Further Police Persecution Without Any Evidence

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Further Police Persecution Without Any Evidence
« on: January 22, 2013, 04:07:06 PM »
Note The below issue to the general public could seem like an ordinary everyday issue that has taken place? However to the ever-rising persecuted of lawful complainants in asking for any honouring of any public duty and/or the upholding of the law, we know far better!!

For they happen in multiple deliberately unlawfully orchestrated issues too unlawfully get you a police record or even worse. Unlawful set ups, sectioning and much worse is currently running rife in the UK just to shut people up or have them proved of doubtful character to stop any real truth from prevailing.

The below issue is just one of many that has happened over the years because of my continual documented complaints of injustice and the sheer vast continual wastage of taxpayers money.

Where they do not care, we do not matter and the all is met with an unlawful wilful blindness, where if any further doubt please look at any other issues on this site. Any included by The Learner as no doubt many others also carry attachments to show full lawful cause to these statements.

How does our any PM such as PM D Cameron MP lawfully legislatively justify taxpayer funded bodies when constant unlawful dishonesty can be shown in ever-rising issues?

Help us to help you and sign our petition for the good of all in taking PM D Cameron MP to court

Right honourable Anne Clwydd MP     17 1 13
To whom it may concern IPCC   Police reference ACC/GJP/32/C540/2012

Dear Anne Clwyd MP & IPCC       [email protected]

Police complaint to our MP Anne Clywd & IPCC
I write once again to you both in complaint in regard too the unlawful police harrassmment/intimidation I have been continually receiving. Which is from continually reporting to the police my own unlawful legal criminal offences committed against me. Also what is being deemed as white collar fraud against the taxpayer. Where the police despite any irrefutable documented evidence would prefer to unlawfully persecute any long term complainant rather than uphold the acts of UK law. My further continuing complaint is of the previous complained of PCSO and her family living in the same street as us. Of whom the IPCC and yourselves have been previously made much aware.
   The below (now attached) police reply is of an incident in which you were contacted in complaint on the same day. Where I believe the following questions should be taken into consideration on the police findings and my complaint.

1 ? In the IPCC previously finding a said Inspector Peter Thomas guilty of unlawfully obtaining our then ex-directory telphone number from BT to make intimidating telephone calls. That also included him stating he was not upholding the law despite the much much evidence the police had received because I had complained of too many people. Where the police stated to the IPCC they were taking no action against the said officer and would the IPCC give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant?

2 ? That this issue as well as all previous issues, coupled with the police request to unlawfully make me a vexatious litigant further shows this continuing malicous unlawful vindictive degrading persecution.

3 ? In the lawful fact it was reported to you on the day in question, rather than three days later when the PCSO officer called.

4 ? In the fact that despite previous requests and unlawfully denied promises, as well as in the Professional standard departments reply. No statement of any complaint has been shown or seen by me. Please Note ? Is it not the lawful right of a person who is alleged to have committed any offence lawful right to any stated of evidence?

5 ? That if this allleged abusive behaviour that is said to have taken place and in view of recent incidents media advertised. Where two PC officers had been shot in being sent to a domestic a short while prior. Why did the police send a lone PCSO slip of a female officer alone on this stated abusive complaint?

6 ? It will be further shown by the true facts of the issue which were sent in complaint on the day of the incident.
A ? E mail to Anne Clwyd dated 2 10 12 which is a statement in regard to PCSO Joanne Thomas calling in regard to my alleged abusive behaviour.

B ? E mail dated 29 9 12 and sent out to the many on the net of the day of the incident, which I also believe speaks volumes further from its factual content.

C ? E mail dated 2 10 12 and sent to Anne Clwyd MP, which states of a given time and how despite her promises PCSO Joanne Thomas had not fullfilled my request for any evidence of any complaint. Yet is this not the reason why she had called a complaint had been filed so statement must have been taken?

D ? It has to be further noted of how this first from the police was a neighbours complaint, then it was the vehicle driver (much later confirmed by PCSO in a telephone call to me) and now gone back to a neighbour as well as neighbours

E ? I refused to see any beat officer as I have done nothing wrong except report criminal offences. Where all I receivbe is continual unlawful police persecution and intimidation which has gone on for many many years.

F ?As the enclosed E mails further show I am one of an ever-rising many lawful continual complainants to the police. Which is in regard to not only my own injusties but also the unlawful; corruption wastage of taxpayers money (what is being deemed as white collar fraud). Where the police would prefer to unlawfuly maliciously degradingly persecute (as they do an ever-rising many) rather than uphold the law on these many times shown criminal offences committed by others.

G ? In regard to the investigating officers observations and conclusion I believe these and many other documented facts speak for themselves. Such as the fourty two pages of previous sent complaint letters showing some of those many many criminal offences which the police have never investigated.

Please refer to attached police reply.

Dear Anne Clwyd
Please find further evidence of the unlawful degrading persecution I am still suffering in trying to get lawful justice.

2 10 12 - Update to continuing police persecution
In or around midday to day a knock came at our door, standing there was PCSO 55270 Joanne Thomas who said she was there about a number of neighbours who have complained of me. Where in parking outside our home I went out and shouted and swore at them to move their vehicles.
   I replied this was hardly possible as I am not suicidal, in having a deteriorating health condition of the spine, heart issues, breathing issues as well as only having partial use of one hand. That if I am feeling really unwell and need to get to hospital I would not be able to walk any distance and that is what is politely explained. That 99% of the neighbours are well aware of my health and do not park outside our home. Where the only trouble we get is from visitors that do not want to reverse up the dead end street, also repeatedly from those next door but one.
   Where I then reiterated to her of what has happened below and what has gone on previous from the neighbours next door but one. (Who are the parents of Andrea Crowdey our other community police lady.)  That this is just the continuing persecution in my continually reporting the ever-rising injustice, corruption and wastage of taxpayer?s money.
   Where I would like you to please give me the names and addresses of all complainants as to refuse is unlawful in any lawful complaint.  Where the PCSO Joanne Thomas then informed me she had none of the details with her of the complainants?
She then acquired our telephone number and said she would ring back and let me know if she could give me their details? 
   I then informed her that this issue along with at least two other previous issues concerning our devious lying next door but one neighbours, have also been reported to Anne Clwyd. (On the day, not three days later when more than likely it has got back to the police for another corrupt knee jerk reaction.)
That our MP has been requested to take the all up in public complaint including the police persecution and the not upholding of the law (which was in previous sent evidence) up in parliament.

Is there any details apart from the complete lies of our community police ladies parents?
Was it any coincidence I saw their daughter visiting them yesterday?
Why has our next door neighbours also had the same or similar issues with these people and they do not speak?
   Just ask or google to see how many genuine ever-rising persecuted are and have been constantly unlawfully harassed in such a way too unlawfully degradingly discredit them.
   Is it any coincidence that in D Cameron not taking any notice of the injustice or wastage of taxpayer?s money. As well as the unlawful criminal acts committed by first minister and barrister of the Welsh assembly Carwyn Jones who again showed the same unlawful willful blindness to any injustice and wastage of taxpayers money.
   I have requested our MP Anne Clwyd too take this and much more in public complaint up in Parliament where no doubt the ever-rising shown South Wales corrupt police have been made aware. That in being made aware of my intent to take Cameron to court this injustice and wastage of taxpayers money will again rear it's lawful head and is again something they do not want.
   For further evidence of the SW Police corruption and to name just one of an ever-rising many visit Maurice Kirk Flying vet website
Also please pass on to as many as you can to get the real truth out there for the good of all
 These issues will be later posted on truth wars under (corrupt) UK police by the learner
Stop the UMVP

29 9 12 ? 10am  (Please Note ? A mail of this below incident was sent in complaint to MP Anne Clwyd on this initial day and this mail was sent out too the many on the net who have evidence of just how corrupt the police can act)
 To all
How you are deliberately degradingly treated in asking for any truth and honesty
   There used to be a time when servility was par for the course between people where now it is like most in much violent decline. Take this morning in not be able to go shopping with my good lady due to feeling unwell, I stayed at home.
   Living in a rented terraced house parking can sometimes be difficult, where in knowing my good lady was on her way home with our weekly shop.  I asked the chimney sweep who parked in front of our end of terrace home if he would please mind parking outside where he was working. Our neighbours from next door but one came out on the door and informed the chimney sweep to leave his vehicle where it was. ? Not to listen to me?
   In trying to explain how my good lady was on her way home with our weekly shopping. Our next door but one neighbour went on about how people park outside his house. Where in saying this is because you park across the road on a little piece of common land leaving your house parking place free, so is it not common sense somebody else will park there? That we use and need the parking facility outside our home, especially if I am taken ill and need to be rushed to hospital and may not be able to walk to our car. -  I was told to piss off
   This same person?s daughter who previously parked outside our home despite their being a parking place directly outside her parent?s house had been previously asked the same.  Because like the many who park outside our home she cannot reverse correctly to three doors away or up the street and despite there being a turning point right opposite her parents home.
   Where I again received the same degrading treatment of being shouted at and told she would park where she liked from this lady saying who the hell do you think you are.
   On another occasion waiting for a delivery I had placed our refuse bin in the parking place outside our home as the many in our street continually do. In hearing a loud bang I went outside and our bin had been slammed into the wall and was now on the pavement. This same lady with her mother in her car started shouting at me saying who the hell do you think you are, told me this was an offence and I cannot do it?
   Why have I had to get this on record, because those neighbours are the parents of the local community police women and I am one of the constantly persecuted?
   Where the police for some time now because they cannot unlawfully set me up and believe me over the years they have tried.  Want to make me a vexatious litigant because of continually reporting the corruption fraud and many criminal offences found in our legal services to them.
   Where if they cannot unlawfully fit you up, the genuine persecuted know how it is issues like these that are unlawfully used against the persecuted in lawful complainant. Where just like any documented evidence are taken out of any true context and unlawfully twisted too further unlawfully persecute or even section the person. Is it no wonder what our society and many communities have now become when we find no honest public duty from those said to be working on our behalf?  Where these same continual issues are now found in insurmountable evidence against anyone who asks for any stated truth and honesty in any constant complaints
   Is it any coincidence that I have just recently informed PM D Cameron that I am taking him to high court for misconduct in public office? This is in regard to the P M unlawfully ignoring the ever-rising injustice and millions wasted in white collar fraud and other wise of taxpayer?s money in the legal system. His legislation which degradingly persecutes and discriminates against the disabled under sixty five with a working partner earning over a certain amount. Plus how he has continually degradingly persecuted UK society while allowing the bankers fraud and deception too continue unlawfully procuring money under false pretences.
   Where it will be shown from the attached how he has once again further confirmed all these facts and no doubt as government policy. Where according to this unlawful policy the irrefutable documented evidence has been unlawfully sent back to the criminals for their reply... of which the same continuing persecution has been prior experienced in all my previous lawful legislative complaints
   Just ask any genuine persecuted, we do not believe in coincidences where the all has to go on record for our own safety?s sake ? Welcome to the UK = EUssr where pass the political buck is now a daily commodity issue instead of any honouring of any public duty, where again our UK acts of law are continually not upheld.
Stop the UMVP

?   Police persecution update‏
  paul ronalds
To Ann Clwyd MP
Right Honourable Anne Clwyd

Dear Anne Clwyd MP

I write without malice or any other intent than in trying to gain lawful justice of my documented evidence, showing the ever-rising injustice of which many others are unlawfully suffering as well as the sheer magnitude of wastage of taxpayer?s money found in many of these issues. (Time 8. 26 PM some eight hours after the PCSO Joanne Thomas called.)

Where in regard to the ongoing police persecution, if there would have been a police telephone call to give me the names of the supposed neighbours complaining one would think I had done something wrong, however there has been no telephone call and no names provided.

Where no doubt our antagonistic neighbour may be running around to try and get some of his life friends to make an unlawful statement, I was told the complaints had been police registered, where yet again no police proof has been shown? I shall be reporting this issue to the IPCC as I want it on police record in case of any further unlawful reprisals, which has constantly happened in the past.

Every time I have had lawful grounds to show lawful cause of the issues of injustice and wastages of taxpayer?s money through my own as well as others issues, this same degrading persecution starts from many angles. Where is there any honouring of any public duty to society in how the ever-rising many face the same unlawful persecution in reporting white collar government criminal offences while parliament continually does nothing. Yet millions of taxpayers money are being unlawfully procured from the legal aid service, where parliament if they are acting for the people should they not have a legal legislative obligation to do something about this.

For all this evidence is in black and white readable form with many files containing the criminal offences committed, where the police and as the ever-rising many can confirm continually persecute us rather than uphold the law. Where like the ever-rising many when they could not fit me up, they then wanted to make me a vexatious litigant and even asked the IPCC after they had been found guilty of making intimidating telephone calls to give them a hand.......They also admitted they were doing nothing to the officer?

Where our judicial service by their own unlawful documentation/judgments with all evidence available can again be on continual occasion to be shown corrupt and not fit for lawful purpose, where yet again Parliament like our Prime Minister does nothing.  How can this lawfully legislatively be when the law is supposed to be the basis for our society?  Does government not have any public duty towards UK society any more, for it certainly does not seem it by the uncaring attitude that has been found from multitudes of lawful legislative complaints.

Where if our UK government and Prime Minister does have any sense of any public duty may I please ask you again as our MP to raise these ever-rising issues of injustices and wastages of taxpayers in Parliament.  Where if these issues are not raised and legislatively addressed then I have no alternative but to proceed in taking the current PM to high court for misconduct in public office. For as it will be shown in evidence the advisor's to all government officials The Committee On standards in public life advise me these issues are his and his current ruling parties responsibilities.
I await your earliest reply

Paul Ronald
Stop the UMVP

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