Letter to Baron Heseltine of Thenford

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Letter to Baron Heseltine of Thenford
« on: March 18, 2017, 04:05:10 PM »
Baron Heseltine of Thenford .                 17-3-17
My Lord,
I was appalled by the comments you made following being released from your duties as a government advisor .
On ( Budget Day ) when speaking to the media, you revealed a staggering misunderstanding of our constitution, and if yours is a commonly held view in the upper chamber,  it goes quite someway towards explaining why our governmental system has declined to its present state of ridicule .    
In each interview ( I saw two ) you declared that you considered it your duty to defend : the sovereignty of Parliament  - pardon, should that have been : the Nation  ?
At a Referendum : the people speak and all power is vested in the People.  and government can receive no more authoritative a directive, as it transcends both houses .
Parliament is not Sovereign, the Sovereign is Sovereign  - - Parliament is transient ,  the Monarchy permanent  – hence the declaration :  The King is dead – Long Live the King  !
ALL POWER  of governance is held by the Crown under contract to the People  - -  The People alone entrust that power to the Monarch - -  who accepts it via the Coronation Oath,  and then calls a parliament to act as an administration in : Her or His Name.
Government ignorance of our evolved Constitution was evident in our only previous major Referendum in 1975 , when a compromised Harold Wilson was told by the world power brokers that : we were not leaving the EEC and that he should inform the nation accordingly, which he did through James Callaghan as I recall – it was a FIX, but it was kept from the electorate .  
Sadly, our current Westminster Whitehall incumbents, the iphone generation,  find our Constitutional concept too subtle, and for decades the Commons have found it convenient to allow the electorate to believe ( as you do ) that it is sovereign, thus allowing it to by-pass the Head of State, who in turn does not protest.
Yours respectfully,                                 Peter J McHugh 

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