RUSSIA TODAY and The Non-Aligned Countries? Grand Chessboard

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RUSSIA TODAY and The Non-Aligned Countries? Grand Chessboard
« on: August 29, 2012, 09:09:30 PM »

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Sadly I must inform you that, until further notice, I will not be submitting any more articles to RT English for publication on their website.
For many months now, I have had to endure the improprieties and insolence of a lady ?editor? at RT who censors, arbitrarily edits, and grotesquely changes many of my articles. Others she throws out altogether.
I am certain that this does not reflect RT?s own views and editorial line, because RT Spanish ( systematically publish all of my articles with only minor changes that are always constructive and for the best.
I have no explanation to offer for this RT English lady ?editor?s? behavior.

I can only surmise her mindset, views, beliefs and goals are clearly very different from mine.
Below, therefore, is the latest article that she has rejected (although it was immediately published by RT Spanish at this link:

Naturally, I will continue writing (other people?s mediocrity cannot slow us down in our Global Battle).
If possible, may I request you kindly re-transmit and publish this article as far and wide as possible?
Thank you very much!

Adrian Salbuchi /Buenos Aires - Argentina


The Non-Aligned Countries? Grand Chessboard

Sunday, 26th August 2012

From 26th to 31st August, the Non-Aligned Countries Movement will hold its 16th Summit in Tehran, Iran, which many observers feel will be particularly important considering the grave convulsions triggered by the ?Arab Spring? ? veritable civil war-engineering by the Western Powers ? throughout the Islamic World.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are welcoming over forty heads of state and national and international leaders, including president Mohamed Morsi from Egypt (who will hand over the Movement?s rotating presidency to Iran), UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon (ferociously criticized by the US for his decision to attend the Summit), and the presidents of India, Monmahar Singh and Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari who will take this opportunity to have bilateral meetings seeking to peacefully resolve on-going tensions between the two nuclear powers.
Formed in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia over half a century ago, the Non-Aligned Countries Movement had as its main ideologues true statesmen of the time as Egypt?s Gamal Abdel Nasser, India?s Jawaharlal Nehru, Yogoslavia?s Josef Broz Tito and Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia after it gained independence from the Netherlands.
In the midst of the Cold War, these countries understood the urgent need to find a middle path free from the pressures of the two superpowers of those times: the United States and its allies, and the Soviet Union and its allies. One of the fundamental ideological premises of the Non-aligned Movement was that it rejected both European materialistic worldviews - liberal Capitalism and collectivist Marxism - alike.
Non-alignment as a Political necessity had been brewing for more than a decade in countries like Nehru?s India and Juan Domingo Per?n?s Argentina. Per?n had taken the initial steps rights after the Cold War began in the late forties when he introduced the ?Third Position? as his country?s foreign policy, which maintained the ideological imperatives of the two superpowers at arm?s length.
The Argentine people would meet in Buenos Aires? Plaza de Mayo central square to listen to Per?n and his wife Evita speak, boisterously thundering back their support of the ?Third Position? by saying ??We don?t want Yankees, we don?t want Marxists: we are Peronistas!?.
A rather simplistic war cry maybe, but it served Argentine workers to express their desire to erect a great Nation where work ? not usury or collectivism - would form the foundations of an Organized Community.
As the years went by, the Non-Aligned Countries Movement saw its ideological and Political fundamentals dragged hither and dither, and distorted. This was often reflected by new members joining and others leaving.

Nevertheless, periodic summits continued to be held every three years, the last one held in 2009 in Egypt presided by Hosni Mubarak, hardly a leader classifying as ?non-aligned? considering his betrayal of Nasser?s teachings as he accommodated to Egypt?s true adversaries, the US, EU and Israel. Anyway, the Global Power Masters let go of his hand and now he?s in jail: clearly, Rome does not pay traitors.
Also attending are other ?non-aligned? countries which are however quite aligned. Examples: Kim Yong Nam, president of the People?s Assembly of North Korea, a country clearly aligned with old Chinese Marxism; or Hamid Karzai, president & CEO of Afghanistan, former consultant to UNOCAL ? Union Oil Company of California, now Chevron ? a man very much aligned to the US, the UK (Queen Elizabeth II knighted him) and the New York Council on Foreign Relations; or the foreign minister of ?liberated? Libya (Muhamar Kaddafi too maintained a ?Third Position? along the lines of Per?n? and look what happened to him!) .
Anyway, this Summit takes place at a crucial time for the world in general and for the Middle East in particular. Today, it?s no longer a question of opting between ?Yankees or Marxists?, because after the fall of the Berlin Wall in today?s Uni-polar world, the enemy of peoples everywhere is no longer to be found to the left or to the right, because that Enemy is now above all nations.
In the West, the Global Power Masters reign supreme above all nations and governments - even over giants like to the US, the UK, the EU and their allies - having embedded themselves deep into their public and private power structures.
So, it?s no coincidence that these nations condemn the Tehran Summit, just as it?s no coincidence that both Russia and China are sending observers (historical modesty does not yet allow them to openly seek full membership).
In the mid-twentieth century, Indian president Nehru proposed five guiding principles which should govern the Non-aligned Countries Movement which are as valid today as then:
 ?Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty
?Mutual non-aggression
?Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs
?Equality and mutual benefit
?Peaceful co-existence

More than half a century later, how much better the world would be if powerful nations as the US, UK, EU and Israel were to abide by these five principles in their relations with Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Panama, Honduras, Iraq, Venezuela, Bolivia, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, North Korea, Argentina, Sudan, Chile, Colombia, Somalia, Puerto Rico?

Imagine if the US were to demand governance amongst their multinational corporations and megabanks based on these very same principles?
Imagine if instead of upholding hypocritical double-standard policies of the ?war on drugs and money laundering? and ?war on terror? ? global scourges covertly promoted by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, fanned by AIPAC, USAID and their powerful global media ? the US and its allies were to make these five fundamental principles the corner stone of their foreign policies?
No doubt, the Iranian leadership will promote a renovation of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement, rearticulating it to become an increasingly balancing force in international relations, so as to mitigate the violence, exploitation and death being imposed by the Western powers.
No doubt, Iran?s leaders will use the Summit to seek new proposals for peace in the on-going civil war in Syria, artificially imposed on them by the ?democratic freedom fighters? profusely armed and financed by the West.
No doubt, Iran?s leaders will also try to deactivate the on-going showdown with the Western powers threatening Iran daily with preemptive unilateral military attack, especially by war-mongering Israel and its American puppets.
Iran, however, won?t be able to do this alone. It will need the support and backing of today?s two key superpowers: Russia and China.

Russia and China have attained something that is crucial in global politics, which neither the US, UK, the EU nor, much less, Israel has achieved: Russia and China have matured!
Maybe because they themselves were for many decades one of the unjust Bipolar World?s "poles? that forced dozens of countries to come together as ?non-aligned countries?. That allowed them make the necessary quantum leap that comes from healthy self-criticism and self-purification.
Russia suffered the dire consequences of Stalinist police-state control; China suffered the dire consequences of Chairman Mao?s mass insectification (as Per?n aptly called it). Both mass sufferings made their people and leaders mature.
In a twist of irony, both extremisms ? police-state control and mass insectification ? are now gathering in the West, even if Washington, London and Tel Aviv used new words to define the same old slavery they are trying to impose upon the world through blood and fire.
As president of the Non-Aligned Movement over the next three years Iran has the opportunity of helping to bring some sanity into the world, something crucially necessary if Mankind if not to burn itself to a crisp in a third world war. That?s a task Iran can work together with Russia and China on
I believe they will make this happen. Amongst other reasons, because contrary to the Americans who play poker ? a game based on deceit, traps and lies ? the Iranians descend from the Ancient Persians who invented Chess, a game based on intelligence, strategy and foresight.

Adrian Salbuchi

?Adrian Salbuchi is a Political Analyst, author of several Books on Geopolitics, Speaker and Radio / TV commentator living in Argentina.

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