Your Government Not Working For You - Taken to Court on Unconfirmed Evidence

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The following issue is of how many people are unlawfully maliciously vindictively persecuted (UMVP) when you continually ask for any honest justice of your documented evidence. Also if you complain of what is being deemed as white collar fraud, which is the unlawful procurement and misuse of taxpayers money which annually runs into billions of pounds. Where if they cannot get at you one way they will get you another, where the all then cast an unlawful wilful blindness to any injustice as well as again the sheer wastage of taxpayers money?

Issues like these of being taken to court on unconfirmed evidence are only the beginning of what we can expect under NWO EUssr rule where you are presumed guilty to all charges prior to any hearing.

The court documents are attached in file to this issue as well as the letter showing this issue was (Unlawfully) taken to court on unconfirmed evidence. 

Where it would not have mattered to the presiding deputy judge that the NHS did not even turn up in court or that there was no evidence to confirm. Where as you will read if it was not for four other people who turned up in court with me, it would have been just the same continual UMVP. Of unlawful acts costs and high fines as I have continually unlawfully received in the past. To those people I will be ever grateful

How does our any PM such as D Cameron MP lawfully legislatively justify taxpayer funded bodies when constant unlawful dishonesty can be shown in ever-rising issues?

Help us to help you and sign our petition In taking PM D Cameron MP to court for the good of all

Index and chronology of documentation
Of court issue Claim No 1XB35031
Now transferred to Merthyr Tydfil Court

Page 1 ? Dated 22 August 11, Notice of counterclaim

Page 2 ? Claim form, Claim Number 1XB 35031

Page 3 ? Allocation questionnaire comprising three joined pages 

Page 4 ? Index and chronology of file

Pages  5 to 6 ? Doc 1 & 2 - Statement of truth of P Ronald

Page 7 ? Doc 3 ? Copy of HC2 NHS certificate, allowing us free NHS treatment

Page 8 ? Doc 4 ? Dated 3 May 11, letter from NHS to me, showing they have no confirmation for me to pay any dental charges

Page 9 ? Doc 5 ? Dated 19 July 210. Letter from HM Revenue and Customs showing our entitlement to tax credits during period NHS wish to chare me for dental treatment

Pages 10 to 19 ? Doc 6 to 16 ? Sporadic Media headlines showing the continual negligence of the NHS towards UK society, as well as further unlawful acts committed.

Page 20 ? In the folder marked page twenty is a Computer disc which encloses the full copies of the main media headlines that are made reference too in this issue. Where it should be asked of the court to please take the all into account prior to any judgement

Statement of Truth of P Ronald
Re court case No 1XB35031

My Name is P Ronald I am a sixty two year old male with a deteriorating disabling condition and reside at the sent court order address, where I truthfully state the following. - 

The NHS deem that I am liable for dental charges and whilst enquires to them were still ongoing issued a court order against me for these charges. I dispute these charges on the following lawful grounds - That this claim is erroneous as well prejudicially malicious by the NHS, in that my circumstances have not changed previously in any way to this present time.

That the NHS whilst this enquiry was and is still ongoing did send us a HC2 certificate Received (12 5 11) for free NHS treatment dated from 26 April 11 to 25 April 12. So how may it be lawfully justified in now receiving free treatment with no change of my circumstances that I was not legislatively justified on the 29 11 10? - Doc 1 copy of HC2 Certificate

Does not the law state of any reasonable doubt? ? Where the enclosed letter from the NHS to myself dated 3 May 11, states, ?We Have assessed all the relevant information including any you sent to us, but we are still unable to confirm that you were entitled to help with NHS dental charges at the time of your examination/treatment?, Thus showing lawful doubt and giving no lawful grounds to proceed - Doc 2 - Letter from NHS to myself dated 3 May 11

 The above letter dated 3 May from the NHS to me in the same paragraph as above then states ?You are therefore required to pay the charge?
This unlawful demand to pay the charge when they openly admit they are unable to legislatively or lawfully ascertain my owing any payment? Plus with no change in our circumstances and their then issuing of a HC2 certificate for our free NHS treatment whilst this enquiry was still ongoing. I believe under the acts of UK law raises the lawful question of why the NHS with no legislative or lawful grounds are unlawfully maliciously trying to take unlawful pecuniary prejudicial malicious advantage of me? - Doc 3 - Please refer to above letter dated 3 May 11

 That further evidence will show the NHS implied in their communications that to be in receipt of free NHS treatment I should be in receipt of more benefits than I actually am entitled? That a person on income support job seekers allowance, or many other benefits including a tax credit exemption certificate and getting DLA is entitled to free treatment. That because I only receive DLA benefit and a small amount of their requested tax credit I am not entitled to that free NHS treatment.
   I believe under the acts of UK law this implies the NHS are being maliciously prejudicially discriminate against me, because I receive less benefit than others who are entitled to free NHS treatment. - Doc 4 ? Letter dated 19 July 10 from tax credits to us showing our entitlement for tax credit

That it will be further shown in later evidence of how the extra penalties of which the NHS has placed upon me, were unlawfully maliciously contrived upon me whilst this issue and my complaints still had not been legislatively resolved? Of how they sent our initial letter back to us attached to a form, then sent us a letter saying they had no trace of our initial letter. Then tried to blame us by saying we had written to a different address to obtain this form, so we asked then how could our original letter then be attached to this form?  ? They issued no reply? Which again lawfully questions the unlawful malicious vindictive intent of the NHS.
   Where in view of this unlawful malicious vindictive prejudicial persecution and the named criminal offences committed by the NHS. I am requesting of this county court substantial damages or to be transferred to the high court for a high court hearing trial by jury.

For when it may be shown in ever-rising issues of the NHS government department who continually takes unlawful pecuniary advantage of the taxpayer in many, many documented ever-rising ways. Where they waste millions of pounds of taxpayer?s money, not only on ludicrous contracts, but also their own jollies and personal welfare whilst unlawfully continually depriving & persecuting UK society.  Pages 10 to 19 - Doc 6 to 16 - Where it should be asked of the court to please take the all into account, plus the full articles on enclosed disc prior to any judgement

In showing lawful cause to these statements it must also be noted by the court, that until very recently the NHS had no duty of candour (lawful explanation into negligent deaths), which should have been one of their main priorities. Where if this was not lawfully fought for by the people, for the people, they would unlawfully never have bothered to alter this unlawful inhumane malicious action. - This first given public duty so hard fought by a couple who had their child murdered on the NHS was first granted by government through all their continual diligent work then turned down by the House of Lords

To offer further irrefutable evidence on these stated issues, I enclose to the court a further nine pages of documentation. Which comprises of sporadic media headlines all of which show further lawful cause to my statements and that this same state of NHS unlawful negligent affairs is still ongoing. Pages 10 to 19 - Doc 6 to 16

Where It will be shown from the enclosed It has to be lawfully questioned from the ever continuing NHS negligence if this was an ordinary business instead of being run on taxpayer?s money, would it be lawfully viable?

So how can a government department lawfully justify in pursuing me for costs when they spend over forty pounds on a packet of pasta normally costing under two pounds fifty? ? Or in paying thirty two pounds fifty for a loaf of bread normally costing just over one pound fifty? Articles 10,11, 12, Page 11

How can they lawfully justify in saying I am liable for these charges stating they are unable to confirm then send me a certificate from a later date. Whilst this issue was still ongoing, with no change to my circumstances, entitling me to free NHS treatment? Where if they state this is/was due to government changes then it must be lawfully asked how does government justify this unlawful malicious vindictive persecution?

The unlawful stress they have caused to my deteriorating disabling condition and my diagnosed heart condition has been maliciously monumental. For how can I afford these costs when my DLA benefit is ?289 99 a month and my tax credit allowance is ?6.19p a week, totalling
?314 75 per month. When my half of our rent is ?187.50 per month, (I get no rent or any other benefit) gas and electric ?50 per month, water rates and the arrears (issue on Crooked- ?40 per month, totalling ?277 50m per month. Leaving me just fewer than forty pounds a month to feed cloth myself and travel to my now continuous hospital appointments.

Where for the NHS to state a person entitled to more benefits than myself is entitled to free NHS treatment and I am not because I am on less benefits is maliciously vindictively prejudicial to not only me but all UK society who are in the same position.
Signed                                     Date


Overspending (Negligence) (65 articles showing unlawful negligence)

It has to be lawfully questioned from the ever continuing negligence if this was an ordinary business instead of being run on taxpayer?s money, would it be lawfully viable?

1 - NHS wastes ?1 every second By JOHN KAY, Chief Reporter Published: 19 May 2010 - HEALTH Service hospitals waste ?1 every second, a study by The Sun has revealed. More than ?34million was needlessly blown on accountancy mix-ups, employment wrangles, contract buy-outs - and even foreign patients dodging payment. Our Freedom of Information Act survey found the wasted cash hidden away in the "Losses and Special Payments" section at the end of hospitals' annual accounts. Losses also went on overpayments to staff who never repay the cash, drugs which go past their use-by date, equipment branded obsolete and contract disputes which the NHS ends up paying for. One of the worst examples was Barts and The London Hospital paying ?850,000 to get itself out of a contract to rent accommodation for staff.

2 - ?1.2bn spent to beat swine flu... and just 26 lives saved By Daniel Martin Daily Mail Last updated at 12:01 AM on 2nd August 2010

3 - NHS bosses' pay soars 50% as thousands of doctors and nurses face axe
By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:35 AM on 24th February 2011 - NHS bosses in charge of hospitals being forced to sack thousands of staff have seen their pay soar by up to 50 per cent in the past five years, it has emerged. The chief executives at trusts facing the worst cutbacks are now on lucrative salaries far higher than the Prime Minister?s, with some earning more than ?200,000. And most handed themselves comfortable pay rises last year even though hundreds of their own staff were being made redundant to reduce costs. The NHS has been ordered to make up to ?20billion of efficiency savings by 2014 and hospitals have resorted to axing hundreds of posts to meet the targets. it has emerged that over the past five years the hospital chief executives laying off the most staff have seen their salaries soar by as much as ?70,000.

4 - How NHS consultants' pay soared while their hours fell because of Labour contracts bungle By DANIEL MARTIN Daily Mail Last updated at 9:01 AM on 15th March 2011 - Criticism: The contracts contributed to an appalling level of waste, which has seen the productivity of NHS hospitals in 'almost continuous decline' for a decade Taxpayers have been getting less value for money from hospital consultants since they were handed an enormous pay rise, MPs said last night.

5 - Anger as NHS chiefs run up ?13m bill on wining, dining and lavish away days By JAMES SLACK Daily Mail Last updated at 7:32 AM on 27th April 2011

6 - NHS pension millionaires: Health cuts bite, but bosses' retirement pots are still gold-plated By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:58 AM on 31st May 2011 - Strategic health authority managers have pension pots between ?1.2m and ?2.6m - Average private sector worker would have to work 1,720 years to accrue same amount - NHS fat cats are enjoying pension pots worth more than ?2.5million, and some chief executives will retire on annual payouts of up to ?110,000. While final salary pension schemes have all but disappeared in the private sector, it is those employees who will end up footing the health service pension bill through their taxes. Details of the gold-plated pensions come after evidence of lucrative payments to health service managers, even though the whole system is under severe financial strain.

7 - NHS desk worker gets ?37k Porsche Boxster sports car funded by the taxpayer
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:22 AM on 26th April 2011 - Dozens of NHS desk workers are driving top-of-the-range rental cars that are funded by the taxpayer, it emerged today. Strategic Health Authorities around the country have spent a staggering ?1,000,000 every year since 2007 on the luxury cars. They included a Jaguar XF, Mercedes CLS, Audi A5 Coupe and BMW 330 for staff who needed the vehicles to get around. A manager at the North West health authority rented a luxury Porsche Boxster as it emerged the NHS has spent ?1m every year since 2007 on rental cars for staff Shockingly, one 'pen pusher' was allowed to hire a ?37,000 Porshe Boxster - costing taxpayers thousands of pounds. The details emerged as the NHS faces biting cuts around the country, with many patients complaining of appalling care.

8 - Laying off NHS managers set to cost ?1billion in redundancy pay by Tom McTague, Daily Mirror 10/06/2011 - ANDREW Lansley?s health reforms could cost taxpayers ?1billion in redundancy pay for 20,000 NHS managers ? who may then be brought back to do the same job.

9 - [/b]Pasta at ?47 a bag, ?42,000 on biscuits and a public sector that can't be trusted with our money[/b] By ROSS CLARK Daily Mail Last updated at 8:23 AM on 22nd June 2011 - At a time of redundancies and ward closures, there is a completely painless way for the NHS to save the taxpayer money: send its patients to dine at the Ivy, London's most famous celebrity restaurant.

10 - NHS fatcats feast as sick get ?1meal By JOHN KAY, Chief Reporter Published: HOSPITAL bosses dine in posh restaurants at taxpayers' expense - while some patients are fed for as little as ?1 a meal. - Details obtained by The Sun under the Freedom of Information Act included: Tony Halsall, ?145,000-a-year chief executive of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust, and 12 directors spent ?351.63 on a meal in Central London. Just ?2.36 a day goes on food for each of the Trust's patients. A meal for two at London's sw###y Shepherd's claimed by a director of County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust came to ?123.75. The trust's patients live on a daily food budget of ?2.57. Andrew Foster, ?160,000 head of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Trust, claimed ?403.15 for a meal for ten incorporating "the best of traditional British cuisine". His patients are fed for ?2.49 a day. The TaxPayers' Alliance said: "Fatcats dining out in luxury when they should be making savings is disgusting. This gravy train must stop."

11 - NHS pays ?32.27 a loaf Non-gluten bread handed out free by docs costs 14 times more than at supermarkets - THE NHS has forked out more than ?32 EACH for thousands of small loaves, it has been revealed. The giant bill for the gluten-free bread is a whopping ?1.25 MILLION in Wales alone. But while the health service pays a staggering ?32.27 for each sliced loaf it buys for patients, you can get them 14 TIMES cheaper in the supermarkets for just ?2.25.
Name a price ... what health service pays with taxpayers' money

13 - Call for NHS wages review by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail Aug 17 2011 MORE than 900 NHS managers and admin staff are earning ?50,000 a year or more, new figures reveal. And the highest paid NHS staff are earning in excess of ?200,000 a year.

Further Negligence

14 ? Main priority for the NHS should have been a duty of candour (entitlement of a lawful explanation into any negligent deaths) ? Which has only recently been established by the hard diligent work of Mr & Mrs Bye from government yet turned down by the HOL? ? So why had NHS never lawfully established this as it promotes genocide?

15 - Up to 1,200 needless deaths, patients abused, staff bullied to meet targets... yet a secret inquiry into failing hospital says no one's to blame By Fay Schlesinger, Andy Dolan and Tim Shipman Daily Mail Last updated at 8:09 AM on 25th February 2010 - Not a single official has been disciplined over the worst-ever NHS hospital scandal, it emerged last night.

16 - Number of NHS complaints soars to record high of 100,000 in a single year By Claire Bates Daily Mail Last updated at 12:24 PM on 25th August 2010 - The number of written complaints about NHS hospitals and community health services in England is at a record high, figures showed today. The sector has also seen the biggest annual rise in complaints since records began 12 years ago, according to data from the NHS Information Centre.

17 - Betrayal of the cancer patients: Rationing watchdog accused of talking down wonder drug's power to save lives Sophie Borland Daily mail Last updated at 10:16 AM on 25th August 2010

18 - Father-of-four left disabled after blundering NHS fails to remove  brain tumour which grew to the size of a lemon for four years By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 12:28 PM on 9th September 2010 - Adrian Underwood was left permanently disabled after doctors failed to diagnose a brain tumour for four years

19 - 'I was told it was indigestion': Mother given weeks to live after cancer was missed by ELEVEN doctors By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 3:57 PM on 9th September 2010 - A mother-of-three has been given weeks to live after ten hospital doctors and her own GP allegedly missed tell-tale signs of cancer.

20 - Mother-of-three given just months to live after bungling doctors missed her cancer 20 times By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 5:01 PM on 13th September 2010 - A mother-of-three has been given just months to live after doctors failed to diagnose her cancer during 20 examinations.

21 - Scandal that shames Britain: Join our campaign to end appalling treatment of the elderly on NHS wards as complaints reach record high By Daniel Martin Daily Mail Last updated at 8:54 AM on 2nd December 2010 Tens of thousands of elderly people are suffering appalling care at the hands of the NHS every year ? pushing complaints to a record high - Tens of thousands of elderly people are suffering appalling care at the hands of the NHS every year ? pushing complaints to a record high. For the first time last year, more than 100,000 patients and relatives were forced to issue complaints after being let down by the Health Service. Hundreds of thousands more won?t have bothered to complain because they have so little faith that the NHS will listen.

22 - How 600 die of thirst in care homes: Damning report exposes the rising number of elderly killed by neglect By Daniel Martin Daily Mail Last updated at 11:22 PM on 30th January 2011 Between 2005 and 2009 667 died of dehydration -In the same period 157 died of malnutrition  - Figures likely to be a significant underestimation - 20,000 have to sell their homes every year to afford care

23 - Hungry, thirsty, unwashed: NHS treatment of the elderly condemned By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor Tuesday, 15 February 2011 - Elderly people treated by the NHS were denied even the most basic standards of care, according to a scathing report that reveals a health service rife with ageism. Patients were left hungry and thirsty, unwashed, in soiled clothes, without adequate pain relief or an emergency call button in reach. Relatives were ignored or forgotten.

24 - Exposed: Shocking neglect of the elderly on wards of shame
By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:15 AM on 15th February 2011 - Shocking neglect of the elderly is exposed again today in a damning report that claims the NHS is failing to meet even the most basic standards of care. Complaints to health watchdogs include accounts of patients being left so dehydrated on wards they cannot even cry out for help.

25 - NHS bosses blocked my hospital food revamp, says Lloyd  Grossman
By TAMARA COHEN Daily Mail Last updated at 8:49 AM on 21st February 2011 - Lloyd Grossman last night accused NHS bosses of  thwarting his attempts to reform hospital meals.
The TV chef headed a ?40million revamp of NHS menus amid great fanfare in 2000, pledging to replace soggy sprouts and lumpy custard with healthy and tasty dishes. But the initiative was scrapped just five years later, after Mr Grossman left in frustration at the lack of progress. In a programme to be screened tonight, the former presenter of the BBC?s Masterchef delivers a searing critique of NHS bosses for failing to push through the proposed changes, and laid bare the chronic ?lack of common sense? which compelled him to walk out.  He told Channel 4?s Dispatches: ?Someone at the top has got to take the issue of food seriously or else patients will continue to suffer unnecessarily.

26 - UK's cancer failings 'cost 10,000 lives every year' despite billions of pounds in extra spending By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail -Last updated at 7:36 AM on 1st March 2011 - Cancer survival rates in Britain still rank amongst the lowest in Europe despite billions of pounds of extra spending, a damning report says today. Patients are being denied the best chance of beating tumours because their illness is being picked up far too late. The report by MPs says up to 10,000 lives could be saved every year if the diagnosis and treatment improved to levels seen in France, Germany and Scandinavia.

27 - 3,000 IN CARE CALL CHILDLINE TO TELL OF ABUSE MISERY Sunday March 6,2011 By Lucy Johnston Daily Express

28 - Europe shames Britain on care for the elderly as we rank 17th out of 20 in list of money spent on our elders By DANIEL MARTIN Daily Mail Last updated at 10:30 AM on 6th June 2011

29 - Hospital test delays rise 60 per cent in past year
The number of patients waiting several months for vital health tests has risen by more than half over the past year. By Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent 7:00AM GMT 10 Mar 2011

30 - Number of patients waiting months for cancer results almost DOUBLES in a year
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 10:45 AM on 10th March 2011 - The number of patients on the NHS waiting months for cancer and heart disease results has soared over the past year.

31 - ?350k bill for health kit losses - BUNGLING health bosses lost 316 laptops and 396 mobile phones worth a staggering ?350,000

32 - Locked up and sedated: Dementia patients are denied basic rights, says damning report By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:20 AM on 16th March 2011 - Elderly patients with dementia are being illegally locked in their rooms and sedated in hospitals and care homes, a report warns. Staff are routinely flouting official guidelines and depriving confused residents of their basic human rights in the belief that it is in their best interests. A highly critical study warns that hospitals and care homes are breaking the law by ?restraining? the elderly without authority ? locking them in rooms overnight, sedating them or even binding them to beds and chairs.

33 - Sleeping on the job and incompetent: Complaints about nurses double in just two years
By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 9:46 AM on 21st March 2011 - Serious complaints about nurses have doubled in two years. Almost 3,000 grievances were lodged last year concerning staff who had fallen asleep on the job, lacked competence or were neglecting the basic care of their patients. This is up 70 per cent on 2008-09 when there were 1,759 complaints, and almost twice as many as in 2007-08 when there were 1,478, according to figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

34 - Cancer drug fund farce: ?50m set aside to help terminally ill patients... but only half has been spent By JENNY HOPE Daily Mail Last updated at 7:27 AM on 1st April 2011 - Barely half of a ?50million fund for life-extending cancer drugs has been spent ? but scores of terminally ill patients are still being rejected for treatment.

35 - Thousands of GPs 'banned from prescribing approved drugs by cost-cutting NHS managers' By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 4:55 PM on 12th April 2011 - GPs have been banned from prescribing approved high-cost drugs as NHS managers looks for ways to make budget cuts, according to a doctors' magazine. More than half of primary care organisations (PCOs) have brought in new blacklists of drugs that will not be funded on the NHS within the past year, according to an investigation by Pulse.

36 - Special investigation: The thousands of NHS jobs still being advertised which expose the great cuts myth By JAMES SLACK Daily Mail Last updated at 9:42 AM on 21st April 2011 - On an almost daily basis, we are told by the BBC and the vociferous health unions that the NHS is in ?financial crisis?. The Royal College of Nursing is predicting 40,000 job ?cuts?, while it is claimed that patients are being denied hip replacements and even cancer treatments in order to save money. Ward closures are being predicted by the King?s Fund think-tank, and there are dire warnings that patient waiting times are expected to get much longer. How strange, then, that the official NHS Jobs website should be doing such brisk business at the start of the new financial year ? the very year the ?cuts? are supposed to bite. The site, where all vacant health service posts are officially advertised, is predicting 20,000 jobs will continue to be available each month.
And, on a single day this week, there were 6,175 posts available ? with salaries totalling hundreds of millions of pounds. They range from nurses and doctors to well-paid administrative jobs with such dubious titles as ?5 for Life officer?, ?psychosexual counsellor?, ?BME (black minority ethnic) inequalities outreach worker? and, bafflingly, ?anthropologist-in-residence?.
Indeed, some 265 of the jobs being advertised pay more than ?90,000-a-year ? hardly evidence of an NHS in the grip of an austerity drive, facing what has widely been described as the ?biggest challenge in its history?.

37 - NHS lets 4,500 patients leave hospital emaciated in a year
By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:24 AM on 27th May 2011 - Nearly 4,500 patients were discharged from hospital last year severely malnourished. An average of 12 a day were allowed to leave wards desperately emaciated ? the highest number on record.

38 - Mother killed by a blood clot weeks after GP told her 'Don't worry, you won't drop dead'
By JAYA NARAIN Daily Mail Last updated at 8:09 AM on 26th May 2011 - A woman who feared her continual migraines were life-threatening died weeks after a GP allegedly told her: ?Don?t worry, you won?t drop dead.

39 - Parents who rushed newborn to hospital with meningitis furious after health bosses send letter blasting them for wasting NHS resources By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 3:55 PM on 27th May 2011 - Leanna Cure and Steven Young took their eight-hour-old son Zac to Leicester Royal Infirmary after discovering a dark purple rash covering one side of his body. Doctors immediately treated the tiny baby for meningitis and sepsis - a potentially deadly blood infection. But two weeks after he was discharged his parents received a letter from NHS bosses - addressed to Zac - telling him the cost of their emergency visit, and suggesting they should have made an appointment with their GP

40 - Bullied by the NHS, cancer patient who complained about his treatment online
By CHRIS BROOKE Daily Mail Last updated at 10:39 PM on 10th June 2011

41 - Twenty hospitals must shut to tackle NHS crisis, urges key health think tank Leading health experts say services cannot be sustained and the government must wield the axe - risking wrath from public Denis Campbell, Daniel Boffey and Toby, Saturday 18 June 2011 22.03 BST Twenty hospitals must shut if the NHS is to improve its levels of care, according to leading health experts and government advisers. Problems over the controversial Health and Social Care Bill appear far from over, with many peers determined to subject the revised legislation to thorough scrutiny in the Lords.

42 - Woman, 26, died of DVT after NHS walk-in centre nurse 'diagnosed muscular pain using  COMPUTER guide'  Rebecca told husband nurse had 'fobbed her off' days before she died
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 3:24 PM on 20th June 2011 - The case of a young woman who died from deep vein thrombosis after nurses used a computer guide to diagnose her with muscular pain, has been referred to the Health Secretary. Rebecca Cain, 26, died after suffering a huge blood clot in her leg in 2009 - days after she had begged nurses at a Nottingham NHS walk-in centre for help. Rebecca, from Radford, Nottinghamshire, diagnosed her own condition after spending just 10 minutes on the internet but nurses insisted the pain and swelling in her leg was 'definitely muscular' - and sent her home

43 - Surgical tools used in NHS operations ?substandard?
Posted: 29 Jun 2011 01:35 AM PDT from the BBC website, claiming that hospitals are using substandard surgical tools from Pakistan. Substandard surgical tools from Pakistan are putting UK patients at risk of potentially deadly injury and infection, BBC Panorama has found. Faults include rough edges, steel burrs that can splinter during operations and corroded metals. All surgical instruments have to meet regulatory standards but only one of the more than 180 NHS trusts and boards conducts rigorous tests on every tool.

44 - West Wales health board bailed out by ?43m Welsh Government lifeline by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail Jul 22 2011 The Welsh Government has bailed out the NHS in West Wales to the tune of ?43m. At a time when health boards around the nation were forced to save ?435m, Hywel Dda Health Board received the massive cash injection allowing it to balance its books in March.

45 - Four in five GPs prescribe drugs to patients they believe are addicted By JENNY HOPE Daily Mail Last updated at 11:25 AM on 27th July 2011 - Four out of five GPs routinely prescribe drugs to patients they believe are addicted to them, research shows Four out of five GPs routinely prescribe drugs to patients they believe are addicted to them, research shows

46 - More care homes could close after independent review finds 'serious concerns' in wake of Castlebeck abuse scandal By DANIEL MARTIN Daily Mail, Last updated at 9:03 PM on 28th July 2011 - Ministers launched an independent review of the quality of England's creaking care system after regulators found serious concerns at a string of residential homes.
The Care Quality Commission called for 'root and branch improvements' at a dozen homes run by Castlebeck Care, which owned the Winterbourne View home where staff were accused of abuse against residents following an undercover investigation. Some of the issues raised were so serious that a number of the homes may have to close

47 - Older People's Commissioner concerned about treatment of elderly by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail Jul 28 20111PLANS to improve the dignity of older people in Welsh hospitals are still falling short of what?s required. Ruth Marks, Wales? Older People?s Commissioner, said she has not been assured patients will be treated with dignity after reading health boards? and the Welsh Government?s responses to her damning Dignified Care report. Published earlier this year, it exposed how older patients are being denied their basic human rights while in hospital and highlighted examples of ?shamefully inadequate? care in Welsh hospitals. Ms Marks called for a fundamental change of culture in the NHS.

48 - NHS ?cuts waiting lists by letting people die?
By LAURIE WHITWELL Daily Mail Last updated at 2:08 AM on 29th July 2011 - Delays to operations in order to cut waiting lists are 'callous' NHS managers are deliberately delaying operations in the hope patients will either die or go private in a ?callous? attempt to save money, it was claimed yesterday.  Health service trusts are ?likely to impose greater pain and inconvenience? by making those in need of care wait longer than necessary for surgery, an official report found.

49 - Mother-of-three dies after waiting months for X-ray to reveal tumour the size of a football in her chest By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 3:03 AM on 2nd August 2011- A mother-of three who repeatedly visited her GP suffering from breathlessness over seven months was finally sent for an X-ray... which revealed a tumour the size of a football in her chest.

50 - Will NHS axe ?7bn electronic records? Ministers ready to pull the plug on computer fiasco By KIRSTY WALKER Daily Mail Last updated at 7:46 AM on 3rd August 2011 - A key part of the controversial NHS computer system is to be scrapped, it emerged last night. Ministers are set to announce that plans for an ambitious system that links all parts of the NHS are to be abandoned. The ?7billion electronic care records system ? a key part of the botched NHS IT project ? could be targeted under the new strategy.  It follows years of controversy and criticism that the project has missed deadlines and run over budget. The cost of the electronic record element of the NHS IT project is estimated at around ?7billion. To date, the Department of Health has spent ?2.7billion on it.

51 - Pensioner with OBE dies after doctors miss her broken NECK and send her home without an X-ray - I watched my friend die in the most ghastly situation imaginable By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 12:40 PM on 4th August 2011 - A former school inspector died after hospital medics didn't notice she had fractured her neck.  Pensioner Joan Mary North, known as Mary, complained of severe neck pain but was discharged in agony without an x-ray, an inquest heard.

52 - ?750,000 for patients left in agony by top surgeon who worked as government advisor
By JO MACFARLANE Last updated at 1:27 AM on 7th August 2011

53 - Father at 'medium risk' of developing blood clot dies after hospital fails to call him back for scan By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 12:58 PM on 8th August 2011

54 - Grandmother dies after locum doctor who had received no training in Britain failed to detect heart condition By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:24 PM on 9th August 2011- A grandmother died after being sent home by a foreign locum doctor who had not had any NHS training.
Irene Mitchell, 59, had a serious heart condition which was not diagnosed by locum Ali Mehri.

55 - Four-fold rise in heart and cancer scan delays with NHS patients waiting more than six weeks Figures also show nine-fold increase in those waiting 13 weeks for tests By SOPHIE BORLAND Daily Mail Last updated at 8:29 AM on 11th August 2011 The number of patients  facing lengthy delays for vital cancer tests and heart scans has quadrupled in the last year. Last month around 12,500  people waited six weeks or longer for hospital checks to  diagnose tumours and other  serious illnesses. This compares to 3,500 who were waiting more than six weeks in the same period last year, according to Department of Health figures.

56 - 'Out of their depth' nurses block GPs' patient referrals to hospital for treatment - Patient whose hip was constantly dislocating was refused surgery by a nurse By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 8:25 AM on 11th August 2011 - Patients referred to hospital by their GPs are being refused treatment by panels of nurses, according to new research. One man was even denied a hip replacement - although his hip was constantly dislocating. Doctors have criticised NHS trusts for hiring non-doctors to overrule the decisions of more qualified GPs.

57 - Failures in care contributed to the death of man, damning report says by Madeleine Brindley, Western Mail Aug 18 2011 - SERIOUS failings at one of Wales? newest hospitals contributed to the death of an Army veteran, a damning report has revealed.

58 = Foreign patients costing NHS ?300,000 a week By JENNA SLOAN Published: Today - FOREIGN patients who fail to pay for treatment are costing the NHS ?307,000 a week. Their debts over the past two years add up to a staggering ?32MILLION - and much is written off. Read More

59 - Health chiefs ?1m on hotels - Taxpayers' bill amid NHS cuts - By GRAEME WILSON, Deputy Political Editor Published:   HEALTH officials blew ?1.3million on posh hotels last year. Thousands of staff were put up at sw###y four-star accommodation at taxpayers' expense. Critics last night called the spending unacceptable when dozens of hospitals face cuts.
60 - Hospitals missing vital chance to ensure elderly are eating properly as two in three patients not checked for malnutrition By JENNY HOPE Daily Mail Last updated at 8:21 AM on 22nd August 2011 - Two out of three hospital patients are not being checked for signs of malnutrition, alarming figures have revealed.

61 - Mother devastated after hospital receptionist hands her envelope containing body parts of her stillborn baby boy By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Last updated at 1:28 PM on 22nd August 2011 - A grieving mother has won damages after blundering hospital workers handed her parts of her stillborn baby in an envelope

62 - Health Service pays spin doctors more than cancer experts
By JAMES SLACK and DANIEL MARTIN Daily Mail Last updated at 1:19 AM on 30th August 2011 - The NHS is paying spin doctors more than the experts in charge of cancer screening and patient care, it emerged yesterday. Critics said it was an example of the waste and skewed priorities rife in the Health Service at a time when it is supposed to be making efficiency savings. In the past four years, primary care trusts and strategic health authorities across England have spent ?182million on their communications departments, employing 491 full-time ?media professionals?. Even in 2010-11, when health bosses were complaining about the threat of cuts to front-line services, they found ?44.3million to lavish on spin and public relations. In the last full year in which Labour held power, the bill was ?50million.

63 - Teenager, 14, is paralysed for life after hospital left spinal anaesthetic in for too long 
By STEPHEN HULL Daily Mail Last updated at 4:49 PM on 31st August 2011 - Teenager Sophie Tyler was a happy and healthy 14-year-old who simply dreamed of passing her A-levels and going to university. But when a routine hospital operation went wrong it left her paralysed from the waist down and facing a new battle in her life. Sophie, from Risca near Newport, South Wales, was told she would never walk again after a spinal anaesthetic was mistakenly left in place for more than two days.

64 - Cashing in on a mother's love: Fury over NHS charging up to ?6 for baby scan photos By DAMIEN GAYLE Daily Mail Last updated at 7:28 PM on 27th August 2011
The Daily Express reported that Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Birmingham Women?s Hospital, charges expectant parents ?6 for a single ultrasound photo. -The price - 24 times what is costs to develop a holiday photo

65 - Row as drug companies lavish free oversees trips and sports tickets on NHS bosses
By CHRIS HASTINGS Daily Mail Last updated at 12:55 AM on 14th August 2011 - Senior NHS staff have sparked a row over conflict of interest by accepting lavish freebies from drug companies and other firms bidding for contracts. An investigation by The Mail on Sunday can reveal that senior managers, doctors and employees in IT and finance have accepted gifts such as overseas trips and VIP sports tickets. There are strict rules preventing drugs companies from providing hospitality for medical staff unless it is in association with an educational or scientific meeting

Would the court please note ? I have on file at least another half a dozen media articles that have been published in regard to the further negligence of the NHS. Where time is of the essence to file this with the court and so as yet cannot be included as further evidence

Update 17 10 11 ? I have received a court hearing notification from district judge Morgan Jenkins of Merthyr court that appears to have unlawfully ignored my lawful request. Which was for a high court hearing due to unlawful malicious intent against myself by the NHS and should be my lawful right. It also appears that this same judge ignores the lawful any element of doubt, which the NHS have supplied in their own hand, - ?Having assessed all the evidence,? we cannot confirm?

Unless this is the same UMVP of premeditated unlawful judgement I am going to receive as I have in the WWHA housing issue? Part of this issue and an unlawfully ignored film may be found on - Now conveniently taken down by Andrew Yianniddes

Is it no coincidence that now high court judge Hickinbottom is in charge of the NHS appeals committee? The same judge who on my stating I was going to complain of his unlawful acts in a witnessed hearing stated ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public?

How does chief executive Mr Scholte of the NHS lawfully condone, if you cannot confirm something how can you lawfully progress? Especially in view of the above media headlines where instead of any reducing we see constant unlawful malicious unaddressed growth.

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