jim Dowson of Britain First has the smoking gun in his hand for sure and knowing Jim, when it comes to making money, he would not have had the principles to build "Chinese Walls" between the organisations he works with.
Now this is where it gets really confusing.  Britain First say they support the British, Jim Dowson says he supports the Union and would die for Our Flag but here he is jumping into bed like some cheap whore for money, with the English Democrats who would break up the Union and divide the components of that unity that made us once Great Britain.

Now we turn our attention to the race mixing, race traitors of the English Democrats.  They are a multi-cultural party who believe in Civic Nationalism (no such thing) and want England to have their own Parliament whereas real Nationalists want just one Parliament for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and the extra burdens of the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament shut down and the rats that infest them thrown on the dole.

Do you remember this article and video put on our site back in April of 2011 where I pointed you to the English Democrat's revolting, multi-racial promotional video, where some Pakistani guy says "Just because I am English".  Fine, you Englishmen still in the English Democrats might buy that crap but no real Nationalist or Englishman would or should.

Now here is a link to a statement made by Andrew Brons giving his honest opinion of the English Democrats back in June 2011 which starts of with:
In the European Election campaign I regarded the English Democratic Party as an establishment safety valve party ? a spoiler party to attract votes from those who might otherwise vote for us. Nothing that I have learned since has led me to doubt this conclusion.

Furthermore, the Party is inherently unsound ideologically. Its membership is open only to people resident in England ? Scots, Welsh and people from Northern Ireland need not apply.
Before going on to make his position quite clear with: "If the English Democrats were the last party on the face of the earth, I would not join them.  I hope that I have made my position completely clear." and I for once have to agree with Andrew on this issue.

Well Jim Dowson and Britain First are like political litmus paper that changes colour to match the politics of the person they are currently speaking to but Jim is a Scot who lives in Northern Ireland, so what do the English Democrats and the English Defence League want with him?

Or will Britain First now become England First, because if a Pakistani can be accepted as being English then it is easy enough for English Democrats to accept Jim as being English.

Then there are the English Defence League to consider, their first self appointed leader, the Asian loving coke head Tommy Robinson is in jail for gross stupidity in using someone else's passport to speak at a Jewish Conference in America.

Their next self appointed leader, Robinson's cousin Kevin Carroll, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly inciting "racial hatred".  What does he have to say about this - I notice that he was not named as being at the meeting in Dartford, Kent where the three organisations met to launch a "new association".
Representatives from Britain First, the English Democrats, the South East Alliance and the English Defence League, among others, met in a spirit of unity, friendship and reconciliation and agreed a strategy to launch a new association to bring together the disparate groups that have formed recently.
Strange how Robinson was taken off the scene and now Carroll looks like going the same way.

Was it because of what Kevin Carroll said in this video here at 4.5 minutes in, where he states that both Dowson and Golding are clowns, who are involved in politics purely for what money they can screw from the people, before going on to say that neither he or Robinson would allow the two Britain First people anywhere near the English Defence League.  So who is running the EDL these days or rather which puppet is having his strings pulled by the Zionists?

So will this new "alliance" attack the cancer of Islam and the carcinogen that caused the cancer in the first place - Zionists?  Or will they (as I suspect) steer clear of mentioning the controlling part played by the Jews in the genocide of the white race?  We wait and see.

Now you know that all of the three organisations mentioned profess to be patriotic nationalist movements but all three of them are multi-culturalists who all welcome non "British" people into their ranks.  Whether they do this out of cowardice or because they are just plain stupid or corrupt, I have no idea but one thing is for sure - none of them represent the True British People whose land this is  - and at the end of the day, they will still continue to be accused of being "racists" by The Establishment.

If you have been involved in nationalist politics for more than a year or two and done your homework, you should by now have evolved into a White National Socialist and so my recommendation is that all True Brits should have nothing to do with Britain First, The English Democrats and the English Defence League, and their members should immediately resign and stop all donations to these anti-British, anti-white, anti-British-Union organisations.

Now if you are going to ask someone to stop doing something then you should offer an alternative, that being the case, then I suggest that people look at either the National Front, Patria or the British Democratic Party and make your own minds up.

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