The Justice & Government System Not Working For You

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The Justice & Government System Not Working For You
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Note The below is of some of my legal issues in which you are unlawfully persecuted if you lawfully complain of the services you receive, I am just one of an ever-rising many who can find no lawful redress from anyone.

Over the years like an ever-rising many I have contacted the all with irrefutable documented evidence, this includes every department, the police plus many individuals. In contacting all these, which includes over one hundred Lords, the same of MPs as well as many Prime Ministers including PM D Cameron MP many times. First Minister Carwyn Jones of the Welsh Assembly government, my own MPs and many more, the all has just shown an unlawful wifull blindness to the irrefutable injustice. This what is being deemed as white collar fraud is costing the taxpayer billions?
Where is this a government suppossed to be working on our behalf?

Help us to help you and take PM D Cameron MP to court for the good of all

Glamorgan Aluminium Issue & More All At The Taxpayers' Expense
In 1989 I had been subcontracting to a company called Turner Aluminium, which was taken over by the directors of Glamorgan Aluminium consequently being named Frametech. I started to subcontract to both; however, instead of fortnightly payment intervals they would now only pay after 100-day intervals, provided invoices were submitted every 90-days.

Riley Mumford & Rausa solicitors
Frametech owed me fourteen thousand pounds in lieu of unpaid wages, Glamorgan Aluminium also refused to pay me twenty two thousand pounds in lieu of owed wages. Forcing me to seek the services of Riley Mumford & Rausa, Cardiff, where I saw a solicitor by the name of Roger Riley. He instructed me my best course was to quit sub-contracting in order to obtain Legal Aid as it would cost me a fortune in costs which I did not have but was owed. Even to his dictating a letter of repudiation of contract for me to deliver to my then employers. Legal Aid forms were signed severally to pursue both Frametech and Glamorgan Aluminium. I owed the Allied Irish bank an overdraft sixteen thousand pounds. In addition to all of this, neither Frametech nor Glamorgan Aluminium paid any of my stopped Income Tax to Her Majesty's Inland Revenue Service; however following later investigations by the tax office, instigated at my request, only a small percentage of the tax owed by Glamorgan Aluminium has ever been paid.

My business partner pulled out of our business in 89/90 requiring me to employ Riley Mumford & Rausa to have the business overdraft fully secured against my property. However -

In 1987 unbeknownst to me the Inland Revenue took me to court for unpaid tax which they said i owed from 1983. On my property was placed a charge, which was accruing interest. After learning of the charge I immediately sought the services of Riley Mumford & Rausa paying the then senior partner Roger Riley the tax owed, including in excess of ?500 cash, to have the charge removed. During a much later appointment with solicitor Peter Beckerley, also of Riley Mumford & Rausa, concerning the Glamorgan Aluminium issue, I was informed something had come up; their insurers would sort it out and furthermore my paperwork relating to the removed charge was lost. A few weeks later at another appointment I was requested by Peter Beckerley to accompany him to the office of Sal Rausa.

There I was shouted at, sworn at and told I would be jailed and the key thrown away; because, according to them, I had never informed them about the outstanding Inland Revenue charge on my property. On my reminding Sal Rausa that his firm was paid to handle this issue including to remove the charge? -He verbally attacked me, swearing at me he threatened to call the police, have me locked up and the key thrown away, then threw me out of his office. In all fairness I can say I was utterly stunned and, having left their offices, promptly returned after recovering, with a view to taking possession of my files. The receptionist, prevaricating, explained that nobody was in the office, which was despite all their cars being parked outside? Within the following week and a half I called in person to Riley Mumford & Rausa's office only to be repeatedly told nobody was there.  So I informed them I would be going to the police to report their unlawful conduct, which I did with all the evidence.

After this I received a telephone call from Roger Riley asking me what was going on? A meeting was subsequently booked for about 15:30 the following afternoon. Roger Riley did not materialise. A fortnight later I learned he had been arrested on the day of the appointment for fraud and deception and was later struck off. My files were still unobtainable. Riley Mumford & Rausa ignored all my communications, continuing to hold my files hostage. In dire frustration I contacted bodies including the Legal Aid Board (later renamed Legal Services Commission), the Solicitors' Complaints Bureau (later renamed Office of Supervision of Solicitors), the local police, and many more. Nobody wanted to help. Note Roger Riley appealed his being struck off and is now a salaried solicitor working for Lloyd and Rowe Cardiff. Where I have been contacted by another that show he is still up to his old unlawful tricks?

Corruption and cover up:

In order to transfer the business overdraft from my partner's property to my own I had to swear an affidavit (1989) with Riley Mumford & Rausa solicitors stating no charges were placed against my property. This turned out to be untrue because, unbeknownst to me, Riley Mumford & Rausa had not applied to have the Inland Revenue charge removed, as instructed and paid to do. At the time (1987) I was assured that task had been completed. Can you spot the fraud?

On the strength of my affidavit Riley Mumford & Rausa instructed the Allied Irish Bank that it was safe to secure my overdraft facility against my property. By law, it was not.

Although applied to be removed this charge had to remain in place for a probationary three years, preventing Riley Mumford & Rausa at that point (1989) instructing the Allied Irish Bank to secure the overdraft facility against my property. This was why solicitor Peter Beckerley had stated their insurance company would have to deal with this illegality, and therefore obviously what caused solicitor Sal Rausa to erupt in such a vitriolic and vituperous way.  (Did they any have insurance???)

During this time I wrote in lawful complaint to the all in regard to the unlawful conduct of these solicitors. ? All to no avail

Solicitor Richard Fischer (Leighton Loughor, Cardiff)
In this time I engaged the services of solicitor Richard Fischer of Leighton Loughor, Cardiff. It took him many, many months to obtain Legal Aid for me, so I had to pay for an initial land registry search.  Which I had immediately requested on gaining his services and of which revealed no Inland Revenue charge on my then property?  Conveniently a hearing was called for by the AIB bank to repossess my then home, Richard Fischer said he could (conveniently) do nothing without legal aid, so I attended the county court hearing alone.  In a basement room in the now old county court which looked like an old washroom (down stairs last on right if you go in from Westgate street entrance) containing only three chairs and an old desk.  I know now this was no court room, just as I know the judgement given was not fit for lawful purpose. It was said, the (unregistered) undated Inland Revenue charge had to run until 1993, before the AIB bank could register their charge to repossess my home. Under the law, the AIB bank charge could not be lawfully registered until the Inland Revenue charge had been applied for lawful discharge. As this had not been lawfully carried out by Riley Mumford and Rausa my then acting solicitors. It should have been placed through their insurance as their negligence caused this, but that was not to be the lawful case ?

The unlawful criminal acts committed by unlawful not fit for lawful purpose corrupt courts, to unlawfully protect the criminal acts of these solicitors, meant I could not even sell my then home to pay off the bank overdraft.

My home of over twelve years with well over forty thousand pounds in equity was unlawfully taken away in May 93, where again my complaints to the all, found the same unlawful willing blindness to these many malicious criminal offences. Richard Fischer did absolutely nothing of benefit for me ? including over the twelve month period of not obtaining all my files? - The usual story. I left Leighton Loughor after 12 months (circa), (Note) later learning the firm was shut down and Leighton Loughor struck off owing to their other fraudulent activities.

(Note I would also ask the reader to note that this unlawful repossession of people?s property is happening in ever rising instances all over the UK. it has been part of the UMVP to an ever-rising many and is well complained of on the net)

Solicitors Keith Thomas & Partners
Next I engaged the services of solicitors Keith Thomas & Partners (KTP), of Pontypridd. As a result of the ineptitude of their employee, solicitor Geoff Kitchen, I lost access to my son. (The police have been constantly asked to interview Geoff kitchen due to again the unlawful criminal actions of RMR solicitors of which he and his then secretary June witnessed ? they again took no lawful action despite the overwhelming evidence?) Their other employee, solicitor Nigel Jones, adopted my Glamorgan Aluminium issue. He eventually obtained the Glamorgan Aluminium file from Riley Mumford & Rausa. After around 9 months he jumped ship to establish his own firm, Nigel Jones & Co, in Cardiff Bay, unnaturally the Glamorgan Aluminium file stayed with Keith Thomas & Partners. A solicitor's clerk was appointed in Nigel Jones's absence, albeit I had been led to believe he was more than a clerk. A clerk who also unlawfully led me astray in regard to an investigation into the now two said signed documents in regard to this charge that had emerged - One dated the other undated.

(Note) Another many, many months of wasted time with many further lawfully questionable actions from these solicitors and their appointed clerk, including his advice to question my signature on the said signed charge. Like the ever-rising many finding my issues had not been acted upon in my best interests, I complained on a given appointment to one of their solicitors, again no lawful response. Which is irrespective of under the UK law and of their job description that they are lawfully to act in your best interest - I decided to resume the employment of Nigel Jones at his new firm?

Solicitor Nigel Jones (Nigel Jones & Co, Cardiff)
Nigel Jones, in keeping with the tradition of all my previous solicitors, I had a hard time in trying to obtain my files from previous firms. Over several months we went through all documentation (at this stage provided by me) causing him to suggest we obtain Legal Aid certificates to conduct investigations into the Allied Irish Bank, and the practices of previous solicitors. For he stated he previously worked for the solicitors complaints board and he knew it was a waste of time complaining to them? He kept up the pretence of investigating for around three years; turned a witness against me on an interview to carry on receiving Legal Aid funding. Told me I had to scratch his back if he was to scratch mine (for him to work for me?) and asked me to collect money on behalf of one of his clients? Unlawfully called me into his office via telephone, on a bank holiday, just to show off the bar he was having built upstairs in his office for private clients. Then on my getting an investigation started in regard to the GA/Frametech unpaid tax, he later unlawfully claimed he did this himself. Following on from many appointments where it was becoming clear to me that Nigel Jones did not have my interests at heart, I felt the only option left was to sack him. How much money do five Legal Aid certificates cost the taxpayer? He drew Legal Aid, promised the stars, and provided nothing.

This same solicitor later committed six sexual offences against female estate agents saying if you scream I will kill you ? He served a few months jail, was fined five hundred pounds and is still practicing

Solicitor Richard Payne (then Evans & Payne, now Richard Payne & Co, Cardiff)
Next up was solicitor Richard Payne, then of Evans & Payne, Cardiff, who again requested all paperwork in my own possession because he has having a hard time obtaining my files from previous firms. His initial efficient performance included taking over the Legal Aid certificate for negligence against my previous solicitors. His attitude changed when he contacted my previous solicitor Nigel Jones in regard to my legal issues. He unlawfully refused to obtain my bank accounts on which I had evidence the bank employee Tom had unlawfully colluded to alter my bank accounts. Despite my further many requests he only allowed me three appointments in one year, my many complaints to James Evans the senior partner, still found an unlawful willing blindness from Richard.

The senior partner, James Evans, then suddenly quit the company to work from home and it was at this time that Richard Payne continually asked was I ?an upright person or on the square (Masonic terms)?? (Note Coincidentally, it was around this time Nigel Jones? picture was appearing on Crime watch for carrying out these six sexual assaults on female estate agents)

The company then became Richard Payne & Co. It took him three years to obtain a hearing date against Glamorgan Aluminium, and then he did not comply with the barrister?s request of a pre-trial review. He sent papers to the barrister only one month before the date of hearing to gain the barristers requested pre-trial review, which could then not be carried out. In the barrister again receiving the rest of my papers only two days prior to hearing from Richard Payne, Glamorgan Aluminium then suddenly offered a sum which would not even cover my legal aid costs. This barrister then stated he had a ?gut feeling? and caused my Legal Aid to be stopped the day before the hearing. Eight favourable barrister's reports and nine years of pre-hearing theatrics terminated by the "gut feeling" of a barrister! Where Richard could now not conveniently act for me, due to my legal aid being unlawfully stopped, so informed me he was obliged to take the offer?

Where if all his actions were in my best interest, why then did I later receive a demand from the AIB bank, stating I still owed them thirteen thousand some odd hundred pounds? Plus this same bank had had an investigation in regard to their fraud and deception and was media reported. So where was his lawfully acting in my best interest?

During this same time solicitor Richard Payne also stopped the Legal Aid certificate for negligence against my former solicitors and sent the closure notice to my old address whilst corresponding with us at our new address.
(Note Again the police were sent irrefutable documented evidence and lawfully requested to interview James Evans in regard to my issue and of the real reason for his leaving ? again the same unlawful wilful blindness to any public duty or the law?)

Over Nine years of solicitors doing nothing but using the legal aid system as a cash machine and none of my issues ever resolved no matter what the evidence.  Where in trying to bring this issue into the public domain, I like an ever-rising many have suffered nothing but unlawful UMVP from the all. Including as some of the ever-rising many, our home being unlawfully entered and documentation unlawfully removed, or replaced?

Please Note The police were continually contacted throughout carried out an investigation into my signature vis the appointed clerk from solicitor kieth Thomas and partners. Where the all was then unlawfully used against me to protect their previous unlawful acts.

Where further UMVP was waiting just around the corner, of which the many of the ever-rising many can confirm, is what you sometimes unlawfully receive for your lawful complaints of the legal services. Which came again to me from corrupt solicitors, corrupt not fit for lawful purpose courts by way of a Wales and West association housing disrepair hearing. Where they, their acting solicitors (clerk) and certain judges again unlawfully colluded to unlawfully pervert the course of justice
Housing disrepair issue against Wales and West Housing Association

I should like to start by inviting you to look at the Attached photo presentationI made and previously sent to the all. You shall observe my then current residence, Hillside Court, is in a dastardly state of repair. This building houses 48 self-contained apartments, and is overall managed by an organisation, which enjoys charitable status ? the Wales and West Housing Association.

The photographs lay before you some of the extent of the structural damage to Hillside Court. The Wales and West Housing Association, numerous courts, solicitors and government departments are denying this damage. For eleven years, at great cost to tax payers, the evidence has been unlawfully suppressed.  Was this also due to the fact and like the ever-rising many as my punishment for my now many justified lawful complaints? And, or, also, that the then P M Blair and the cash strapped Labour Government wished to borrow 2.8 billion pounds through these housing associations?

Furthermore, like the many, I have been unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecuted for well over thirty years in each of my legal cases.  Where the government criminally refuse too honour their public duty on any injustice or the still vast ongoing wastage of taxpayer?s money
Please Note ? The references, page numbers mentioned below pertain to yet another fresh application (at the tax payers' expense) concerning this structural damage. Filed under claim number 6CF03573 at the Cardiff County Court on 27th April 2006, for a high court hearing, which was because of the unlawful criminal actions of the first application Please Note This 73 page application is attached to this article and irefutably shows the many criminal offences committed

The first application, number CF 205749, was unlawfully struck out by district judge Regan, when after eleven years solicitors clerk Rebecca Rees, of Hugh James solicitors, acting for WWHA - Called for an assessment hearing in knowing I had no solicitor, because my legal aid had again been unlawfully stopped?  The judge totally ignored all of my documented, photographic evidence (more later), and their many criminal offences to award costs against me?

Norwood Court
On account of my disabilities (spinal problems etc.) The Wales and West Housing Association first allocated me an apartment at Norwood Court in 1993. The uppermost floor was dedicated to persons with severely impoverished states of mind. Several of those residents regularly defecated and urinated in the building hallways. From the beginning of my stay at Norwood Court these horrendous conditions were raised to the attention of the Wales and West Housing Association in the romantic hope of proper attendance to the problems. In addition to those residents who were decorating the hallways with faecal and urinal matter, the heating system was ineffective, contributing to widespread damp within the property.

Further evidence of unlawful acts from solicitor Nigel Jones
Following the cavalier response by the Wales and West Housing Association towards my complaints, which were corroborated by many other residents in the building, the services of solicitor Nigel Jones, formerly of Nigel Jones & Co, Cardiff, were sought. Nigel Jones immediately responded to the request for his engagement. (He was at this time also acting for me in my other above mentioned legal issues) His first course of action was to gather a plethora of photographic evidence, in addition to interviewing many of the residents. Sadly Nigel Jones failed to complete the task he undertook, having waited many months before bothering to mention that Legal Aid was unobtainable for this matter.

It is likely Nigel Jones had been in receipt of Legal Aid throughout this time. Arising from my growing suspicions of this and other issues I contacted the Legal Services Commission (then known as the Legal Aid Board). My attempts to confirm this and many other complaints have been stonewalled by the Legal Services Commission and others. One particular meeting with the Legal Services Commission at Marland House, Cardiff, a Mr Glyn Jones and a supervisor not only refused to supply copies of my Legal Aid certificates but threatened me with eviction from the building should I refuse to leave. Mr Glyn Jones promised at that meeting, to send the Legal Aid certificates by post. They never arrived. My subsequent attempts to obtain them have been ignored.
Hammond Way

In or around 1995/1996, owing to my developing complaints against the Wales and West Housing Association, I was offered the option of a house or an apartment within an estate called Hammond Way. This option was later rescinded whereupon I was told my needs did not justify being given a house. I objected to being moved to an apartment owing to my previous ordeals ? enduring sleepless nights hearing the neighbours' beds bouncing off the floorboards, to say the least, was unsuitable. It was reiterated to the Wales and West Housing Association that my disabilities also made it highly inappropriate for me to reside in an apartment. These objections resulted in my being granted a house.
Hammond Way was an utter den of iniquity with such disturbances as thugs attacking old ladies, site supervisors being bullied by the Wales and West Housing Association, widespread damp, heating system failures, general disrepair of paint-work and fittings, my car being vandalised, bricks thrown at my windows and drug-dealers who were under police protection, to name but a few.

Solicitor Roger Riley
History repeating itself! I contacted solicitor Roger Riley, then of Crowley & Co, City Road, Cardiff, in the vain hope that I might be assisted in moving to suitable accommodation. For on a chance meeting after he came out from jail he had informed me that he was set up by his former partner Sal Rausa. That he was really sorry to hear what had happened to me, and if there was ever anything he could do to help me?  For he had appealed against being struck off and although could not return in charge of his old firm, he was now practicing again from a solicitors office (Anthony Crowley) in City Road Cardiff. As was the style of Nigel Jones in this issue, Roger Riley messed me around for several years. In this time he gained only two reports, one by a heating engineer (a former gas board official) and the other by a barrister; these both substantiated my claims.

He then moved to a firm called Lloyd & Rowe, also of City Road, Cardiff, without informing me. This again left my issue in hanging in stale air for several months. Upon finally calling in person to Crowley & Co I learned of his having jumped ship. An appointment was subsequently booked with Roger Riley at his new firm. At this time I learned Crowley & Co had refused to release my file into the care of Roger Riley, my acting solicitor. I granted an undertaking at Roger Riley?s request in order that the file held by Crowley & Co would be released.

Later that day (unbeknownst to Roger Riley) I called upon the offices of Crowley & Co to iron out my disappointment at their conduct. I then learned from Mike Ford, an ex-policeman in their employ, that Roger Riley (as solicitor Nigel Jones should have) ought to have taken my case file with him, as is common practice. Mike promised to have a word with Mr Crowley about sending my file onwards to Roger Riley. It took several weeks to confirm receipt of the file. Once this was confirmed a second appointment with Roger Riley was arranged.

At this meeting I was told a second report on the condition of Hammond Way was proving difficult to have commissioned, therefore upon my own initiative I contacted Capital Damp Proofing and arranged for them to supply a report. At a later appointment with Roger Riley I was told proceedings against the Wales and West Housing Association could now be started as that the report from Capital Damp Proofing had been received.

Over the passing months it became clear to me that Roger Riley was again mishandling these proceedings causing me to transfer the housing matter into the hands of solicitor Richard Payne, then of Evans & Payne, Cardiff, who incidentally was also then handling my Glamorgan Aluminium matter and other issues.

Predictably Roger Riley did not comply with the abundance of requests of him to hand over the files, neither was he there on an appointment I made. This left me no choice but to retrieve them in person, where in entering his empty office.  I found loose bundles of paper rather than files, which was confirmed when other solicitors entered the office to help me. Thereupon the files/loose bundles were immediately delivered into the hands of solicitor Richard Payne. A letter dated 15th November 2000 written by Richard Payne to me states, " appears that the only previous notification of complaint was by Lloyd & Rowe's letter to the Wales and West of 12th May 2000..."

It is important to note the first request for my files from Roger Riley was in or around April/May 2000.  Where was he acting in my best interests for several years if the first time he contacted WWHA or their solicitors was when I requested my files to be sent to another solicitor? Please note This letter is in the attached second application and apologies for any scuff marks as this is how they are sent to you when they wish to cover up any injustice, it is however quite readable. As is much of the other mentioned criminal activities committed against me by the various

(Please NoteJust as in my being contacted (09) by a person who was having the same many unlawful issues from Roger Riley of now Lloyd and Rowe, in regard to his late aunts will?)

Coincidentally, despite his many promises, Richard Payne also failed to advance this matter.

All through this time further solicitors were contacted and engaged: Morgan?s solicitors; Rees, Wood & Terry solicitors, each of Cardiff. Documentation will show the illegal suppression of incriminating evidence; collusion and deception committed by each firm and the courts (District Judges Carson & Regan) to illegally award over sixteen thousand pounds in costs against me.

During this time the Wales and West Housing Association (WWHA) was given charitable status, our home was again illegally entered and my documentation was tampered with. Richard Payne in his letter of 24th August 2001 to the Wales and West Housing Association encloses to them a letter from Groupama Insurance "...which demonstrates that WWHA stated insurance company are unable to assist at all." The Wales and West Housing Association nevertheless did charge its tenants and leaseholders for insurance.

Further evidence of deception and the collusion between the courts and solicitors is apparent from a letter dated 2nd October 2002 from the Wales and West Housing Association's acting solicitor?s clerk, Rebecca Rees of Hugh James, Cardiff, requesting yet another structural survey merely because the existing structural surveys were being unlawfully suppressed. (Note It is a criminal offence to unlawfully withhold structural surveys, i,e. Stated evidence)

A letter dated 13th January 2003 from Hugh James himself acting for the Wales and West Housing Association to my then solicitors Morgan?s stating he is pleased to note that my solicitors have now agreed to a single joint structural survey. This shows my acting solicitors Morgan?s actively engaging in the suppression of the existing professional reports, and colluding with Hugh James in the unnecessary creating of further reports.(more later)

To show how far the unlawful corruption extends I can offer you as evidence a false forged judgement dated 17th June 2005 said to be from the London Court of Appeal(The Royal Courts of Justice). Where bailiffs (Cardiff solicitors, and not the courts bailiffs) were unlawfully sent to our home to take possession of goods?  Upon further complaint to the Cardiff and London courts for appeal for a rehearing of this judgement it was unlawfully denied?  I then received a judgement of given appeal, however - This transcribed judgement is at unlawful variance with the judgement delivered orally by judge Lord Sedley, specifically in paragraph 8 where the transcription does not reflect his actual words, which, to the best of my knowledge were "the only legal recourse that I can give you is appeal to a CIRCUIT judge."  Not a county court judge as this received appeal states?

In knowing this falsified appeal would only render me to further unlawful malicious persecution in this original application (CF205749).  I with help then made a DVD film showing this housing disrepair.  I further instigated petitions from most of the other residents (95%) of Hillside Court, which clearly showed their opinions of this housing disrepair not being addressed.  With quite a few signing a further petition to state of the damp and mould also in their properties.  A new application was then issued to the court with this evidence and the irrefutable evidence of the criminal acts committed and given case number (6CF 03573) Please Note As previously stated please see attached to this article 2nd application and photo slideshow presentation

Due to the criminal offences committed in these issues and as the law requires I requested a high court hearing. This hearing was unlawfully conducted by district (not a High Court judge) judge Hendicott, who first unlawfully used the name Hickinbottom, on the 2 August 06, at the Cardiff county Court. Please NoteAttached to this file Witness testimony will show of how again all of this (and other) evidence has been unlawfully ignored and suppressed by the court, to unlawfully award costs against me? 

Of which this attached documented, photographed and filmed evidence will show I should never lawfully owe? It includes witness statements of the judge first using a false name of Hickinbottom, and further criminally suppressing evidence? (Note It has also now been found on several occasions in other people?s issues of corrupt Cardiff judges using false names whilst taking hearings

Further Televised Evidence ? Due to my own and other complaints of housing associations, Wales This Week, broadcast their concern regarding these WWHA issues Including WWHA leaving a resident dead in their sheltered accommodation for over two days?
Over this period of time, I have been further maliciously and unlawfully persecuted in other ways by the Cardiff mafia of solicitors, judges and police ?
Disability Issue at the taxpayers' expense: 2002 to 2005
On 6th February 1992 at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary I underwent a spinal fusion operation performed by the late David Jenkins, in the cervical area of my spine (viz neck) owing to vast amounts of pain and paralysis of my legs. On 10th February 1993, because of Mr Jenkins' unsuccessful work, which left me in more pain than before, I underwent corrective surgery by a neuro- surgeon Mr Vaffides.

Documented evidence will again show of how the Cardiff mafia of solicitors and judges used their fellow brethren on the DWP appeals board, to further unlawfully persecute me (Which again can be confirmed by an ever-rising many as being part of their UMVP)

The Department for Work and Pensions refused to renew my Disability Living Allowance ("DLA") when it expired in September 2002. Cardiff Appeal Services handled the appeal, where the solicitor unlawfully refused to pay heed to the medical evidence presented. However, legal grounds for further appeals were available and pursued. A DLA board approved doctor, Dr Lindsay Elliot, examined me on 11th December 2002 and, in her report stated and printed clearly I was 100% disabled. Cardiff Appeal Services' solicitors nevertheless again refused to renew my DLA commenting the report was "hard to understand."

A further report was filed by a biomechanics specialist and sent to my GP?s surgery dated 30th July 2003  From this report I had to undergo a further two operations on my feet, which was due to the further deterioration of my lower spine (Halux valgus).  That report was also ignored and my DLA refused; yet after each costly hearing I had legal grounds for appeal. My papers eventually ended up for decision with the commissioners whom I had informed of this ongoing wilful persecution. I stated it would be published to the public domain on the Internet. I then received a three-page letter dated 25th March 2005 was thereafter received, of which from medical records reinstates my benefit indefinitely?

Documented evidence also shows of further lies and deception from the DWP in several other different forms, which again caused us much UMVP. Just as it can be shown how the DWP appeals amalgamated these eight hearings to look as if only two had taken place?

Over Twenty one years in total of solicitors misusing taxpayers' money in Legal Aid and all my documented evidence being ignored by my solicitors, the courts, and various other bodies. 
This same unlawful misuse of the taxpayer funded legal aid and definite negligence of solicitors, has been reported by an ever-rising many all over the UK. Where most if not all has found the same unlawful wilful blindness, to any lawful redress, yet under the law it is a criminal offence ? Called unlawful procurement of money under false pretences, which is tantamount to fraud and deception and carries a jail term of seven to ten years?

Confirmation Mr Blair and the Labour Party have placed themselves above the law
During the course of this time I had been writing to all government departments of complaint regarding this unlawful persecution. Inclusive to higher government of the wastage of taxpayer?s money, and criminal offences committed, but again to no avail.  My complaints to my local MP, Jenny Willott and councillor Judith Woodman, regarding the undisclosed surveys also received an unlawful wilful blindness of public duty?

So under the law) I issued eleven applications against Mr Blair, & ten others involved in these unlawful malicious degrading issues for misconduct in public office.  These applications were issued partly on the following lawful grounds - To form the basis of any society, and for that society to exist, it has to have a form of ruling government, for that government to work on behalf of its society, it has to have laws. When the government and justice system place themselves above those laws, where is the basis for that UK society?

From here on, it is more unlawful persecution from the court, where judge Hickinbottom with Hendicott, pass judgements with no hearings and amalgamates the eleven separate issued UK government applications. To further state they may be struck out under the power of the court as having no merit (Note Little or no evidence has yet been served, so under the law this is unlawful collusion to pervert the course of justice and is again a criminal offence?). 

As stated previously district judge Hendicott unlawfully using the name judge Hickinbottom unlawfully sat for the housing disrepair hearing of the 2 August 06. In the middle of this housing disrepair hearing passes an unlawful judgment in staying my eleven applications against the UK government for misconduct in public office.

Despite my lawful protest they are contrary to the housing disrepair hearing being heard, this is unlawful.  He stated I do not care I am staying them anyway, and if you object to this and my judgement of the housing disrepair, I will make you a vexatious litigant? He unlawfully refused my second application for this housing disrepair, unlawfully ignored all the filmed evidence and the 95% of the residents stating they like myself wanted this housing disrepair to be addressed. He then informed me that all previous costs have to be paid for, before I can have any appeal or before he will consider my new application. That I need to tidy up my new application before I resubmit it, and if I try to appeal any of his orders he will make me a vexatious litigant.
My many lawful arguments, including of how you can lawfully charge me costs for an issue that you yourself admit has not had a final judgement, again found an unlawful wilful blindness to any honest justice of the UK law.  Just as my question of do you mean by tidy up the application is too take out all the shown criminal offences committed by others? - I then just received a slight nod and a smirk from judge Hendicott.

Again all complaints to government find an unlawful willing blindness, to my lawful complaints ?The court also would not allow me my court presented appeal, to their unlawful actions, stating I should make any appeal on the day of the hearing.

The court instructions stated all eleven government applications should file defence by the 24 July 08 ?Not one filed until the 5 August 06?

In the court hearing of October 06, witness testimony will show of how I made objection to the late filing of all defence. - Where judge Hickinbottom had to ask the now single government defence solicitor, if this was true ? he did not know either?  Where instead of my lawfully winning my issues under the law by unlawful default of the defence in their late filing - Judge Hickinbottom unlawfully stated this was of no relevance and continued to criminally and unlawfully place high costs against me, (knowing of my disabling condition and being on benefits) ordered them to be paid within seven days. He also placed civil restraint orders against me to stop the real truth from prevailing; stating any appeal had to have his personal permission?  When I stated of my rights to complain he stated ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?

The House of Lords has refused me a judicial review, and my lawful request for trial by jury, where they unlawfully recommend that I go back to the Royal courts of justice. Which is despite, under the law, I have an unlawful conflict of interest of the false forged judgements from the RCJ?  Documented evidence shows of how the Prime Minister stated in December 09, this was the responsibility of HM courts service to whom they had forwarded my lawful complaint and they would reply ? To date I am still waiting?

Upon later sending my further complaints to the courts complaint procedure, they sent my evidence back to me in a plain envelope, then Paulette James OBE sent me a letter stating my claim could not be substantiated as I had sent no evidence and should not say such things? 

Coincidentally the police over all this time having been furnished with five separate full box files of evidence, plus much other over recent times and have unlawfully never upheld the law? (They also filed a late defence to my mentioned above served eleven applications?)

In my later complaint of how they were unlawfully withholding my files, they have only ever returned one file to me and made me sign a receipt, but still have not upheld the law. I have had much further unlawful malicious vindictive persecution from the police, which still continues today? 

This includes in my continually sending them the mentioned repeated fresh evidence of these continuing criminal offences. ? A Police inspector Peter Thomas unlawfully obtaining our then x directory telephone number to make intimidating tel calls to me. Including saying they were taking no action because i had complained of too many people? The IPCC found him guilty, the police said they were taking no action and would the IPCC give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant?

Much documented evidence will show, from this issue and that of an ever-rising many other peoples, it is just as judge G Hickinbottom stated, ?No Government department of complaint (rarely) does work on behalf of the public??  (Neither in ever-rising issues does the government?)

On many complaints of the police the taxpayer funded IPCC also showed an unlawful willing blindness to much documentation, but upheld one of my complaints ? Where the police said they will take no action and the IPCC cannot lawfully enforce them to do so ? So what is the point of the taxpayer funding such an organisation which costs the taxpayer billions?

I had at this time an ongoing complaint against the police with another taxpayer funded organisation called the ?Investigatory Powers Tribunal?, who also investigates our secret service organisations.  Where they ask you to send your evidence through them to the police but you are (conveniently) not entitled too any evidence the police send them about you? - Which to me screams the lawful question of discrimination and prejudice as well as a complete violation to our rights and the UK constitution? So what good and what lawful sense is a taxpayer funded one sided investigation into the police, who are well reported on the net (and much in the media) to be continually unlawfully fitting up an ever-rising many?
   In such as how a police inspector unlawfully obtains our then ex-directory telephone number to unlawfully taunt me on the telephone, taunting the police will take no lawful action because I have complained of too many people.
   Or as in my later contact (2010), enclosing all this evidence and more, with the new SW police Chief Peter Vaughn. Where his divisional superintendant Dawn Hubbard writes in reply, an officer will look into your concerns, and update you if there is any progress to report. ? To date I have had no reply?

Not even the new Supreme Court works on UK societies behalf, for just as she did in the House of Lords, Louise de Mambro now registrar of the Supreme Court, has again refused me my lawful requested hearing. ? So what good is it to the taxpayer if we have a supreme court (said to be the last resort of UK Justice) who will not lawfully address the irrefutable shown corruption of their own services - They are unlawfully violating their own legislation, their court rules, that of the judges concerned oaths and the laws of the UK, including the UK constitution? ? So how much is this continual unlawful corruption of the courts costing the UK taxpayers? ? Billions!!!!

All Prime Ministers to date can be shown in documented evidence to unlawfully ignore their own advisors, the committee on standards in Public Life. Who previously stated this injustice and sheer wastage of taxpayer?s money is their responsibility? How much is this further government unlawful malicious corruption costing the taxpayers? = Billions !!!!

Documented evidence will further show of how well over one hundred MP?s and one hundred Lords have been contacted with all this evidence in regard to this continual corruption and injustice. ? Including D Cameron and the first minister of the Welsh Assembly Carwyn Jones - All have shown an unlawful wilful blindness to any honouring of any public duty and the law ? Which should be the basis of UK society for the lawful right of the people?

As stated the all contacted have either unlawfully ignored or unlawfully used unlawful government legislation too unlawfully override the basis of UK society, the law? ? Yet we the taxpayer pays their salaries and the extra cost of all these unlawful acts being forever questioned by an ever-rising many persecuted.

Other documented issues:  Which the same or similar is happening to an ever rising many because they lawfully request honest public duty and honest lawful justice

How Riley Mumford & Rausa solicitors gained an access order for my son yet chose not to enforce it. Then unlawfully refused to send my sons file to solicitor Geoff Kitchen of Keith Thomas & partners Pontypridd, because of this I lost in court - I have not seen my son in well over twenty years.

How Riley Mumford & Rausa solicitors caused me to pay back over ?900 to the Benefits Agency, which I should not have owed. Because solicitor of RMR Peter Beckerly did not notify me and forgot to turn up in court

My late father contracted cancer which put a strain on my parent?s marriage so they were divorcing and he had to see a solicitor. He was refused legal aid by his acting solicitor whilst diagnosed terminally with cancer.  Where when i questioned this solicitor in a meeting of this being against the law, he told my father I had to leave or his appointment could not go on?  His body was later unlawfully stolen from his place of rest by my sister on her forging documentation, where again the police did nothing despite the overwhelming evidence. In how my terminally ill father's quality of life was shortened and estate was plundered by way of my brother in law a conveyance solicitor.   Whilst all other legal?s contacted too lawfully help again just used the legal aid service as a cash machine? Which included Roger Riley formerly of RMR now of Lloyd and Rowe City Road Cardiff who sent a cheque from my late fathers estate to our old address while conversing with us at our then new address

In continually requesting the honouring of any public duty to uphold the law to what is being deemed as this white collar fraud and costing the taxpayer billions, you can also be unlawfully persecuted in many other ways by the corrupt in Government -

Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) previously refused me housing benefit despite a benefits officer informing me I should be entitled.
   RCT despite many requests would not supply explanation why my partner?s poll tax is in my name, when my only source of income is my DLA benefit? How they will also not supply us with an understandable account of how much poll tax my partner should be paying? Or why my below zero cold payments have been stopped and they will again not reply in explanation.
How the DWP overpaid us by their own negligence and then tried to maliciously rest the blame with us ? Where in taking back the monies they then took more than they should on at least two occasions. How they also maliciously hold back cold weather payments from last year as well as this year (2012) 

This persecution can also happen in many, many other instances where the ever-rising many claim of unlawful corrupt Masonic Star Chamber courts. Which are unlawfully used to further unlawfully punish any complainant and protect the corrupt?  Even a barrister has made claim he has never been made a judge because he will not join the masons?

Author: Paul J Ronald

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