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« on: January 19, 2013, 08:09:45 PM »
Dear Mr Cameron


I mentioned to you a while ago that you were not Prime Minister material.  You have proven that statement correct many times but none more so,  than your decision to indefinitely postpone your speech on Britain?s position in Europe.


You became Prime Minister on the weakest of votes.  You have reneged on your cast iron election guaranteed in-out EU Referendum.  You waste untold billions of our money in the EU bottomless pit and upon un-deserving nations when your own country suffers appalling poverty. 


You traitorously allow foreign rule in our sovereign country when you swore lifetime allegiance to Britain and to faithfully serve the will and independence of the British people.  You are well aware that repeated surveys now show over 90% of British people want out of the EU.  Not a renegotiated deal,  OUT. 


You eagerly implement every EU demand.  You fawn over Angela Merkel.  And you demonstrate complete lack of backbone on Britain?s behalf,  for which you are in office.  You are indeed spineless as the papers say.


When will you rescind Edward Heath?s treasonous European Communities Act 1972 ?  It is unlawful anyway so it never became legally binding.  When will you stop throwing our money away and start using it for your own country ?  And when will you stop pretending that Britain is part of the EU ?  The British people reject the EU. 


But then,  you never were intended to work for Britain were you ?  Your job has been to destroy your own country.


Just be aware that the seething British public are after you for your high treason.  (Go to

Rex P.

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